Time to get in the baking spirit

It’s October and one of the most fun months of the year to bake and share sweet treats.

Cute. Spooky. Scary. Ooey. October is all about having fun in the kitchen and treating people to a smile.

Want to get your bake on and get in the baking spirit? Want to trick out your treats?

Well, how about a brand new KitchenAid stand mixer to get you started?

Sounds ghoulishly good to me.

Enter for a chance to win a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in one of the Spooktacular colors above.

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me which mixer color you’d like to win … oh and if you know what treat you’d like to make this Halloween, I’d love to hear that too.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at 7:00 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening.

Good luck guys!


Okay, here we go… drumroll please…  And the winner of a brand new KitchenAid mixer is … Debi!!!!

YAY Debi – Boysenberry IS a fun color! Happy baking this Halloween!

 This giveaway is sponsored by me.

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8,001 comments on “Time to get in the baking spirit”

  1. I would love to have the contour silver! Since I’m a part time at home cake decorator, this mixer will definitely help me when I make cakes and frosting!

  2. I would love a boysenberry!!!! :D i’m making spooky eyeball red velvet cake pops! :D yummmmmy!!!!!!

  3. Tangerine! Halloween is never complete without popcorn balls.

  4. I would go with the Tangerine! Hoping to make some yummy rice crispy treats in the shape of candy corn!

  5. I’m thinking White to match my Ghost cookie’s faces :)

  6. I would go for Tangerine. So many Halloween treats I am making’ so little time. I will be starting with pumpkin spice marshmallow Rice Krispie treats. :)

  7. I’m loving the canopy green ! Holiday baking would be so much easier with this mixer,,, would love to win

  8. Hi Bakerella! I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Boysenberry colored mixer!

    I bake often, but I’m often limited by the use of my wee-little hand mixer (I’m probably on 7th or 8th one because my frosting, mixes, dough, etc have broken all my previous hand mixers. =/ ) So, I would SO love a standing mixer that won’t break at pull of thick batter.

    For Halloween, I would love to make creepy Halloween-Inspired Cupcakes! For the season though, I can’t WAIT to make ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! :)

  9. I am from Canada, so I’m not sure if I am eligible for this giveaway, but I thought I’d submit an entry anyway. I would like to win the Canopy Green mixer. This Halloween, I am planning to make the pumpkin pie bites and the pumpkin pecan chocolate chunk cookies, both featured on your website :)

  10. Metallic Chrome is so sleek, would make any kitchen look stylish. I love making caramel cupcakes with pumpkin faces on then for Halloween!

  11. Tangerine dream please

  12. I would choose the Boysenberry. I would love to make some spider, bat cupcakes, and mummy cupcakes :)

  13. I love boysenberry color and I need a mixer.
    I will make pumpkin cheese cake mummies cake pops.

  14. Hummmm,..if I could,..definitely I will buy “contour silver” ,…love it….. And I’m in love at the moment with the Cinamonn Scrolls! Can not get enough !!!!

  15. I’m torn between the boysenberry and onyx black. I’m wanting to try my hand at some gluten free recipes, but haven’t decided where to start yet. LOVE all your yummy treats/ideas!

  16. I love the boysenberry one! I’ll be making witch finger cookies

  17. I would like the boysenberry. It reminds me of when I was a kid and when I baked with my mom!! :) As a broke college student that would help feed me :)

  18. Silver or green please! I was just thinking about how I need a new mixer. I would totally make chocolate pumpkin bread.

  19. Boysenberry…. I’m making pumpkin bread which will be made into bread pudding with a maple cream sauce….

  20. Spooky contour silver!

  21. Boysenberry is beautiful. Making frankenbrownies.

  22. I would choose the Contour Silver. It looks so sharp! I want to bake Halloween Magic Cookie Bars by Love from the Oven.

