Pop Star: Tina


“My 13 yr old son had an end of summer party today and we decided to trick his friends with your ice cream cone cake balls! We didn’t make them mini, but we used the med sized cones. It took a large pampered chef scoop size ball. They look SO real it’s crazy!” – Tina

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11 comments on “Pop Star: Tina”

  1. i think their cute

  2. Their so adorable! Making them totally. Got this idea off another recipe that u can fill the cone with candy and then put the cake ball on top!

  3. i really love them thanks for the tips

  4. P.S. Did you put melted chocolate in the cone first, put the cake ball in and then let it dry before dipping?

  5. love it with the cake cones! How DID you keep the cake balls in when you dipped them?

  6. they look great!

  7. Beautiful! Perfect ice cream scoops, love the variation!!

  8. I love it!

  9. Can I ask how you dipped these? How did the cake not fall out when you turned it over to dip?

  10. super cute idea, love them.

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