Pop Star: Kristina in California


“Thank you Bakerella for your inspiration! Your are a creative and talented person!” – Kristina

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28 comments on “Pop Star: Kristina in California”

  1. Oh my God, are those sushi cake bites?!

    That is SO CREATIVE I don’t know where to start! It’s so clever and beyond cute!

  2. Love! Going to try these soon!

  3. Oh, WOW; these are ichiban!!!!! Great job, Kristina!

  4. Amazing and sooo creative! How did you do the seaweed?

  5. that is soo amazing ! how did u do the seaweed on them ?

  6. Thanks everyone! These were super fun to make. The “seaweed” is tootsie rolls.

  7. What are the toppings made out of? i <3 these!!

  8. Thank you. Toppings are made out of candy. You can use taffy or starburst. I recently made more sushi bites that look more realistic. I’ll submit it to bakerella and hopefully she’ll post them.

  9. I need to know how to make these!! My daughter is having a Kai Lan birthday party next weekend, and I’ve been trying to find something Kai Lan-ish/Asian to serve as a fun dessert. What did you use for the black?

  10. @Emily- For the black part or seaweed I used tootsie rolls

  11. I want to make these for my husbands birthday! Detailed directions…PLEASE!!! They are amazing!

  12. Holy crap those cake bites mix my 2 fav things together! Sushi and cake bites. Email me the recipie via email at fruitbatrocks@comcast.net

  13. i would love so much to know how to make these theyd be perfect at my little sisters sweet 16! if ud please tell me how to make them i would be eternally grateful!!!! My Email is Animeprez@gmail.com Thank you so very much!

  14. I would love to have the recipe. My Japanese grandmother is turning 83 and these would be perfect. Please email me at: sierravistasweets@gmail.com. Thanks!!!!

  15. omggg could u email me how to do this?? soo amazing.

  16. This are great! I would love the detailed instructions on how you did these!! Thanks. hfannaly@yahoo.com

  17. wow!!! amazing job.. please, just like the rest please email me also detailed instructions on how to make this, please.. my email address: felylcruz@gmail.com.. will appreciate it very much. thanks in advance…

  18. I would love instructions on how you made these wonderful creations!!! My email is kerryphillips@live.com…Aloha!!

  19. Hi Kristina! These cake pops are adorable!! Can I please have the recipe? lnshih@yahoo.com THANKS! Black tootsie rolls? Are those hard to find?

  20. omg these are amazing!! could i please get the recipe / directions for these? my email is maggie.s2@live.com thanks sooo much

  21. I have to have the directrions too !! My email is astoma@sbcglobal.net. Thank you !!!!!

  22. These are too cute! Please send me the recipe / directions!! michelle.buhay21@yahoo.com. THANK YOU!!!!

  23. I would love the recipe too! soo awesome!

  24. Would love recipe for sushi cake bites-too cute!

  25. Awesome! I’m getting married in August 2012 :) Would love to prepare them for my wedding party. Because my boyfriend is thai :) Please send me the recipe moni-power@gmx.de Cheers!

  26. The is a wonderful idea. You are amazing…I would love the recipe too.

  27. I would LOVEEE to find out how to make these. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. Im fascinated in this awesome work. i hope i can become this good, one day derrinca@live.com

  28. I would love the recipe for the cake sushi my daughter has picked Japan for International Day and we have to share a food that repersents the country.

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