Pop Star: Dee in Texas


“Hi Bakerella! I just wanted to share with you my Twilight inspired CAKEPOPS! All the girlfriends loved them and asked me to come up with a Team “Bella” for the next movie release. Team Edward is Red Velvet and White Chocolate with sanded sugar, and Team Jacob is German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Pecan Frosting dipped in Dark Chocolate rolled in toasted Coconut and Pecans. I have so enjoyed your creativity and the spark you ignite in my baking brain!” – Dee

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24 comments on “Pop Star: Dee in Texas”

  1. maravillosas


  3. Love this idea…I’m planning a twilight party, where can I get the pop tags team Edward and team Jacob I can’t find it anywhere.

  4. Did you ever come up with a Bella idea? I would love to see. My friends are huge Twilight fans and I would love to surprise them with these for the next movie!

  5. 11-18-11 Team Edward….40 yrs old!! a proud cougar!

    I will def be making these for the release party!

  6. I love how you displayed both in an apple….very cute play on the apple thing from the first book!!!! (I’m 30 and love both the books and the movies – my daughter and I are both on Team Edward for Bella, but Team Jacob for pure hotness – LOL)


  8. Very Tasty lookin

  9. I love this!!! I am going to have to make these for breaking dawn :) Yes, I am 34 and Team Edward all the way lol

  10. I soooo love these! Totally going to use this idea for my next Twilight party! By the way I’m 31 I’ve read all the books and love the movies! Go team Edward…Love your ideas!

  11. and you called them capitals aaahhaa

  12. Bahahahaaahh Twilight is the shit!! did you actually read the books or are you just another movie watching h8er?? lmao you have no clue. i thought the concept was gay, but Stephanie Meyer can write.=]]

  13. er…very cute and look tasty but…being reminded of freaking sparkly vampires makes my brain hurt….anything for sugar though *chomp* (anne rice fan…)

  14. @Renee Curll – Ha! I love that you put your age! Don’t worry lots of us “old ladies” love twilight too! :)

  15. These are great. I love twilight and baking, and these are gorgeous!
    Follow your passion and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (I’m looking at you, comment number one)

  16. I wish I had seen these earlier… I had a Twilight AND New Moon Party and these would have been a hit!! So creative! You know I’m going to have to try them now! Thanks for the idea!
    PS Team Edward!! (I’m 33…LOL)

  17. Cool! Cool! Cool! Team Edward all the way! :)

  18. Absolutely splendifferous! I love them! I want to chomp on them both, but I’m not on either team… Why is there no Team Emmett and Jasper? *le sigh*

  19. What a great idea, go Team Edward : )

  20. hahaha these are adorable! i would have never thought to make edwards red velvet and sparkly, that is so funny!

  21. Ahahaha! I love this idea– you just made my day! :D

  22. i just love these pops !
    they sound so yummi, and of course i’m a hugee twilight fan :)




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