The San Francisco Signing

I thought I would do a little spring cleaning. I have a few posts I have been wanting to share for a while now and this seems like just as good a time as any to start. This is actually one of the more recent ones. And, it’s from back right before I went in the hospital, when I was in San Francisco. I flew out there for  two main reasons.

This was one of them.


A super fun book signing at one of my publisher’s retail stores.


Chronicle Books of course.


Hi cutie. I love how you came in Chronicle matching colors.


These two were fun. Completely dedicated cake pop makers. Seriously, check out all their color-coded bookmarks. They had a game plan.


I’m gushing here. He was so sweet. We had just had the best exchange of hugs. You can see more in the slideshow below.


Hi Parisa and your friend from Australia, if I remember correctly. Parisa makes awesome Google Android Cake Pops.


I want to thank everyone that came out that Saturday afternoon. It was rainy and miserable, but you wouldn’t know it by all your happy faces.


Cutie pie here in the middle makes make cake pops, too … and all by herself. I think she was 10 or 11. Impressive.


I made new friends in San Fran and I have a new bracelet to prove it. Thank you sweetie.


Here’s Kaye and Lulu from Clout and About.

They put together a great recap and interview from the day. Check it out here.



This is Paul (brother of Mike) Myers and his beautiful wife, Liza.

Liza works at Chronicle.

And Paul, well Paul really is Mike Myers’ brother. Just imagine him with brown hair and they are almost like twins. Paul might be cuter though.


This is just a bunch of books.

On a table.

Stacked and standing.

I’m sorry, but I’ll never get tired of seeing that.


Thanks Terri, Kevin, Peter, Liza and Leigh! It was such a fun day.


Click on the graphic link above if you were at the signing and would like to see your photo. And thanks again for coming.


Sorry. I forgot my side smile … and wave.

Kidney Update: Mom gets her testing this week. I still have to meet with a couple of doctors and I think that’s it. If we both pass, I guess I could be looking at another hospital stay soon. On another positive note, I’ve lost ten pounds since these photos. I guess dialysis has it’s perks. Well, not really dialysis, but the diet I’m on because of dialysis. I’m estranged from my dear friend, chocolate. Unfortunately, we haven’t spoken in a while. And I rarely get to talk to my dairy friends either. But soon we will make amends I know it.

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