Their name says it all.


Y? because they're yummy.

I wish I could pipe this pretty. Really. I have shaky hands. I just can’t do it – especially those short little curls.

It’s official – I must practice. Maybe a post on piping one day and you’ll see what I mean… and laugh.

Yum Kitchen

These cupcakes totally lived up to their name, though. You’re wondering where 952 is aren’t you?

Well, it’s in Minnesota and totally not near me right now. But it was, two days ago. I just got home from a blogging event at the General Mills Headquarters there. Amazing by the way. I’ll tell you all about it soon. But I had to share these cupcakes first. And also this gives me more time to pull my photos together from the trip.

So, while I crop pictures, you can look at cupcakes.

Vanilla Cupcake from Yum Kitchen

Like this vanilla one. The frosting on it was exquisite. I’m still dreaming about it.

Raspberry Patticup from Yum Kitchen

This one’s called Raspberry Patticup. The frosting was different, but just as delicious.

I love chocolate and raspberry, by the way.
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream from Bruster’s.
Dark Chocolate Raspberry Godiva Bars.
Who’s with me?

… sorry, back to cupcakes.

Yum Hostess Cupcake

This hostess-like cupcake was really good, too. But I would have to go with the first two as my faves for sure.

And, isn’t that just the cutest box. Love the blue and red together.

Thanks for the tour.

This is Cherryl and Naomi. They work for General Mills and were super sweet to show me around a little before the event started. Thanks ladies… it was fun.


If you’re ever in Minneapolis… or somewhere near Minnetonka … stop by yumkitchen for a visit. They serve yummy food, too.

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