  23. I would love the tangerine:) and there are soooo many things on my to do list for baking i wouldn’t know where to start lol

  24. If I got a counter silver would be so happy. By the time I would get it so many cookies would be happened.

  25. The canopy green color is stunning! Definitely that one for me. I just made some pumpkin bread with a walnut streusel topping today and it turned out amazingly! I am all about the pumpkin recipes for Fall!

  26. I love, love, love the black and the tangerine ones! Reminds me of my favorite…Halloween! Would be perfect for my many cookies and cakes I make during this holiday!

  27. I love the tangerine mixer and like to make pumpkin pie this time of year!

  28. I would love to win Countour Silver Kitchen Aid, is so pretty!

  29. Any color! It would be a Halloween surprise…like when you get home from trick-or-treating…and finding out what kind of candies you got! Pumpkin Bread!

  30. Boysenberry is gorgeous! I’m hoping to make the Dexter slides (tute is on Instructables) because I’m already missing my favourite show!

  31. I am loving the green mixer. I would like to make sugar cookies ….cut out pumpkins

  32. The tangerine would be a blessing!

  33. I’m in love with the boysenberry one! I’d love to try my hand at Halloween-themed cake pops. x

  34. Can’t go wrong with black! Your cute Halloween cake pops inspired me to bake a ton of treats for my family this year! I’m making them put on their holiday pants on early!

  35. I like the white mixer! I would make pumpkin cupcakes with a lovely maple buttercream frosting!

  36. I love that classic white mixer. Don’t think I’ll be making anything this year (too many midterms!), but I will be stopping by my local apple orchard for apple cider donuts. :)

  37. I would go the tangerine, I love how bright it is :) First thing I would make is a loaf of my rainbow bread. The kneading process would be soo much quicker!

  38. Would love the tangerine mixer goes well with my black and white kitchen

  39. Boysenberry sounds and looks amazing!
    Looking forward to making autumn goods like apple and pumpkin pie! mmmm…

  40. i love the tangerine. for halloween i planned to make cupcakes with pumpkin.
    I’m from Europe (Rumania) and i hope am eligible for this giveaway.

  41. I would love to get the orange or boysenberry mixer!
    I think i’ll try the matche bundt this halloween :-)

  42. love the canopy green:)

  43. boysenberry all the way!

  44. It’s a heartbreaking decision, but I just can’t say no to that tangerine! Got to say, that canopy green also appeals to me. For Halloween I’m planning a small topsy-turvy cake, since I’ve never made one before.

  45. Onxy black and the best pumpkin cheesecake!

  46. Luv the Boysenberry so girly n purple!!! Making spooky ghost cake pops

  47. Pumpkin muffins maybe . . . or snickerdoodles!
    I can’t decide between the Boysenberry and Contour Silver. Or maybe Grey . . . love them all!

  48. oh… I’d love the contour silver one.. and what would I not make in it… cookies, cakes and pies oh my!!!

  49. That Tangerine Mixer is retro fabulous! For Halloween Definitely making Bat Brownies and Pumpkin Pops!

  50. The first think I would make with the Onyx Black KA mixer is pumpkin bread!

  51. I’m looking forward to making pumpkin blondies this Halloween! I love the Metallic Chrome!

  52. I love the Contour Silver! I try to bake something for kids and adults that won’t add to the candy overload, so it’s usually Caramel Apple Cupcakes or Apple Cider Glazed Doughnut Muffins. :)

  53. Can I also participate, if I’m from Europe ? :) if yes, I’d choose the orange mixer ! And I’m going to make a prinzregententorte, a thin layered cake with chocolate ganache filling, for Halloween, because it’s the birthday of one of my best friends and this will be her birthday cake :)

  54. That “contour silver” one looks like it wants to be in my kitchen :-)

  55. I love Boysenberry or Canopy Green. I haven’t decided what I’m going to make for Halloween yet. I hate pumpkin flavor, so it definitely won’t be that. Maybe something with salted caramel..yum

