Spring Bake Giveaway

YAY! It’s spring and I couldn’t be happier. And to celebrate the season, I’m having a sweet springy giveaway for a KitchenAid Mixer in one of the following colors.  The winner gets to pick, too… Fun! What’s it going to be? Crystal Blue? Ice? Pistachio? Who’s up for Majestic Yellow?

All of these colors are beautiful and put me in the baking mood.

I hope they do for you, too!

Enter the Spring Bake Giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid 5-quart Artisan Series Stand Mixer

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite color and if you’re looking forward to any fun baking soon.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 7:00 PM ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening on this post.

Good luck guys!


I love reading what you guys are getting ready to bake and your favorite color mixer. And now I’m excited to announce the winner. I hope you enjoy the mixer and make lots of goodies with it. Okay, let’s see who it is.

It’s Joyce! Comment # 7138. Congratulations – ice is a great choice. One of my favorites.

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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10,228 comments on “Spring Bake Giveaway”

  1. Aqua sky, make cinnamon rolls

  2. I love the ice one! I would made the best meringue ever!

  3. I love the aqua sky mixer and am looking forward to baking yummy passover treats

  4. They’re all beautiful! But Aqua Sky is my favourite!! I would bake a friend’s wedding cake with mine!

  5. Pistachio! I am going to be baking low sugar cookies for my neighbor next door.

  6. My favorite color is white or aqua sky- love the brightness. I look forward to making some macaroons this week!

  7. Love the aqua sky!!
    Baking the hubbs some cupcakes for his birthday @ the end of the month ;)

  8. ICE! I have a batch of decadent lemon bars that I have to bake. This handy mixer would be a big help!

  9. Aqua Sky is so spring time!! Love it

  10. I love the crystal blue or silver metallic and I would love love love one of these for baking cupcakes, cookies, bars, cakes and other whatnots. Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  11. Love them all too hard to choose ;)

  12. Love the aqua sky and crystal blue! Making sugar cookies tomorrow morning.

  13. I love the white!
    Come heck or high water I’m mastering angel food cakes this summer. I had some colossal failures last year!

  14. The Crystal Blue is gorgeous!! After giving birth 2 months ago, I feel like some warm cookies need to be baked…that is, if my son lets me! :-)

  15. Ice!
    A chocolate cake and funfetti cupcakes for my sons 4th Birthday!

  16. I like the Majestic Yellow a LOT! Easter is always a time to bake!

  17. I love Aqua Sky! So spring time! Hopefully I win this for my future home!!

  18. Ice, ice baby – all the way! Making fudge tomorrow (no mixer needed but it’s what I’m making)

  19. I like ice blue!

  20. Definitely aqua sky. It’s so pretty!

  21. I’m in ? with the ice color!! Want to make fruit cookie pizza with my son!!

  22. Pisatchio and Pisatchio cake!!!!

  23. I absolutely love the Aqua color! Seriously love Kitchen Aid. I love making bread. And a kitchen aid will help with that! <3 <3 <3

  24. I love Royal Purple; I’m a cooking and baking fanatic.

  25. Yellow or pistachio are great colors! I would absolutely love one and would put it to great use!

  26. I remember for the longest time I always lusted after the pistachio one, so that’s my choice for sure!

  27. Love the Ic e color! Gonna make some blue raspberry sugar cookies with my kiddos this week.

  28. I like the ice color.

  29. The color Ice! Coconut Cake! Yum, yum!

  30. Love the ice blue!
    Planning on making some strawberry lemon mini loaves real soon! :)

  31. I love the green, yellow or silver. I bake almost daily and my current mixer is getting very tired. I’d LOVE to win this beauty!!! It would be such a blessing!! Thank you for offering this ????

  32. I love the pink!!

  33. I’d like the white one. Just made an apple crumb dessert. Not sure what will be next. Maybe something for the Easter table.

  34. I ? with the ice color!! So pretty and vintage looking almost. Love to make a cookie fruit pizza with my son!!

  35. Pistachio!! Oh, its wonderful, I could make a birthdaycake für my lovely husband.

  36. White! For homemade breads and cookies!!

  37. White one classy and clean hope to bake a 2 tier girly

  38. I absolutely LOVE the crystal blue!!! I would bake lots and lots of cupcakes!

  39. Majestic Yellow. Great color to keep me cheery all year round! I’m looking forward to baking my mom’s 50th birthday cake this year! Pick me! Pick me!

