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I know I just posted Muppet Cake Pops, but I have some more character pops to show you. Hope you don’t mind seeing pops back to back like this. I usually space them out with other goodies in between, but these just went live Wednesday and I wanted to share them with you.

I did them for Target’s recently launched blog, A Bullseye View. It’s a behind-the-scenes online magazine for the brand.


I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty excited about being able to make cake pops for them and getting to work with one of the stores I’ve shopped at forever. Pretty cool.

And pretty cool that they carry my Cake Pop Kit and Book, too. I actually saw them both at the store yesterday when I was picking up a few things for Thanksgiving. Awesomeness!


FYI, the book is on sale if you’re looking to get one.

I get giddy when I see these in stores. Still so unbelievable to me.

Anyway, want to see the cake pops I made?

Think spots.




Or rather Bullseyes.

Target’s adorable little Bull Terrier mascot in cake pop form.

Visit A Bullseye View to see how to make them.

And if you want to stay on Target, follow them on twitter @aBullseyeView.


Now, I know these are specific and spotted and you’re not likely to have a Target-themed birthday party anytime soon, but you can definitely use these cake pops as a base to create other doggie designs. These are pretty different from the Puppy Pops in my book, so take a look and get your creative juices flowing.

And if you could care less about cake pops, that’s ok, too. You might like this.

When I was at Target, I saw a cute little Bullseye Gift Card at the checkout. So I couldn’t resist grabbing a few to give away with this post.

So here goes.


Enter for a chance to win one of three (3) $100 Target Gift Cards.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and tell me what you’d buy. Electronics, toys, groceries, Christmas gifts, clothes, candy? Do tell.
  • Deadline to enter is Sunday, November 20th at 5 pm ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP!
  • Three $100 winners will be chosen at random and announced sometime Sunday evening on this post.

Good luck.

Ruff. Ruff.

P.S. This giveaway is offered by and sponsored by me.

Okay, I just picked the three winners of the $100 Target Gift Certificates. Yay! Yay! Yay! And here they are…


Congratulations Marianna, Corinne and Suzanne. Have fun shopping!

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6,401 comments on “Spot on”

  1. I’d definitely buy christmas gifts or clothes for me!

  2. I would buy clothes-I lost 90 lbs and don’t have any winter clothes!!

  3. Those cake pops are adorable! I would love a gift card to finish my Christmas shopping.

  4. Christmas presents!! And maybe a little something for myself… =)

  5. We are expecting a Christmas baby! (Due the 28th) We could definitely use a few more things!

  6. I would definitely use this to get an early start on my Christmas shopping, as well as sneak in a few things for myself for hanging in there this semester at school!

  7. Tons of e.l.f. make-up!

  8. $100 would definitely help my Christmas gift shopping! =)

  9. Christmas jammies for my new baby :-). And lots of other Christmas gifts!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I’d buy Christmas gifts and household items like decorations and kitchenware!!!

  11. Well, I could say Christmas gifts for the kids or something for my husband, but I really think it’s about time I went shopping for myself!

  12. I would definitely by the Cake Pops book and some cute new winter clothes! I love Target! Great giveaway :)

  13. I finally moved out on my own with my 2 Girls and ics been a great change from living with my parents. But if I won a gift card I would get a tree and some gifts so we could have our very first Christmas in our new home. You are an amazing woman and so blessed to have found you and your creativity. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me make a little money for my family while helping relieve stress!

  14. with $100 i’d buy presents, groceries to make sweets for others and some wine :)

  15. Workout clothes and books!

  16. Baking supplies! My parents gave all mine away!

  17. Hmmm. I would probably buy my three year old daughter the DVD “The Princess and the Frog” that she has been asking for and then maybe get some new clothes for work since I spend all my extra money on my little girl! I would also pick up the cake pop kit since I would love to make them. So cute!

  18. I would buy my little boys some Christmas gifts and maybe some baking supplies for me, since that’s all I want for Christmas. :)

  19. Adorable Bulls Eyes! And I would definitely get Christmas gifts.

  20. Would buy Christmas presents and the goodies I need to bake. :)

  21. I’d buy some clothes and probably some Christmas gifts too!

  22. Christmas gifts and clothes.

  23. Knock on wood so far my family has been fortunate in this economy. I would first anonymously fill a needy child’s Christmas wish. Then I would use the left over money to do something fun with my kids :-)

  24. These are so cute!
    I would buy some toys for my baby:)

  25. Clothes for my new internship and winter!!

  26. I would buy warm clothes! Winter is coming and I need some sweaters to keep me warm.

  27. A new Camera!

  28. I’d get my kids some new clothes! Hand-me-downs are great, if they fit right and unfortunately their cousins are built VERY different. :) Maybe a fun new family game or movie, too. Your pops are AWESOME!