  56. I would love to make chocolate-chocolate cookies in my new Canopy Green mixer!

  57. I would the tangerine mixer as it will go well with my black and white kitchen. I’ll be making cupcakes with witches hats and feet sticking out

  58. Love the Boysenberry so girly n purple!!!! I’m hoping to make some spooky cake pops maybe Lil ghosts

  59. Tangerine!!! What a fantastic color. I’d be making fun sugar cookies all decorated for Halloween.

  60. I would love canopy green and I’ll be making pumpkin chocolate chip bars.

  61. I like the grey one! I think I’d like to make pumpkin muffins – not exactly spooky, but very tasty!

  62. I’m just making halloween shaped cookies, with bats, coffins and skeletons ~ <3
    I'd like the Boysenberry mixer, it's really pretty :)

  63. Tangerine would light up my small and dark kitchen :)
    I love baking and cooking and this would be just a perfict little helper!

  64. The boysenberry one is very cute!

  65. I love the boysenberry! I’d make some Pumpkin Treat!

  66. To be honest with you i would be happy just to win lol dont mind about the colour but i probably would be boring and go silver but yes the boysenberry one is lovely :)

    Lots of cookies and cakes :)

  67. I love the black onyx. I’ll make my halloween sugar cookies.
    Thank you for the giveaway Angie:)

  68. I love the wwhite one. Making ghooy chocolate cinnamon buns!!

  69. I would love the boysenberry!! I have my sisters wedding cake to make so this would come in handy for that xxx

  70. Boysenberry would work amazing as I go Dr. Frankenstein on some Killer Cupcakes!
    on a side note, I used to think it was “poisonberry” and never understood why anyone would eat them!

  71. I love the Boysenberry one next cuz purple is one of my favorite colors!!! I’m hoping make some spooky cake pops maybe ghosts!

  72. I Love the boysenberry one! So pretty :)

  73. I’d love the Tangerine one!! I’d mix up some yummy pumpkin muffins:-)

  74. i love Tangerine. Its sooooo awesome!

  75. The onyx black mixer is dark like dark chocolate for chocolate chip cookies <3 perfect! I love it :)

  76. boysenberry :) I’d love to make pumpkin bread with it! and brownies.

  77. Onyx black one please

  78. Contour Silver (but for Halloween for sure Tangerine.) :) I just made caramel apples today!!! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  79. The onyx black mixer is dark like dark chocolate for chocolate chip cookies <3 perfect! I love it :)

  80. I’d love the Tangerine one!! I’d mix up some yummy pumpkin muffins:-)

  81. I’d love the white one…making ghooy chocolate cinnamon buns =)

  82. I would love the boysenberry!

  83. I would have to say the boysenberry is the prettiest!

  84. Oh i would love to get the orange mixer or the boysenberry!
    I think i’ll try the matcha bundt (bakerella recipe) this halloween :-) yummy

  85. I’ve been cooking for over 30 years and a Kitchen aid mixer has always been a dream of mine! My mixer now is dollar general hand mixer! The boysenberry is gorgeous! I’d make cupcakes for the residents at my job at the nursing home/hospital where I work! They love homemade treats and I love baking for them!

  86. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win the metallic chrome mixer to make cookies and cake pops for Halloween!

  87. I’d love the boysenberry colored one!!

  88. They are all awesome!!

  89. Making Halloween cake balls, of course! Love the bosenberry mixer!

  90. tangerine……… kitchen / family area is orange………this would fit perfectly

  91. Id love the boysenberry mixer to make pumpkin muffins and pumpkin bars.

  92. Onyx black

  93. I would love the Tangerine one! I’m going to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

  94. Contour Silver! I hope to make little ghost pops for my daughter’s school this Halloween :)

  95. I would love the grey mixer to make some pumpkin cupcakes! :)

  96. I would like the contour silver! I love making Halloween bark and pumpkin cupcakes with a salted caramel frosting! :)

  97. contour silver would look amazing in my future white/silver/grey kitchen :)

  98. OMG I’d go with the contour silver!!! And make a ton of desserts!!!! :D

  99. Grey!! :)

  100. I love the contour silver!

  101. As much as I love the tangerine, I think I’d go with classic white

  102. Making Halloween cake balls, of course! Love the boysenberry mixer!

  103. The silver is awesome and it would make a great birthday present for me. :) I would make monster cookies for Halloween!

