Pop Star: Kimberly in Georgia


“I just wanted to tell you how wonderful i think your blog is. It inspired me to create tons of cute goodies. Thank you thank you thank you so much. I’ve attached a picture of my most recent cake pop, i made Curious George cake pops, to accompany cupcakes and a cake to give away as favors. Hope you like them.” – Kimberly

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43 comments on “Pop Star: Kimberly in Georgia”

  1. So so!!!! Adorable. I want to make them for a first birthday party. Is it possible to share the instructions to make the monkey and the cut out of the face. Thank you great work!!!
    Hope you can email the instructions.

  2. I love these! I’m doing my sons third birthday in curious George. I just got a cake pop maker and I was hoping to get directions on how to make these for my sons birthday. Would that be alright?

  3. Looks like lots of people want to know where you got the template for the face, and if you would email them directions. I am in the same boat. Could you please email me directions on how I can make these? A friend of mine is wanting to have a monkey party for her baby’s 1st birthday.

  4. Im having a CG party for my son this weekend – he is obsessed with him. I’ve never made cakepops before, but would love to try. Would you mind sending me instructions on how to make these for his party. I would really appreciate it.

    January 17, 2012 05:15 PM

  5. Hi, I am getting into making cake pops and saw these adorable CG. Have a friend with a 2 year old and would love to make for his party. Can you e mail the directions to me. Thank you so much!

  6. Love these! My niece is having a cg party this weekend and I want to make these for her! How did you make the eyebrows and smile? Would love if you could email me about it! thank you!

  7. My nephew is OBSESSED with curious george. his party is this saturday. would you mind sending me instructions on how to make these for his party. I would greatly appreciate it.

  8. These are so cute. Can you please tell me how to exactly make them.! Exactly what you need for them?

  9. Kimberly,

    What template did you use for the face? Thanks :)

  10. Do you sell these? I’m doing a party of curious george for my son’s 3rd birthday and would love having these. please let me know? Thanks

  11. These are just TOOOOO cute. I am going to make these for my daughters bday party. What did you use for the eyes and smile? i have tried the gel and it runs.

  12. They are adorable! I’d love to the directions also my niece is turning 2 and I’d love to make some for her.

  13. amazing!! you are an artist

  14. How did you attach the ears to the pops? Great job!

  15. Can you email me the directions on how to make them. I’m making these for a party this Sat. It’s my first time working with fondant so I’m not quite sure how to place it on a cake pop. Thanks.

  16. I love these cake pops. I live in GA and am having a CG party for my daughter and I would love to order some of these pops off of you if you sale them. I would also love to see your cake and cupcakes you make:-) Please e-mail and let me know if this is possible. Thanks

  17. I love these! Can you email me the directions on how to make them? How did you create the face template? And do you attach the fondant while the chocolate is still wet or wait for it to dry? Thanks!!!

  18. i wanted to order A DOZEN of these monkey pops for my daughters birthday! Is there any way i can do this? please email me back thnak you

  19. This are fab! I love them I was looking for monkey pops for my nephew’s 1st b day and I loved this! I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing your recipe with us ! :)

  20. These are so cute! What did u use for all of the decorations?

  21. The detail is incredible! I love them!

  22. These are amazing! Great job! I’m new to cake pops and all the cuteness here, but can’t wait to start making them when I get a chance! Could you email me your recipe for these? Thanks so much for posting these cute pictures!

  23. I am going to be making Paul Frank monkeys for my grandson’s birthday. I’ve never used fondant. The mouth on my monkey will go below the pop itself. I am thinking of using fondant for the face and mouth. My worry is………..will the fondant get hard enough to go below the pop? I was also thinking of doing color flow icing. What are your thoughts?

  24. very nice job, kimberly! your design sense and ability to capture expressions is awesome! thanks for sharing. you are an inspiration – a pop star!

  25. love Curious George! excellent work!

  26. Beautiful! How did you make the smile and eyebrows? –and pink cheeks? What a wonderful touch!! Thanks!

  27. Those are soooooooooo cute!

  28. I love them. My little girl is big into monkey’s that is even her nick name. I would love the recipe so that I can attempt to make them for her birthday. I have never seen anything so fun and hopefully they are easy to do as I am not a cook in any way I burn most things…Thanks

  29. Hi Kim,
    These pops are amazing. If you don’t mind can I have the recipe.
    I would love to make this for my nephews birthday.

  30. Absolutely adorable!!

  31. Too cute!!! I love these, you certainly have some talent!

  32. These look very similar to someone elses monkey cakepops on Bakerella’s facebook page- Awesome tweeks- The facial expressions are so cute! And the blush! Perfect touch!

  33. Thanks for your comment on my viking-ettes. I don’t have a blog so I post all my pops on Facebook. They crack up my friends who KNOW I’m not domestic. I just finished some fuzzy yellow balls and chocolate racket cake pops for the boys’ tennis team…..had fun wrapping the pop sticks to make ’em look like grips.
    Wish I could see more of your creations! Since you’re in Georgia, have you been to the Cake Art store in Tucker? We don’t have anything like that were I live – would love to see that place in person!

  34. AWWWWW, these are the bomb! Lotza love went into making these…..the blushes are SO cute! Very, very nice work, Kimberly. I’ve never worked with fondant but you’re giving me the incentive to try. So far, I’ve been strictly a sprinkles and candy-bits gal, but I’m gonna have to expand my horizons. I hope you’ll check out my viking pops in this same link and add a comment, fellow Pop Star.

  35. WOW! I love CG. You did a great job. I’m absolutely craving for one of these cuties. But not for eating. Just to stare at ^^ Hihi

  36. thanks so much for looking at my cake pops.. the faces, ears and eyes are fondant.. i hand cut the faces (after a while of using a template i was able to just freehand them).. the ears i used the wilton’s 12 tip they were the perfect size.. and the eyes i used the 8 tip and flattened them slightly

  37. These are absolutely adorable!!

  38. Those are amazing! My DD who is 4 immediately knew who the pops were! You did a fantastic job!

  39. what have u use? is that fondant on face + ears + eyes??

  40. Aw! My daughter is a CG freak! I am doing another CG party for her 2nd b-day, did you use fondant for the face and ears??

  41. OMGAWD love the facail expressions the smiles with dimples and all the care you took with details amazing and I am thankful you sent in a photo for sharing

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