  40. Love the Aqua Sky! Perfect for whipping up some snickerdoodle cupcakes!

  41. I like green and am so loving the pistachio color. So cute!

  42. Love the “ice” color.. Looks like the Tiffany blue!
    Can’t wait to make some strawberry lemon mini loaves soon.

  43. Aqua Skye is my fav. Desserts for friends is what I look forward too

  44. I really really want the Aqua Sky to go with my future house!!!!! Hope I win <3

  45. I love the colour ICE! It would fit perfectly in my ktichen :)

  46. Elegant white is my favourite regardless of season. Looking forward to bake a super moist apple cake which I have bookmarked :)

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. Cheers, Joelyn.

  47. I am getting ready to bake my son’s 4th birthday cake, cupcakes and cake pops! It’s going to be my most challenging bake session yet… Monsters University! and of course Sugar galore! I love the silver metallic, very elegant.

  48. All of the colours are pretty but I think I fell in love with Aqua Sky! I haven’t been motivated to bake in a few months but I’m ready to get back to it soon. :)

  49. The pink one is pure perfection, love it! :)

  50. I love the white one – would love to make a traditional danish strawberrypie with marzipan, vanillacustard and lots of fresh strawberries. Cant’t wait for summer! :)

  51. Aqua sky!! I’ve been wanting to make mute cookies.. and my arms tire. :-)

  52. Aqua Sky all the way!! Perfect excuse for me to bake more often! :D

  53. The ice one looks beauuutttiful!! I’m planning on baking chooclate meringue layer cake and easter eggs for the holiday! :)

  54. The Aqua Sky is beautiful! I’m looking forward to making Easter sugar cookies and carrot cake.

  55. ice is beautiful!!! and, as my friend’s birthday is coming up i will be making some tasty brownies soon! :)

  56. I love the pink!!!!
    I’m looking forward to baking my famous chocolate cake for my sister!!!! #can’t wait

  57. Ice! I’m ready to bake some yummy Easter treats next weekend.

  58. Love Aqua Sky! Perfect for whipping up some snickerdoodle cupcakes!

  59. That majestic yellow is to die for!

  60. Love the Aqua Sky….beautiful. Thanks to you and your books I have mastered the art of CAKEBALLS! I just made 450 of them for my granddaughter’s wedding this past weekend. Everyone loved them!
    I’m just a grandma that loves to bake, so with all the wedding cake we had left….guess what? More cakeballs this week.
    No wasted wedding cake or grooms cake….they will be cakeballs in a few days!

  61. Love, lobe, love the PINK one!

  62. I like the color Ice..;And i would make my cinnamon bread…

  63. I love pink! I want to make brownies soon

  64. I love the pink color. Hope to bake soon…. perphaps french macaroons since my family loves them so much..))

  65. Love the simple white. Hopefully will be using it to make baked goodies for future bake sales at school yay

  66. Crystal Blue!
    I’ve been wanting to make some cinnamon rolls lately, maybe if we have some rainy Spring weather soon…

  67. Pink and I cannot wait until this semester is over on May 8, I may even bake every day! Thanks!!!

  68. Pistachio is amazing. I would love to bake some almond brittle soon.

  69. I love the white one! I’m making something for Easter. Haven’t quite decided yet. :)

  70. I am loving that pistachio color. As for any fun baking, we have some birthdays in the family coming up so I see some cakes and cupcakes in the near future.

  71. Aqua sky! I have many birthday and graduation cakes coming up…this would come in handy :)

  72. I love the aqua sky and it would look heavenly in my kitchen! I am excited to bake some goodies for our family and friends for Easter!

  73. I love the pink!!

  74. That aqua sky sure is pretty! We are getting into more grain free baking and one of those would sure add to the fun new adventure!