  104. Boysenberry! It’s gorgeous. I’m in love with it. And it would be fabulous for whipping up some pumpkin spice cupcakes!

  105. I love the boysenberry one, but tangerine is a close second! I’ll be baking up some cookies for my son’s halloween party… just have to decide what kind to make!

  106. Contour silver, and macaroons!!

  107. I absolutely love the Boysenberry color! The kids and I are hosting a carnival Halloween party this year so I will be baking up a storm!! From creepy eyeball cupcakes to spooky crawly Spider brownies and black cat cake balls, we will have our hands nice and chocolaty!! We can’t wait! ;))

  108. Boysenberry! And I want to make some delicious pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Or apple crisp. Or both. Wait, no, both.

  109. I just got a new house and the appliances are white so white! :) I am making what I call secret kisses. It’s when you have a hershey kiss wrapped up in the middle of sugar cookie dough with chopped pecans in the dough. Then you dust any kind of decoration you want. I’m doing dark chocolate powder with orange sprinkles and bat sprinkles. :)

  110. I love the green! This Halloween I’m making one of your recipes – cowgirl cookies in mason jars. I did a test batch tonight with Halloween colored m&m’s. They’re not only super cute but absolutely delicious!

  111. White :) Im from Poland and the greatest trick on the Halloween day is always a wather. Very often at this time we have White Christmas instead Orange Festival :)

  112. I’d like the Contour Silver one for pumpkin cheesecake!

  113. hi bakerella,

    I love the color of boysenberry because it has a unique color, I love to do some choco truffles with holloween and fancy fun designs, and I love to make some super dark chocolate mousse without baking, and I need kitchen aid mixer to be much comfortable for mixing and efficient and save time to preparing for recipe/menu this coming holloween party….

  114. They are all so amazing! Especially the boysenberry mixer!

  115. I just want to thank you for this opportunity its awesome! Well since i dont celebrate Halloween, but by winning one of these it would sure speed up my time at making cakepops! Love the contour silver ;) Carmen Azanza

  116. That Contour Silver would be awesome! It would be pretty handy since we dont have any stand mixer. Will let the old hand mixer rest :)

  117. I’ve always wanted a Kitchen Aide! Love the boysenberry & the white!

  118. I love the black mixer… To make treats… Treats n more treats… I love to bake ?? Cupcake

  119. Boysenberry

  120. I really like the Grey! And I will be making Pumpkin Fudge this month for a Halloween treat!!!

  121. Contour silver or tangerine! We are going to make pumpkin cake pops for Halloween.

  122. I love the silver. I have always wanted a KitchenAid mixer and it would be an awesome birthday gift! I would I would love to make some monster cookies for Halloween!

  123. I’d love the contour silver

  124. The tangerine is just amazing and would be an amazing addition to any kitchen. Just think of all the amazing treats you can whip up with it!

  125. The boysenberry mixer is so pretty!!

  126. Tangerine! I love orange, and it fits the season.

  127. Boysenberry, love it! Would be such a treat for Halloween :)

  128. Boysenberry

  129. I would definitely love the orange one!!!!! :D and i might make zombie cookies or pumpkin cake pops!!!

  130. I absolutely love the Boysenberry color! The kids and I are hosting a carnival Halloween party this year so I will be baking up a storm!! From creepy eyeball cupcakes to spooky crawly Spider brownies and black cat cake balls, we will have our hands nice and chocolaty!! We can’t wait! ;))

  131. Love all of your treats! You are sooo talented! I love making sugar cookies and decorating them with my grandchildren! Boysenberry would be my choice! It is gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity! :*)

  132. Would love Boysenberry
    would help my daughter make cookies and cupcakes

  133. Onyx Black!!! This would be such an amazing gift for my favorite time of the year! I’d break it in with some ghost meringue cookies & hi hat witch cupcakes & jack skellington cake pops & pretty much everything halloween themed!!!!

