Pop Star: Wendy in California


“These chocolate pops are all dressed up and ready to par-tay. These days, instead of bringing a casserole to pot lucks, I bring Bakerella-inspired cake pops. ….And I get lots of invitations! I’m really looking forward to the delivery of your book!” – Wendy

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24 comments on “Pop Star: Wendy in California”

  1. They were delicious :d

  2. It’s so cool having a pop star in the family! Wendy you rock!

  3. Yummy! These look fantastic! Wendy continues to amaze us with all her creations. She is our all time favorite cake popper! Wendy, you rock!

  4. These look so yummy! But I have to say my favorite are the Boston Terrier and Boxer cake Pops that you made me.

  5. they actually are like snowflakes — no two are alike but all are beautiful.

  6. I almost texted you the other day to say the last of these are gone…! Some child ate it! They were beautiful and delicious :) Looking forward to the next incarnation!

  7. Wendy’s cake pops taste as good as they look!

  8. Angie, you’re right – they did taste as good as they looked.

  9. Pictures are all very well – time you got an export licence

  10. Congrats, Wendy! How well do you think cake pops would do on a “road trip” to Texas?

  11. Go Aunt Wendy Go, congrats they look so delicious. Talk about creativity, yumminess, and pure eye candy! J.C. PS I love you! :)

  12. Wendy – when are you going to market your creations? Nothing so interesting and tasty can be found in any bakery here in the Washington DC area! Start a company and let me know when you will launch the IPO!

  13. Well done, Wendy, they look lovely! x

  14. Great looking Cake Pops!

  15. Wendy, you rock… and those cake pops are so unique!!

  16. Too pretty! You’ve got to market these.

  17. Too cute.

    Love ya.

  18. Truffles on a stick!

  19. I saw a comment that you made Boston Terriers? I have a boston and would LOVE to see pictures and if you could tell me how you did them that would be amaaaazing!!! Thanks!!

  20. Hi, Ashley, I sent you an email with a photo and details of how I made the Cake Pups, based mostly on Bakerella’s instructions. When you make yours, please share a photo; I’m sure they’ll be great, as were your cuuuuute pug pops! Have fun!

  21. amazing and fun! you are so talented.

  22. Wendy you truly are the cake pop “Queen”! Your talent is amazing! I can’t wait to see your next creation!
    Luv u,

  23. You are the MASTER! Another ridiculously adorable project. Isn’t it funny how people expect these now from us? I went to a birthday get-together with one of my family members, and I did NOT make cake pops, they were very disappointed. Not “Hi Aunt Deborah, how are you?” but “hey, wait, you didn’t make cake pops?” They don’t love me, they love my cake pops! Bakerella created a monster I tell ya! But these are gorgeous Wendy. I’m definitely stealing some of these ideas. Is that toffee on some? Yum!

  24. You are SO right, Deborah….being a cake pop maven has its price, ha, ha. Thanks for your kind words – blush.
    They say “imitation is the sheerest form of flattery”; as such, I flatter lots of people….starting with the Queen….Bakerella!
    When I do go to the trouble of making CPs, I usually freeze some, so I have some emergency pops on hand for whatever impromptu occasion merits them.
    Yes, you spotted the Heath bits…and there are also some British sprinkles that I brought back with me last time I visited (cake pop souvenirs?). They’re tiny honey-flavored rice crispies-ish sprinkles. Fun to sprinkle shop! I don’t like jimmies ’cause they taste like cardboard….so those choc sprinkles are Guittard chocolate.

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