Pop Star: Rebecca in California


“I made some cake pops for our church potluck this weekend. It was pretty funny because at first people did not know what they were but by the time people got up for seconds the went fast. I have been having trouble getting my chocolate thin enough for more detailed decorating so I stick to sprinkles! I think they look so fun and cheery. These were a big hit and I am so excited to make them again. Hope you like them!” – Rebecca

I love them – B

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6 comments on “Pop Star: Rebecca in California”

  1. woooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! me eh kedado sorprencica al ver tus cakes pops estan lindisimos……….yo tengo 20 anos y espero algun dia hacer unos cakes pops asi de lindos como los tuyos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me an encantado

  2. Hi rebecca,

    Your desserts look soooo good. yummy! I have learned that there are several ways to thin out your chocolate and candy melts. You can use a product called paramount crystals, or you can use criso or vegetable oil. You start off with one teaspoon at a time until you get the thinness that you desire. I learned this from the Cake Pop book! Have fun!

  3. thanks friends! all your kind word make me want to get baking again soon!

  4. I too have tasted them – Rebecca’s made a ton of these for different church events since the potluck, and they always go fast!!!!!

  5. My sexy wife made these!@!

  6. I have tasted these and they are delicious!!

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