  134. I’d love to win the Canopy Green for my brother! I love making pumpkin brownies every fall!

  135. I like Boysenberry the most!

  136. I would love to make my yummy Salted Caramel Swirl cupcakes with White ganache …
    I love the Boysenberry!!!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win

  137. These colors are amazing… Being a little conservative, and thinking about cleaning, I would love to have the grey one. I plan to make pumpkin muffins with cute paper cups. Thanks to sponsor this giveaway: you are the best!

  138. Boysenberry just sounds delish! I would sooo love to make some pumpkin spice cakepops!

  139. Love love onyx black

  140. I love the grey! Definitely would be nice to mix my frankenstine cupcakes in a new kitchen aid!! Thank you!!

  141. The Contour SIlver is my pick of Colour….and can’t wait to make cat and pumpkin shaped cookies for Halloween!

  142. I would love the tangerine one so I could make my Booberry Cupcakes this halloween season.

  143. I would love to have the tangerine mixer to try some new pumpkin recipes I’ve found.

  144. Mmmm… Pumpkin pie is my next baking project :)
    … Using the orange mixer could be great… Or the silver one.. Amazing!!!

  145. I’ve always wanted a white one. If I won I would give my mom my trusty blue one so we could both be baking together even though we live miles apart :)

  146. Contour Silver looks awesome! Thanks so much for the chance to win! :)

  147. love the green and i am making tons of yummy halloween cupcakes

  148. I like the silver one. I don’t have anything special planned for Halloween right now, but I did make pumpkin cinnamon rolls today.

  149. I am in LOVE with the grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  150. I would love the Boysenberry, and would love to be able to make macarons with it.

  151. The Boysenberry looks stunning!
    I think I’m gonna make pumpkin spice cookies this Halloween! :)

  152. Boysenberry mixer. Going to make Kool-aid popcorn balls and Halloween cupcakes.

  153. Boysenberry!

  154. Contour silver seems to scream me!

  155. I like the Canopy Green color! It would look nice in our kitchen and it will be perfect for trying whipped ganache :D

  156. I would get either contour silver or metallic chrome. As for what I would make…..anything pumpkin! Pumpkin bread, cookies, cake!

  157. Oh, that Boysenberry color looks DIVINE!!!

  158. I’d love the Tangerine one. I’m making something very special. My baby boy Hunter was born on Oct. 30 of last year. So for his 1 year birthday (aka Hunterween), we’re having a Disney-Pixar’s Up! inspired party. His cake will be a decorated pumpkin and chocolate chip cake in the shape of the house with chocolate cream cake pop “balloons” for the adults to enjoy. I absolutely love your products and cute designs. They definitely played a big role in my idea for this party. Happy baking!

  159. That boysenberry mixer is GORGEOUS! All the things I can make with it!

  160. I saw a brain cake pop on youtube and I was thinking I should make it as a treat for my cousins and friends on halloween, it would be awesomely creepy and nasty to eat a brain but so cute and fun to try.. And of course a BOYSENBERRY KitchenAid mixer would be lovely..

  161. I like the orange a lot! It’s a good color for Halloween. And this Halloween my girlfriend is making me help her in the kitchen. We’re making Halloween bark – from the pioneer woman. Hopefully this time I remember to use an oven mitt when I pull something out of the oven. I’m not worried about the burn as much as I worry about my gf’s reaction if I do it a second time.
    Happy Halloween – Wish me luck!