  29. Probably baby stuff! We find out Monday if we’re having a boy or a girl so I could totally spend $100 in the baby section!

  30. Clothes for the tweens and some toys for the youngest or maybe an outfit from that adorable Gwen Stefani line for the youngest!

  31. I’d buy Christmas jammies for the little ones and a new comforter for me! Maybe some extra Christmas lights too???

  32. Baking supplies! My parents gave mine away!

  33. I would buy my husband a Christmas gift. We are always so worried about making sure our son has a nice Christmas that we never buy for each other!

  34. Love your work!! :)

    I would use the gift certificate for Christmas!! What FUN!

  35. Christmas Decorations and kitchen supplies!

  36. I would buy Christmas gifts

  37. Electronics or movies for the family!

  38. Get the christmas shopping really going!

  39. Yeah, thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win and use it towards a 3DS for one of my kids :)

  40. Make up and a Kitchen-Aid Mixer!!

  41. Clothes, cosmetics, and baking supplies!!

  42. I would take my college son shopping . . . or my newly engaged daughter or my daughter that’s coming home from South Korea.

  43. Love Target and their prizes. I would love to put it towards a special 3DS for my husband. He deserves it for all his hard work and Love.

  44. I would purchase things for my children for Christmas. I lost my job 2 years ago and 60% of our household income. 100.00 would go a long way :)

  45. As much as I would love to go on a shopping spree for myself I know if I were to get a $100 gift card to Target I would use it to get toys, sleeping bags, and baby necessities for one of the local shelters. I know it is just the time of the year and the fact that the cold weather seems to make peoples hearts a little warmer, but right now I’m in a bit of a donating phase.

    Keep in mind if your generous giveaway had been in the summer I would have said fire pit and patio lights!

  46. Love the cakepops! I would definitely use it to buy toys and for my kids for Christmas!

  47. Do I get extra points if I say I’d use it to buy your book as a present for my sister-in-law? ;)

  48. First i would buy your book and cake popo kit :) I havent been able to get it and I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT? The rest, would go to buying everything i need to make cake pops :) Good luck to all :)

  49. I would use the gift card to buy some toys for the kids in our church who dont get anything, since our church cant afford $20.00 gift cards this year, also would get my kids some boots.

  50. I would buy something fun for my hubby…and I would probably have to buy myself a little treat too!

  51. baking supplies! :)

  52. We love us some target clothes, especially for my twins who cost a fortune to dress!

  53. That is so generous of you! If I were to win, I wouldn’t keep it, I would give it to my friend that just lost her husband to a long battle with leukemia. She is so inundated with hospital bills, it will be a long time before she can buy herself anything. She would like this.

    By the way, when are you coming to San Antonio? I’d love to have my book signed!

  54. Birthday and holiday gifts. Nov. and Dec. are extremely busy months!

  55. I <3 Target! I would get everything if I could, but most likely snacks and baking items for the holidays. Oh, and a nice big coat for Winter! :)

  56. I would buy my first real Christmas tree, which I fully expect my cats to knock over at least 5 times.

  57. A new bedroom set (sheets, comforter)!

  58. OMG how cute are those cake pops!! :)

    What would I buy if I won? Christmas presents for my babies, of course! :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  59. I love Target!! I would buy mittens and scarves (so warm), and Christmas gifts. :) Love the dog pops!

  60. I would buy diapers just had twins on August 10th and a week later my husband became unemployed. He worked for borders book store : (

  61. I’d buy Christmas decorations and gifts!

  62. I would purchase food, gifts and other househald items.

  63. I would buy stuff to take on my Christmas vacation to Hawaii!

  64. I would definitely put it towards a new camera. Mine dropped before a trip at the beginning of the year and I miss it. It is like a baker without a whisk…it just feels wrong not having it!!

  65. OMGosh, you are absolutely wonderful!!! I would use it to buy gifts and food for the holidays. I would also maybe treat myself to nice shampoo instead of the same ole stuff, thanks again

  66. I’d put it towards an iPad! P.s. this is very generous of you. Even if I don’t win, thanks for your kindness!

  67. I would buy underwear and socks

  68. Christmas gifts!

  69. I’d definitely do some christmas shopping. There’s a few things at Target I have my eye on this year for my mom and sister.

