Characters in Cake


Cake balls…


Candy melts…


and candy color …

These are key participants in the cake pops I’m about to show you.

Any guesses?


I made them weeks ago for some new friends to put on their website and I’ve been dying to share them with you since, because so many of you have asked how to decorate these little guys. Now that I have the go ahead, I’m so excited.


Ok. Here goes.

Hope you like em.


Mickey Mouse.


and Minnie, too. Mini Minnies.


Silhouette Mickey & Minnie Cake Pops … made by attaching cut candy melts for their iconic ears. Minnie is made by adding a simple bow.


It’s amazing what a couple of candies can do.

But, it’s even crazier what candies and some sprinkles can do.


Hey Mickey you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you … Wait. Wrong Mickey.

Now, I’m not gonna kid you. Making them with faces was more challenging. And without a mold for the shapes, these characters are going to each have a little character of their own.

That’s ok. Character = cute. Handmade = love.


And bows = crazytown cute.



Have fun and make someone smile.


The full instructions are available through the links below thanks to Disney. And I’m pretty sure you’ll find a lot of other fun stuff on their site, too.

Mickey Mouse Cake Pops
Minnie Mouse Cake Pops
Mickey Mouse Silhouette Cake Pops
Minnie Mouse Silhouette Cake Pops

And just out of curiosity. Do you have a character you’d like to see in cake pop form? Hello Kitty, Sesame Street and Frosty the Snowman aside.

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534 comments on “Characters in Cake”

  1. Hi

    Was wondering if you had a little tutorial on how to make the Minnie mouse cake pops with the faces. I used the links on the website but cannot find anything there. I am fine with making the Silhouette however the ones with faces are so much cuter.
    Would really appreciate any assistance as my niece is having a Minnie mouse party in 3 weeks time. Keep up he great work, I love it.


  2. You are amazing! I’m planning my daughters first birthday I’m a first time mom and am doing this alone and want it to be amazing any way you can show or post instructions on how to make dumbo cake pops

  3. Hello I live in Kissimmee Florida do you make these to sell?

  4. Hi, I love this cake pop. The instructions how to do them is not working though =(. I would love to make this for someone.

  5. Hello..just wondering…i’m trying to make these but i’m having trouble finding something to make minnie’s bow. So i was wondering, what did you use and where did you buy them? thank you so much.

  6. I am a huge Disney fan, so these are perfect! I would love to see Harry Potter cake pops, as well as Calvin and Hobbes(I looove Calvin and Hobbes)!

    I’m racking my brain trying to determine the best way to make them…rolled fondant for the face features, hand paint with candy melts, I need ideas!!
    Please help!!

  8. They are adorable. Another great idea and so wonderfully done. You put such wonderful details in your cake pops.

  9. Hello, I like to know can ya’ll do a special order of mickey and minnie cake pops and deliveries. Please email me back. Thanks Cheryl

  10. 1. When you talk about piping the color for the face on can you describe this a little more plainly (for someone who doesn’t know all the baking technical terms). I am attempting to make these and I am trying to get them right.

    2. Use an actual sunflower seed (shell and all for the nose??


  11. Blue’s Clues Cake Pops! Hippo Cake Pops! Trying to find good ones for my almost 3 year old and almost 1 year old and no luck!!! =(

  12. wow! i LOVE cakepops, i always try and make them.. i wish i was as talented as you! :) -bakerella fan!!

  13. Are there restrictions on creating Disney designs on pops?

  14. lol love it goin to try it one day

  15. I was wondering how I can order minnie mouse cake pops

  16. berenstein bears

  17. These are sooooo dang cute how did you make the faces??

  18. Amazing ;3

  19. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! i want 2 learn how 2 do that it looks like fun.

  20. Where did you get the red drop sprinkles at I cant find them anywhere!!! I only find pastel colors! And how did you get the sunflower seeds black did you dip these as well??

    Thank you

  21. Wow! Capolavori per gli occhi ed il palato…una meraviglia!!!

  22. I love the minnie mouse cake pops for my daughters 2nd bday next month. However, I dont have the time to make them. Do you know somewhere i can order and have them shipped.
    Thank You

  23. how did you make the face?? please tell us.. hehe

  24. I adore your artistic abilities. I love to create and craft myself, so your cake pops are idolistic. :) I’m also a total Harry Potter fan. I wanted to make some from my friend’s birthday. Do you have any tips? I love, love, love your cake pops by the way. ~8)

  25. Where did u get ur supplies for these cake pops?

  26. I know this is an old post but how about some ghost busters for old time sake?

  27. My chocolate ears melt when I dip the pop in the melted chocolate!! Any suggestions??

  28. Do you have any Dora cake pops?

  29. I was asked to make some Dora cake pops for a little girls birthday. But I have no idea as how to make it to look like Dora. I am just starting to make the cake pops and my future client would like for me to make these for her. Can you please help?

