Pop Star: Melanie in New Jersey


“Hey Bakerella! Here are some cake pops I made, these were for a baby shower with the animals on the invite… I really love the coconut lions the best!” – Melanie

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14 comments on “Pop Star: Melanie in New Jersey”

  1. OMG Your lions are just so cute!
    I think I could pull these off.

  2. could you share how too make .. daugther b aby shower is jungle

  3. These are fantastic! I love the coconut mane idea! How did you get the coconut to different colors? The shine on the pops is great too… what is your secret?

    I’m planning on making my first batch of cake pops for my son’s birthday which is coming up next week! :)

  4. Hi,
    What did you make the mane out of? Are they tiny candy sequins or something else?
    Thanks! So cute!!

  5. Melanie — these are so cute…and are you the same person who posted the star wars pops? So talented….
    Did you apply anything to the pops to make them so shiny? Mine seem dull compared to yours—please share!

  6. They are amazing, congrats!!! I love it

  7. Thanks for the idea Melanie! I made these for my nephews 1st birthday party and they were a huge hit!

  8. These are so cute! I love the coconut lions!

  9. Wow they are soooo cute!
    Where can I order these?

  10. I meant lions too. I’m dumb. Those are both lions, just one has coconut as a mane. But they are beautiful!

  11. Aw, these are awesome! I can’t pick a favorite! The tigers were pretty cute though. And I know those manes had to take a while to put on. Great job, I’m sure the mom-to-be loved them!!

  12. These are sooo adorable! What a great idea for a baby shower! :)

  13. These are darling! I’m sure the mom-to-be and the shower guests were all delighted with these colorful babies!

  14. oh my to cute to adorable isnt it fun to think outside the box using cocnut as hair instead of as coconut !

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