  70. Target is the BEST. I would buy anything and everything there, but at this time of year probably Christmas presents!

  71. I would buy decorations for our new home

  72. I think I would buy some new clothes! :)

  73. Stocking stuffers…randoms gifts…

    I probably won’t win, but wanted to at least say…the Target pups are just adorable…you do such a great job. congrats

  74. Definitely Christmas gifts! I love Target!

    Adorable cake pops!

  75. Those are so adorable!

    If I had $100 to spend in target, I would spend it this year on Holiday decorations and cutlery for our new apartment. This is the first holiday season in California and I can’t wait to celebrate!

  76. I would buy a toy box for my baby boy. His toys are scattered all over the place!

  77. I would spend some on Christmas presents for my boys, and some on baby stuff for our sweet bundle coming just after Christmas. I love Target! And I love Bakerella!

  78. I would buy some mirrors and lamps to decorate my office.

  79. Christmas gifts, or new baby items!

  80. Definately Christmas gifts for my kids. My son really wants a bike with training wheels!!

  81. You are amazing! Love Spot the Dog! So fun to see your stuff in Target. I bet you get giddy! I will buy Christmas for sure. My daughter wants a My Generation Doll! Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. I’d use it to buy new sheets for the new bed my hubby & I got ourselves for Christmas!! Didn’t quite figure new sheets for a bigger bed in to the equation! LOL

  83. i would buy my family sum clothes for xmas ….

  84. If i won a target gift card i would most likely by groceries because this poor little college girl is living the broke college life.

  85. These SPOT pops are fabulous! I would use the gift card on myself! That soynd selfish but I’m a motherwife and all goes to my amazing family! So…. Anything “extra” is a bonus so JUST THIS TIME I would treat myself to some new shoes and a few books! Thank you so much for your site xoxo

  86. I would buy more baking books and supplies for the cake pops!

  87. xmas gifts of course!!! =)

  88. I would definitely buy some new Christmas decorations! LOVE Target and your Spot cake pops! So cute!!

  89. Diapers for my two boys….and maybe a new bra for me!

  90. Legos for my 6-year old son!
    I love the Target cake pops!

  91. i would buy a new jacket

  92. I would buy Christmas gifts and baking supplies!

  93. I would buy some presents and some clothes for my girls as well.

  94. Cute pops! I would buy gifts for my nephews for Christmas if I win.

  95. Soooooo CUTE. I would but Christmas gifts!!! Thank you!

  96. I would use it to help buy my daughter the DSi she wants. She has waited an entire year for it and hasn’t bugged me at all about it. So proud of her patience.

  97. I would love to buy gifts for my children so they can have an amazing Christmas! Instead of having new socks and candy Christmas morning! I would also love to buy my parents something nice, for everything they do for my children and I! Thank you bakerella for having an amazing book!

  98. Of course a few dozen cake mixes and frosting cans to make the hundreds of cake pops everyone wants for Christmas :)

  99. I would buy Christmas gifts for the kids, a MP3 for my son and clothes for daughter!

  100. I would buy all baking stuff to put towards my baking business and a few Christmas gifts!

  101. What wouldn’t I buy!??! I love Target! Seriously though, practicality wins and it would probably end up being the necessities like undies, toothpaste, cleaning supplies, etc :) Maybe I could sneak a little candy in there though!

  102. You are uber talented! Love these ‘Bullseyes.’ I just started making cake pops and while not anywhere near perfect the way yours are, everyone has been impressed. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I go crazy in Target. I’d get clothes for my growing tweens and and a toy for my youngest :)

  103. Definitely Christmas gifts!

  104. I’d give it to my friend with 5 children & very limited funds to get them gifts for Christmas.

  105. Oooo…..Christmas presents and my daughter is eyeing those footless tights!

  106. I’d buy Christmas gifts or spend it on home decor items.

  107. You can never have too many baking supplies! I spotted some cherry cordial flavored baking chips I HAVE to try–chocolate cherry cookies, anyone?

  108. I would love to win! I would use this for Christmas presents! I am struggling to afford presents for my family.

  109. so cute!

    i would buy your book! and then probably clothes with the rest :)

  110. I’d love to win so that I can buy some toys for my kids. Christmas is going to be very lean this year, so every dollar counts.

  111. I’d use it to buy $100 worth of sour candy because I’m pregnant and I can’t quench the craving. I also could go for some of those adorable cake pops right now. Sugar is taking over my life ;)

  112. Definitely Christmas presents.

  113. Gifts, gifts, gifts, some clothes for me, more gifts…

    Oh, and groceries are important too.