    Thank you

  30. I have been getting some fancy nancy requests. Any ideas?

  31. Would LOVEEE to see spongebob!

  32. Oh my goodness, Bakerella you are amazing, so very creative!!! I would love to see a Bullwinkle the moose cake pop!!!

  33. I would love to see/try Calvin and Hobbes as well. I’ve always loved them (got all the books) and now my 11yo son reads them too :D

  34. its so cute

  35. can you do sponge bob pops?

  36. I discovered cake pops recently and have fallen in love with them……they are just so cute. I plan to make cake pops with cake mix, store bought frosting and candy melts. How long can I keep them at room temperature ? If I make them for a BBQ party will they melt in the hot sun ?

  37. Ni hao kai lan

  38. These are too cute!


  40. Wow!!! I love all your cake pops….I have all the ingredients to make my own but i just need to find the courage to do it! I would love to see a spongebob cake pop!!!

  41. Amazing! Nothing I do in the kitchen is ever that pristine or gorgeous… but I’m all over your “homemade = love”. If my kids recongnize it and think its cool, I consider it a success.

    I’m trying my hand at cakeballs for the first time this weekend. They will (hopefully) be little Yoda heads for my son’s class to celebrate his birthday. We’ll see how it goes!

  42. These are too cute! I love Disney and Bakerella!!!<3

  43. This is amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m doing a strawberry shortcake theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday.

    Any ideas?

  44. I would love to see some Yo Gabba Gabba cake pops!! I’m thinking of making some for my little brother’s birthday. He especially loves ‘the little green one’ Brobee

  45. Hi! I’d like to start by saying I love your website!
    My nephew has requested for a Super Mario Bros theme for his 5th birthday. Do you have any suggestion on how to make any of the characters?
    Thank you,

  46. Where do u buy the red candy hearts?

  47. I would love to see some Bambi (and friends) or Little Einsteins cake pops. My 2 1/2 year old little girl loves both of these Disney “shows” and I think they’d lend pretty well to cake pops.

    Thank you for the great tutorials. I know I have just found what to make/serve at her 3rd birthday party!

  48. Does anyone know a website or the recipe for the Pirate pops????

  49. I would personally like to see more disney characters in cake pop form! They are wonderful

  50. These are sooo incredible. I saw these n hd to try them out. I’ve done the cupcake ones, Valentine hearts, hello kittys, elmos and plain round ones. O gave these a shot with the candy melt ears and when I dipped them in the melted candy the ears melted right off! Any suggestions?? I may have to try the mini oreos. I’m making these for a birthday party this weekend!

  51. Hi these are trult insane. I am a cupcake finnatic and i was in target with my mom and saw this book (on sale) and couldn’t stop reading it. Me And my best friend are making the apple pops today! :0 CAN’T WAIT!!!! Maybe you could try SMURFS next?! omg sooooooo cute!!!

  52. omg… sososososososososososososososo quite

  53. Oh, and Lynsey, I’m making Timmy ones this weekend! :D

  54. I made Shrek Pops! Very fiddly, but I got there in the end. Love your Disney ones though – gorgeous!

  55. I too would like to see Dora, but also Special Agent Oso, Thomas the Tank engine, Bob the Builder, most of Disney and I don’t know if it’s on outside the UK but Waybuloo and Timmy Time – here’s hoping x x x

  56. I’d love to see Spongebob Squarepants as a cake pop. He’s so cute and funny! :-)

  57. i am making mickey mouse for my triplets pre-k party for school great idea!

  58. Haha! I love your sense of humor! And most of all, your creativity! Oh my gosh, these are just unbelievably amazing! =)

  59. Oh. My. God. I love baking. I love Mickey Mouse. YOU ARE AWESOME FOR MAKING THESE!!!!! My heart skipped a beat when I saw these! You have NO idea how much I love these. I went to the store to buy some supplies to make some sprinkle ones but now I have WAY better ways to decorate!