  75. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink <3
    Going to bake my famous chocolate cake for my sister #can't wait

  76. My favorite color is pink, & I’m hoping to make something fun for Easter!

  77. The white one is sharp looking. And looking forward to baking something bunny-ish for Easter!

  78. White is gorgeous! I’ll be making easter themed macaroons for sunday!

  79. I love the white mixer! I will be baking sugar cookies soon for our gender reveal party!

  80. I love the Ice or the Aqua! I’m getting to the point that I want to cook and bake!

  81. I think I’ll have to go with majestic yellow on this one! So sunny and beautiful. I’m hoping to make some cream cheese brownies soon! :)

  82. Lovely PINK…perfect for spring :)

  83. It’s all abut the Pistachio!

  84. I like the silver metallic! My next big baking will be for my daughter’s 3rd birthday! :-)

  85. Pistachio is one for me! Love it <3

  86. Love the Ice Kitchenaide! I’ll be busy baking up Easter cake balls this week!

  87. Silver Metalic. I would use it for mashed potatoes.

  88. Loving the pistachio mixer! I’m going to make some Easter cookies with my grandsons!

  89. Love the aqua sky one. I don’t have any fun plans…yet!

  90. I LOVE the pink one! It would be great to have to make my cake pops with :)

  91. Crystal blue

  92. I love all the colours especially ice!

  93. I would have to pick the silver but the pistachio looks amazing :)

  94. Love the pistachio!!! Im looking forward to making and sharing herbed shortbread cookies this spring.. its been my favourite thing for a while now..

  95. Love it! Especially the silver metallic one! :D

  96. Crystal Blue!! Love that color! Just got into homemade bread and pizza dough! Thus would be perfect!!

  97. That Ice color is stunning.

    I’ll be working on some cupcakes for Easter this week, but after that nothing fun until June.

  98. I would love to have one in Majestic Yellow-it will really brighten up the kitchen! The next thing I will be baking are the 250 cake pops I that I donated for a silent auction…so a new mixer would be great!

  99. I love the crystal blue!!! I going to make a yummy carrot cake with some cream cheese frosting…just in time for Easter!

  100. I love the pistachio!

  101. The pistachio color is amazing!

  102. I love the Ice color. I would bake French Macarons and Red Velvet Cupcakes!

  103. I think Ice is my favorite color, but its really hard to choose because I love them all!!! Definitely puts me in the baking mood!!!

  104. Love the pistachio, soo pretty!

  105. Pistachio or Pink!???? Either one would be fantastic for making breads and delicious cupcakes with yummy frosting!

  106. Love the tiffany blue! And would love to try to bake some macarons soon.

  107. Ohh, hard to choose between Silver Metallic or Pistachio!! I’m doing a birthday cake for my neighbor’s 90th birthday next month – and some cake pops to match!

  108. Crystal blue

  109. Love the Aqua sky!!

  110. LOVE the silver metallic and I’m baking birthday cupcakes with my 2 year old granddaughter tomorrow!

  111. The ice one is gorgeous!
    I’ve got a whole lineup of baked goods I’m dying to try out soon, but first and foremost on that list would be chocolate eclairs. Can’t wait~

  112. I looove the pink very vintage looking. Finally recovered from severe tendinitis let the cupcakes and cake pops begin

  113. Ice! Although silver is sharp-looking, too.

  114. The Crystal Blue one is really nice. ?I love baking famous chocolate chip bars and peanut butter bars.

  115. Crystal Blue!!! Love that color! I just got into homemade bread and pizza dough! This will be perfect!!

  116. If have to go with silver but the pistachio does look amazing :)

  117. I love the pink one! My little girl has her class Easter /Spring party and we are going to bake each of her classmates a cake push-up treat alternating pink and golden yellow cake circles with layers of frosting. A swirl of frosting and a few sprinkles completes the look and each child gets their own push-up.

  118. I want the pink mixer! I’m looking forward to baking some lemon coconut chickie Easter cupcakes this weekend!

  119. Loving the pistachio mixer! I’m going to make some Easter cookies with my grandsons!

  120. I love the pistachio one!! I would have one just for icing!! Baking cookies for a garden conference is up next!! –Katy

  121. The Ice is beautiful. I’m thinking about making some dark chocolate cupcakes again with Nutella Buttercream frosting. It’s my favorite right now.

  122. Ooh! Aqua Sky is beyond! Cannot wait to start my Easter baking this week :) Lemon Bundt Cake, yum.

  123. I’d love to win this in color Ice!!!! Thanks for this wonderful giveaway!!!

  124. I would really like the pink one~! It would be so much easier to make macarons if I won this! I love your cake pop recipes so so much!!!!

