Pop Star: Kristina in California


“Thank you Bakerella for your inspiration! Your are a creative and talented person!” – Kristina

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28 comments on “Pop Star: Kristina in California”

  1. I would love the recipe for the cake sushi my daughter has picked Japan for International Day and we have to share a food that repersents the country.

  2. I would LOVEEE to find out how to make these. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. Im fascinated in this awesome work. i hope i can become this good, one day

  3. The is a wonderful idea. You are amazing…I would love the recipe too.

  4. Awesome! I’m getting married in August 2012 :) Would love to prepare them for my wedding party. Because my boyfriend is thai :) Please send me the recipe Cheers!

  5. Would love recipe for sushi cake bites-too cute!

  6. I would love the recipe too! soo awesome!

  7. These are too cute! Please send me the recipe / directions!! THANK YOU!!!!

  8. I have to have the directrions too !! My email is Thank you !!!!!

  9. omg these are amazing!! could i please get the recipe / directions for these? my email is thanks sooo much

  10. Hi Kristina! These cake pops are adorable!! Can I please have the recipe? THANKS! Black tootsie rolls? Are those hard to find?

  11. I would love instructions on how you made these wonderful creations!!! My email is…Aloha!!

  12. wow!!! amazing job.. please, just like the rest please email me also detailed instructions on how to make this, please.. my email address: will appreciate it very much. thanks in advance…

  13. This are great! I would love the detailed instructions on how you did these!! Thanks.

  14. omggg could u email me how to do this?? soo amazing.

  15. I would love to have the recipe. My Japanese grandmother is turning 83 and these would be perfect. Please email me at: Thanks!!!!

  16. i would love so much to know how to make these theyd be perfect at my little sisters sweet 16! if ud please tell me how to make them i would be eternally grateful!!!! My Email is Thank you so very much!

  17. Holy crap those cake bites mix my 2 fav things together! Sushi and cake bites. Email me the recipie via email at

  18. I want to make these for my husbands birthday! Detailed directions…PLEASE!!! They are amazing!

  19. @Emily- For the black part or seaweed I used tootsie rolls

  20. I need to know how to make these!! My daughter is having a Kai Lan birthday party next weekend, and I’ve been trying to find something Kai Lan-ish/Asian to serve as a fun dessert. What did you use for the black?

  21. Thank you. Toppings are made out of candy. You can use taffy or starburst. I recently made more sushi bites that look more realistic. I’ll submit it to bakerella and hopefully she’ll post them.

  22. What are the toppings made out of? i <3 these!!

  23. Thanks everyone! These were super fun to make. The “seaweed” is tootsie rolls.

  24. that is soo amazing ! how did u do the seaweed on them ?

  25. Amazing and sooo creative! How did you do the seaweed?

  26. Oh, WOW; these are ichiban!!!!! Great job, Kristina!

  27. Love! Going to try these soon!

  28. Oh my God, are those sushi cake bites?!

    That is SO CREATIVE I don’t know where to start! It’s so clever and beyond cute!

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