Pop Stars: Kristen and Sarah in Georgia


“I start Pharmacy School at UGA this fall and I wanted to make something treat related pertaining to the field. So my friend and I got together and this is the result of our collaboration- Prescription Bottle cake pops. We used Chocolate cake and white icing.” – Kristen

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9 comments on “Pop Stars: Kristen and Sarah in Georgia”

  1. My sister is a pharmacist and I would love to make these for her. How did you make these? Please share!!!!!

  2. If you don’t mind me asking – what is the “label” made out of?

  3. I am making these in my MA class for elections. 3 of us are campaigning together and these will be used along with tags as a “prescription for success” theme.

  4. OMG! these are amazing.. my pharmacy tech class is having a pot luck and i just might have to make these

  5. OMG these are the cutest ever! I am a pharmacist and MUST make these for the hospital RX staff! You rock Kristen and have fun in RX school:) Oh…and Go Gators!

  6. can you please tell me how you did the tops and prescription label

  7. OH MY GOSH, this is perfect!
    I was planning on making cake balls for my pharmacy class fundraiser, and I wanted to make something pharmacy-related. It’s going to be this, or pill-shaped cake pops! :D
    Freaking awesome!

  8. If you’re half as good a pharmacist as you are a baker, I want you to handle all my old-age meds! Kristen, you rock!!

  9. ok so when your not studing your making medicine bottle cake pops well Bakerella always does inspire and this proves it lol..fantastic job at least you know you have baking to back up your medical degree lol

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