  125. The Aqua Sky is gorgeous!! I’ve got a to do list on the go with Gramma’s buns for Easter and baby bottle sugar cookies for my sister’s baby shower at the top!!

  126. Pink! I would love to win! I’m making some Easter cake pops this week.

  127. Pink without any doubt! So girly….! And cause I like girly things I’m gonna bake some cookies for a new born!

  128. I love “ice”! Would love a mixer for the cupcakes and cakes I’m planning to make this summer for some parties that I’m hosting with my best friend.

  129. I like Majestic Yellow. It fits perfect for doing some chocolate chip cookies.

  130. Im new and love to bake. I love PINK.
    Hope it can be my anniversary GIFT.

  131. I want the pink mixer! Looking forward to making some lemon coconut chickie Easter cupcakes this weekend!

  132. I love the ice! I could bake a lot of goodies for family, friends n my pet!.

  133. The crystal blue. Such a happy color

  134. Majestic Yellow is the color. I will be making Easter cake balls this week.

  135. I love the aqua sky! And I’m making empty tomb rolls this weekend for our band Easter Sunday morning :)

  136. It’s so hard for me to choose between the pink and the ice mixers! Right now I definitely like the pink better, but it goes in and out of favor for me while the blue is always one of my favorite colors. I guess to be safe I’d choose the blue then!

    I don’t have anything I’m looking forward to baking, because I just made birds’ nest cookies and I still have SO MANY left! I make them once a year and bring a bunch to the office where they’re always gobbled up, but this year my batch was super huge and the half I kept home will probably last me another couple weeks!

  137. The Aqua Sky is lovely. I’ve been thinking I need to break out the Easter cookie cutters and make some sugar cookies!

  138. Silver metallic for me. I will be baking some Easter bread !!

  139. I would love the ice color! Reminds me of Tiffany blue…

  140. I love the color Ice. So pretty. I want to bake everything lately! Easter is one of my favorite times to bake. I’m in the mood to bake a lemon cake, strawberry cake or coconut cake. My absolute favorite thing will always be cake pops though. <3

  141. I love the Majestic Yellow. This week I baked sugar cookies with my 3 yrs old grandson. He loves to cook so we will be doing alot more in the furture.

  142. Ice ice baby! Classic carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for Easter.

  143. I like the silver metallic for the yummy cakepops I’m making for my nieces birthday

  144. Silver Metallic or White or Ice look every nice.
    I have a lot of things in mind to make Im looking forward to make cupcakes, cookies, cakes, cake pop, and etc.
    I love to bake its become a passion. :P

  145. Majestic yellow….wait pistachio….maybe white…no pistachio….ok definetly majestic yellow

  146. I think Ice is my favorite. I’m going to be trying macarons for the first time this Easter

  147. They are all so beautiful … I want to be brave enough for majestic yellow but I’m really more of a pistachio girl. It’s too much pressure! I’ll mix my son’s first birthday cake with it!! Good luck everyone, What a fun spring sweet that will keep on giving.

  148. I love the Silver Metallic color! I fasted from sweets for Lent so I am looking forward to whipping up a delicious dessert for my church’s Easter potluck!!

  149. I love the majestic yellow! I would want to use that to try and make different foods, including exotic ice creams. I would definitely take advantage and take pictures of what I bake with the mixer so I can write more journals for Spoon University for Cornell University!

  150. Love the Crystal blue!!! My baby boy favorite color. :) ..he loves helping mommy make cupcakes.

  151. Pink without any doubt! So girly….! And cause I like girly things I’m gonna bake some cookies for a new born!

  152. I love all the colors but I think Pistachio is my fave! With a gorgeous green machine like that I’d make some green tea macarons :)

  153. The ice one is gorgeous… And the aqua, I love blue, but that pistachio one is calling my name… I am planning a butter pecan cake for Easter… Fingers crossed it turns out.

  154. The aqua sky is my fav!!! I would love to mix up some cookie dough with it!!

  155. Ice, I can’t wait to bake chocolate chip cookies!

  156. Silver metallic is my favorite!! I will be baking some Easter bread.

  157. I love majestic yellow, pistachio, and aqua sky! If I win, how will I choose?!

    I NEED to make angel food cake soon! This preggo is having a craving for one!

