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I’ve just added a bunch of cake pop photos to the Pop Stars section to the site. Yay! It’s something productive I can do on the site while I’m still recovering. (I added an update to the previous post. But, in case you didn’t see it, my mom and I are doing great.) You probably already know about this section if you’re a cake pop fan, but if you didn’t, let me tell you about it. I love cake pops. Obviously. I could never have expected the first ones I made to have started such a craze. But they did and it’s been amazing to watch. For a while now I’ve been receiving cake pop photos and stories from readers. Great photos. Creative photos. And I wanted a place to showcase them. There are so many of you doing such fantastic work. And every time I see a new photo or a new pop idea I just smile. I feel so proud of you guys.

To navigate the Pop Stars section, there’s an index with links. Each pop star has it’s own page. I did it this way instead of one page with a slideshow so each person could link to their own page if they wanted to (if they had a blog or website). But you can also use it like a gallery. Each page has arrows to the next pop star to make viewing easier.

Here are a few pops I picked out to give you an idea of what people are doing.


Pop Star Jackie in California makes Justin Bieber pops. Love the hair.


This is such a great use of baking cups from Pop Star Veronika in Australia.


Cupcake pops in pink and blue are another great way to celebrate a baby shower. Check these out from Pop Star Erin.


Pop Star Natalie in California made these Brides of Frankenstein. Love the hair.


Pop Star Karla in Mexico made Bert and Ernie pops. Perfectly done.


How about some Halloween pops? Such a cute assortment from Pop Star Wendy in California. Wendy has been a pop star more than once. Check out her pokemon pops, too.


Pop Star Stephanie and friends in Canada celebrate her bridal shower. Hi everyone. You guys are so cute.


Pop Star Melanie in New Jersey really outdid herself here. Chewbacca kills me.


Yo Gabba Gabba cake pops from Pop Stars Jenna and her mom in Arkansas. These guys are perfect characters to turn into cake pops.


Pop Star Nadia in Toronto made snowglobe pops. Super creative.


Check out these cute Mario mushrooms from Pop Star Kerstin.


Umm… Diet Coke? Yes. Yes. I’m in love with these from Pop Star Vivy in California.


Pop Star Faye in New Jersey made cake pops celebrating her anniversary having diabetes and the medicine that keeps her alive. I love your attitude Faye.


Pop Star Monica made Boston Terriers. Who’s not smiling right now?


South Park Cake Pops from Pop Star Christine in California. Spot on.


Check out these sea life cake pops from Pop Star Cody-Ann in Nevada. Fantastic!


Pop Star Becky in Virginia made Noah’s Ark cake pops. Love the elephants.


Cake pops don’t always have to be cute. How about some gourmet bakla cake pops from Pop Star Lea & Jodi in California.


Pop Star Melissa in California made these adorable Dora the Explorer pops. Swiper is my fave though. Wow.


Okay, this is just too cute. Such a great way to use cake pops from Pop Star Jennifer.


Pop Star Audrey in Iowa made these. The sprinkled pops are just as beautiful to me as the most intricately designed ones. They make me happy inside.

That’s just a sampling of the cake pops you can find in the Pop Stars section.

There are quite a few more you can view.

If you click on the graphic below, it will take you to the index page.

Have fun!


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