    This holiday season is going to be busier than ever for me and my family!

  114. I would buy christmas gifts for my parents since they are moving soon and really want a new blu ray player

  115. OMG I love pit bulls!!!! mmm, i would buy clothes, toys and candy!!!!

  116. I would definitely buy presents for my friends and family, and perhaps an item for myself as well, but just one ;)

  117. Christmas gifts. My kids just made up their lists, and I know I can get a bunch of it at Target.

  118. I would buy some stocking stuffers and stock up on candy supplies for cake pops!

  119. Christmas presents for my husband and kids!!

  120. im a bake-a-holic so I would really be tempted to buy your cake pop book and kit..but cant spend it on myself. i would buy gifts for my kids and family. if i get any christmas money though, i`ll definitely use it to buy your items :)

  121. Christmas gifts! I’ve got a long list of kiddos to buy for and Target is THE place to do my shopping :)

  122. I’d buy clothes… obvi! OR shoes! Geez I just love Target :)

  123. I’d pick up a few Christmas gifts. Not sure what yet, maybe my mother’s external hard drive…

  124. OOoooh…these are sooo adorable!

  125. I would totally buy some of the uber cute clothes at Target! I love them!

  126. I would use it towards my husband’s christmas gift!

  127. I’d hit up the Linen dept. target has amazing organic cotton sheets!

  128. Fantastic! Love how you did these!!

    Christmas gifts. Definitely how I’d use a Target gift card!

  129. A DVD player and come bakeware!

  130. I would buy some Christmas gifts.

  131. I would definitely buy some groceries, christmas gifts and clothes for my daughter who’s 3 and my son who is due in feb! =))

  132. I’d buy more baking supplies for christmas! and the new Harry Potter movie :-)

    You are insanely skilled, the muppets were so impressive and so is the target dog, stay amazing!

  133. Definitely Christmas presents!

  134. i would buy makeup, clothes, and christmas gifts

  135. I would definitely buy some new clothes!

  136. CHRISTMAS GIFTS!! And new clothes for my upcoming internship :)

  137. I would buy clothes/gifts for Christmas for my new niece Maddy that should be arriving any day!

  138. I would buy baby clothes and toys for my little bundle of joy coming this March:)

  139. Super cute!

    I’d get Christmas presents for my little guy.

  140. I would buy lots of glittery Christmas decorations :)

  141. What wouldn’t I buy at Target? Toys, video games, clothes, stocking stuffers…everything essential for Christmas. (=

  142. A little bit of everything~

  143. It would be Christmas stuff or maybe clothes for the kiddos! FUN

  144. I would probably buy groceries – or few new cookbooks!

  145. Bullseye is so adorable! Love your cake pops. Target is such a great place to shop. I’d also buy Christmas gifts & maybe something for me:-)

  146. honestly, i would use it to buy myself whatever catches my eye in the store, regardless of whether i need it or not, because im always giving to others and putting myself last! seems like every day is christmas to the ones i spoil, and now its time for christmas to come more than once a year for ME. and id definitely get something for my dog – hes the one thing thats always by my side and never fails me, so he deserves it :)

  147. I’m a poor college student (and that’s with working two jobs!) so I’d buy Christmas presents for sure.

  148. I would buy their cute holiday dishes and serving trays! I’m so in love with their Christmas stuff!

  149. Seriously girlfriend you are way too talented! Love these guys! I would buy your book and your kit! And supplies to make some!

  150. I’d buy the Cakepops kit and a whole lot of sprinkles! I also need a GPS I’m lost just writing this!

  151. I would get some cute boots! I never buy stuff for myself (only the kids), it would be a merry Christmas for me =)

  152. Wow…Um clothes, Christmas gifts, who knows what else I could find to buy.

  153. I would probably buy a little bit of everything!

  154. So cute!! I’d buy holiday gifts and more cakepop supplies :)…can’t wait to meet you tomorrow in Phoenix!

  155. I would buy some cookie cutters! and probably some other home goods.

  156. I would definately buy my girls some extra pjs for Christmas and probably spend the remaining on groceries.

  157. christmas gifts so i can be on time for once!