  158. White or Aqua Sky! I’ll be baking something yummy for Easter…

  159. Aqua Sky is gorgeous!! I have a couple if things on my to do list, namely Gramma’s buns for Easter dinner and baby bottle sugar cookies for my sister’s baby shower!!

  160. Majestic yellow all the way! Absolutely gorgeous!

  161. It’s really hard to pick just ONE! I really love blue and green – its hard to pick between them, let alone between the blue ones!!! Crystal blue or Pistachio – i can’t choooose! :)

  162. Majestic yellow all the way!

  163. I absolutely love the Ice color KithenAid Mixer! I do look forward to some fun baking soon… I want to try to make my very first Carrot Cake this week! Hope it turns out!

  164. I LOVE PINK!

    I am going to make macarons for Easter!

  165. I absolutely love the color ice! I recently just received a homemade buttercream frosting recipe that I have been anxious to try out. The first thing I want to use the frosting on is cupcakes!

  166. I just looove PINK! So girly.. <3
    A chocolate cake for my cousin's birthday this coming April 30..

  167. Silver Metallic for me! I love KitchenAide!

  168. These mixers are awesome! What a nice opportunity to have one. White is my fave colour; goofy huh?
    I’m waiting for strawberry season and it’s almost here! Pie, shortcake, smoothies…..mmmmmmm!

  169. Aqua sky!

  170. I LOVE THE ICE ONE <3 It's beautiful!
    I would bake, bake and keep baking treats for everyone's birthdays!

    P.S: Thanks for being this thoughtful :)

  171. I can’t quite deside on ether the ice or aqua sky ??

  172. Love the aqua sky color! Would look lovely in my kitchdn. It would be the perfect touch to add to my delicious cokies

  173. “Pink is my signature color” – Shelby from Steel Magnolias
    It just so happens to be my signature color as well. :)

  174. Love the aqua sky color! Would look lovely in my kitchen. It would be the perfect touch to add to my delicious cookies

  175. I love ice! I’ll be making a lemon curd cake for easter!

  176. Love the blue!
    Also, like the silver.
    Pretty love them all!
    Sugar cookies for Easter would be fun to make in any of these kitchenaids!

  177. I love the Pistachio. It goes with the retro colors in my kitchen.

  178. Silver!!!!!

  179. Pink! Looking forward to baking some easter goodies. :)

  180. Love the ice color! Excited to make some Easter cupcakes!

  181. The aqua sky is my fav!! I would love to mix up some cookie dough with it!

  182. I love the Aqua Sky mixer! I would love to use it and try making marshmallows.

  183. the crystal blue is my personal favorite

  184. The pink is so cute!! I am looking forward to baking Easter bunny cookies with my toddler! :)

  185. Ooo…they’re all so nice!! :) I’m more of a blue color girl, but that pistachio color is my absolute favorite! I’d be awesome to use, I have much baking to do! Mother’s Day, my sister’s baby shower.. :)

  186. I love the green. I’ll be baking guava mango cupcakes for Easter!

  187. Love the aqua sky color! Would look lovely in my kitchdn. It would be the perfect touch to add to my delicious cokies

  188. Love the Aqua Sky! I’d use it to make my kids’ favorite cake– carrot cake!

  189. Silver Metallic!

    Looking forward to making some puff pastry for a baked Brie, and perhaps finally attempting some French macarons!

  190. woooaahhh I really like the Ice color! I plan on making marshmallows fro the first time soon!

  191. Ice! I’m looking forward to bake as much sweets as I can for easter!

  192. The Ice one is beautiful!! Excited to do some big time Easter baking this week! Easter bread, cookies, cupcakes!! Yay!

  193. I love the ice color! Looking forward to making Easter cupcakes this week!

  194. Loving the pistachio!!! If I win, I’d definitely do a pastel colored themed bake off for my baby’s 1st birthday. :))

  195. Would love the Silver Metallic. My niece birthday it coming up baking some yummy cakepops!

  196. I love pink!!!!! I hope to make tons of cake pops for my children’s school fundraising.

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