Pop Star: Linda in Mississppi


“I’m addicted to cake pops – both making them and eating them! My son had two birthday parties: one with his school friends with Pokemon cake pops and one with out-of-town family members with baseball cake pops. Thanks for the great ideas and instructions! I can’t wait til my daughter’s birthday!” – Linda

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18 comments on “Pop Star: Linda in Mississppi”

  1. how do you make them?

  2. Wow, cool! I have a brother who’s a big fan of pokemon. Maybe I should whip up some peep-achus too!

  3. these are pretty darn ugly

  4. dude awsomeim havin my freinds make me these for my 18th

  5. The premier balls would be the easiest to make, I guess (all white with just red outlining) – It would be awesome to make an assortment, especially with all the weird apricorn balls you can make in Johto. I love Pokémon, and cake.

  6. My daughter and I just made pokeball cupcakes (on regular old cupcakes). I want to try these next! Awesome.

  7. How to i do the red portions with using a stick.. And the black lines too??

  8. Oh my god pokemon. I have so many great ideas now :3

  9. What a great idea! Pokemon!

  10. Looks like I will be making some Pokemon Cake Pops since I couldn’t close the window fast enough when my kids saw them! Yeah me!

  11. Oh these are SO CUTE! With these and the Peep-achus… TOO ADORABLE! Thanks to both of you wonderful ladies for sharing this cool stuff!

    I need to go have a Pokemon party now… ;)

  12. I LOVE this idea!! The red ball is of course a classic, but there are many other types, too:

  13. I’m just decided to make these (pokeballs) for my kiddo’s 8th bday which is comming up! Excited to see that it’ll work just like I imagined it would!

  14. you dont have to wait you dont need a reason to make these !

  15. These are FANTASTIC!!! Great job!

  16. Ooooh, baseball ones! I hope I get to see a picture of them, I want to try to attempt making baseball ones for my son’s Tball team this week. :D

  17. Yay! Pokemon! :D

    I love these!

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