  158. I’d buy my nieces and nephews a new coats for the winter. They grow so fast. And pjs. They all love the pj selection @ Target. :-)

  159. I’d love to put that towards an awesome christmas present for my roomie/sister. :)

  160. I would use it to buy a gift for my fiance! :) I love her so much!

  161. I think I would have to use it to buy Christmas gifts for my family. Money is so short this year b/c I spent it all traveling to cancer treatments. My husband thinks he’s a failure since he doesn’t have a job. (Since this is random, I’m just saying this out loud for me). $100 would go a long way toward easing the stress and burden for just a little while and maybe help make some smiles on Christmas morning.

  162. Presents for my family and friends!

  163. candy! and cleaning supplies!!

  164. Christmas gifts for my daughter and husband–and a couple of fun little things for me as wel! :)

  165. I’d buy gifts for my two sweet kids. :)

  166. School supplies for my nephews, Christmas gifts, and yoga pants!

  167. I would buy a great gift for my fiance and my nephew and whoever else I can find gifts for at Target :)

  168. My parents and siblings are so incredible and work so hard all year long, it would be amazing to treat them to gifts they wouldn’t splurge on for themselves!!! By the way, I love your work! So incredibly creative and the cake pops always come out flawless!! Congrats & I hope the success only continues! :)

  169. Clothes for the kids would be at the top of list.

  170. Presents for friends and cars toys for my son! (and maybe some candy for me) :)

  171. I would probably use it to buy household necessities, you know, like makeup, hair spray, gum…hee hee!

  172. Most likely groceries, some clothes for the kids, and a couple of toys. P.S. Just got the cake pop book, can’t wait to try some out!

  173. I would buy Christmas gifts for my family, and some home decors I’ve been eyeing for quite sometime. :)

  174. if I would to win this gift card I would give it to the family that I’ve been trying to help this christmas. I bought them their toys for their kids but I need to send them a gift card. Target has a grocery that they can use the gift card for. This is a perfect timing for this family thank you so much. I appreciate it so much if you will pick me. this is not for me it’s for the family that needs help.

  175. I would buy tons of diapers! My 2nd baby is due next week and my 1st boy is still in diapers.

  176. I would stock up on things I need for our new baby.

  177. I would buy myself some clothes. Im sorry if i sound selfish. I had a baby 10 months ago. I finally lost ALL the weight, and then some :) although i am very proud of myself i have yet to buy anything. I feel bad using my paycheck towards myself. So if i win i might actually be able to buy clothes that fit me and aren’t all loose.

  178. Christmas gifts!

  179. I save giftcards for emergencies! Like when you need that new cake pan but there is no room in the budget!

  180. Room decor to redo my teen’s room for Christmas!

  181. I would get my husband some new work clothes!

  182. I want to do a bedroom makeover for myself for Christmas, this would be a great start!!

  183. I suppose whatever I needed at the time the gift card arrived, most likely a combination of things. Your cake pops are too cute!

  184. I would probably spoil my husband with a surprise gift. He always spoils me and the kids!
    Love the little Bullseye!

  185. I’d buy my family some awesome Christmas gifts!

  186. A $100 gift card goes pretty far at my favorite store!! So a little practical being prescriptions & food for our darling two kitties…but some fun too with a new pair of jeans and of course a cakepop book! ;)

  187. I would buy all things I take out of my cart by the end of my shopping trip cause I know Im WAAAAY over my budget…but definitely all the extra things I want for my family to make Christmas extra festive! THANK YOU!xo

  188. i would buy christmas gifts! love these cake pops!!

  189. frozen french fries, chili, and cheese to make chili cheese fries :)

  190. That would be a HUGE help with Christmas shopping for my household! Clothes and toys for my daughters (1 & 2 yrs old), along with some groceries for cookie baking ;)

  191. Christmas gifts! And probably cake stuff!

  192. Baby gifts for my 1 year old niece and 2 day old nephew! :)

  193. I would probably buy boring stuff like toilet paper, toothpaste, maybe a vacuum filter. I’m pretty thrifty, but what a great gift this would be!!

  194. Oh wow! Great giveaway. And i love Tar-zhay. And their doggy mascot! >.< I would use a gc to buy baking stuff for Christmas! I am going to be spending a LOT on chocolate chip this season!

  195. I’d buy a new mixer and baking supplies <3 so I can do a lot of goodies for my family and friends :) Thanks Bakerella :) more power to you!

  196. I would totally buy the cake pop kit for my boyfriends daugther…we got her the book last year. Then I would buy myself something. lol

  197. love the Bullseye cakepops!!
    I would buy the hubby and the baby extra Christmas presents!! :)

  198. Christmas gifts for sure. And a cake pop kit for someone, definitely! Thanks, Bakerella!

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