  162. Boysenberry!! Oh I love it!!
    I want to make some pumpkin spice ANYTHING!! ! :)

  163. Love the grey!!

  164. Contour silver, I think. Tough choice!

  165. love the green and i am making tons of yummy halloween cupcakes

  166. Pumpkin brownies with homegrown pumpkin! The silver one looks amazing!

  167. I love the Boysenberry! We’ll be moving right before Halloween, so I don’t have any baking planned, but the mixer would look great in my new kitchen. :)

  168. Tangerine, of course. I’m making a bleeding heart cake for our Halloween party. It’s tradition. :) Thanks so much for this giveaway! Love your blog.

  169. TANGERINE!!!

    This fall I’ll be baking up some of the treats that you shared a few years ago. Mini pumpkin bites (I do them every year now and they are a hit!) and halloween cake pops!!

  170. Green! Would go great in my kitchen and I could retire my hand mixer for sure!

  171. I would love the contour silver. My poor stand mixer is riding a bit rough these days! I make a LOT of cookie dough, pizza dough, and love to make breads as well. I NEED POWER TOOLS!!!

  172. Love the Boysenberry! Will be baking cinnamon rolls!

  173. I would love to win the boysenberry mixer. Kool-aid popcorn balls are my favorite treats to make for Halloween.

  174. I would so so love to win the White Mixer! Oh how it would be worshipped in my kitchen! I would make some orange swiss meringue butter cream if I was so lucky to win one, which would top some dark chocolate cupcakes.

  175. I really like the Contour Silver color. I don’t make treats specifically for Halloween, but I’m planning on making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this week.

  176. the onyx black one is very cool. Im going to make rice krispie treats and make them Halloween themed

  177. I’d love to win a boysenberry mixer!

  178. I love the boysenberry so close to purple one of my favorite colors!!! I’m hoping to make some spooky cake pops maybe ghosts also something easy for kids to help like monster mouths with apple slices n peanut butter!

  179. Love love the onyx black

  180. The contour silver is gorgeous!

  181. Would love to own a Contour Siver Kitchenaid mixer, so I can finally try my hand in making red velvet cake.

  182. I absolutely love the Boysenberry color!! It would match perfectly in my kitchen! The kids and I ate hosting a carnival Halloween party this year so lots of goodies are going to be made from spooky eyeball cupcakes to creepy crawly Spider brownies and black cat cake balls! ! We can’t wait! :))

  183. Contour Silver! I would make all of my cookie treats.

  184. I absolutely love the boysenberry mixer! I would make chocolate chip toffee cookies. Yum!!!

  185. Tangerine, and thank you for the chance to win! And, I’m making some of our favorite pumpkin bread! :)(, if you’re interested!)

  186. Tangerine or black! My girls love making cookies for any holiday!

  187. I’d love tangerine!!! I plan to create candy corn cake pops! I love candy corn!

  188. I would like to win the boysenberry color and this Halloween I actually want something savory like pumpkin soup topped with goat cheese!

  189. The grey is beyond amazing!! I can’t wait to resurrect my cake pop graveyard! It was a hit at lasts years Halloween party!!

  190. Onyx Black for me….have to make some sugar cookies! I’ve seen so many creative ideas on pinterest : )

  191. I would LOVE the Onyx Black or the white one. I would bake, bake and bake cupcakes, cookies and Zucchini Breads.
    thank you

  192. Oh i really want to win this, but i dont stand a chance because im from Holland :( but otherwise i like the grey one..

  193. The love the tangerine one. It reminds me of pumpkin and all the goodies you can make with it and pumpkins….pumpkin pies, pumpkin cheesecakes, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin brownies,etc.

  194. The grey one would be so awesome to have in my kitchen!! I’m making some fun Halloween cupcakes AND probably peanut butter eyeballs. :)

  195. I love the canopy green!!

  196. I love the tangerine. Black is always classic too. My girls love making cookies with me for any holiday.

  197. love bakerella its awesome how you do your creations,and teaching everyone. I thank you for this opportunity. my favorite color is green

  198. Hi, i making brownies and cakepops for halloween and i like the contour silver color!

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