  60. So cute.
    I like them

  61. You are so creative and all your pops are amazing! I just heard about your book and bought it right away. I would like to see Garfield – not sure if Hello Kitty can be customized to that though I am going to try. I would like to see some medical stuff. I am going to nursing school and trying to figure out something cool to make at the end of each semester for my classmates – Needles, bandaids, penlights…..hmmmmm?

  62. SO I started of searching on the web for ideas for Mickey & Minnie birthday themed thingies for my soon to be 2 year old twins. When I stumbled upon your cupcake pops & got excited but sad at the same time. Excited b/c they are adorable and look fun to make with my kiddos (I have 5 going on 6 children). Sad b/c I thought the cupcake pops were better suited for my little girls b-day, BUT – that’s not until next March & it’s only October. Click click click, scroll scroll scroll….and VIOLA! I found Mickey & Minnie Mouse pops!! Holy Canoli!! They’re Super Cute!! And Perfect!!! Now….I just have to figure out HOW to make them look as good as you did! Wish me luck!!!

  63. Would love to see a Chicken Little Cake pop made by Bakerella.

  64. I would love to see a daisy duck if possible, I have twin nieces who will be two in november and one is in love with minnie and the other daisy so I wanted to be able to do both in cake pops!!! thanks a bunch

  65. I think that you h ave to be the most creative person in the world! I absolutely love all of your cake pops. My all time favorite ones are the character pops. I have to say it would be nice to see Dora the Explorer cake pops!!!! Being that I have a two year old daughter who is obsessed with Dora and all her little friends!

  66. I would love to see sponge bob and all of them thanks jennifer

  67. I love all your cake pops, and you’re so creative so, I’m wondering if you will help me with a problem. I’m having a party, and I really want to make cake pops. The party is Lord of the Rings themed. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Lord of the Rings, but if you are, what cake pop do you think I should make? Thanks

  68. i love these, they are so cute!!!!!! I was wondering if you had tried making spongebob cake pops/

  69. Hi, my sons birthday i in two months and he will b 2…i want to make this a very enjoyable day for him, i know that he loves yo gabba gabba and i was wondering ,do you make character cakes and how much do your prices run from. If you could please contact me ASAP that would be great….

    thank you……..nakeya

  70. I absolutely love these! My niece’s 2nd birthday is coming up in two weeks and the theme is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. These cupcake pops are perfect! Thank you so much!

  71. I love your Mickey & Minnies’s my daughter just fell in love with them so for her birthday I made them and put the heads ontop of cupcakes. She loved it. Thanks

  72. Mary Poppins!!! <3

  73. These are really neat.I would like to see star wars the clone wars on here!

  74. These are amazing. Lawyer Loves Lunch’s link sent me to you after she made these for a party. Since you ask….my daughter is hooked on the Pink Panther. :)

  75. I would like you to make Spongebob Squarepants characters and also the face of a baby…Thanks you are the best! Cant wait to have your book in my hands…

  76. I can’t seem to figure out what exactly is the nose made of..? apparently a sunflower seed, but i can’t find any like that!! help bakerella!

  77. I am ordering everything required to makes these now, I couldn’t resist NOT making these. I love them, and i love you

  78. My daughter is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba, Wiggles (Dorothy Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Captain Feathersword), all of the Disney princesses, Pluto, Goofy, and especially Dumbo! The Dumbo DVD is coming out in July. Yay!

  79. My kids’ school celebrates Dr. Seuss day every year and I think it would be wonderful to make pops for Dr. Seuss! I was thinking Dr. Seuss’ hat but anything you could come up with would be fantastic!!! I absolutely love all the pops you have done. I’ve just started on my adventure of making them, but I’m so excited to be doing so!

  80. I tried to make this Mickey Cake pops for my nephew this week, didn’t have much luck the chocolate was too lumsy (wilton candy melts) the ear started to Melt :( and at the end they stared to break :(:(:(… ( i did place then in the freezer before coating the chocolate) help plssssss

  81. I know it’s a *really* late comment, but I just had to put in a vote for a totoro cake pop as well. Or a cheshire cat would be good, too!

  82. I would love to see Dora the Explorer. My daughter has a birthday coming up, and absolutely loves Dora!!! Your site is amazing!!

  83. How is it that they are so cute and delicious at the same time?!?! I love them. They are just to cute. A little hard to make but who cares. It’s definately worth it!!

  84. It would be really neat to see what you could do with a Wizard of Oz theme. I am thinking of having that as the theme for my daughters birthday next year and that would be great!

  85. PLEASE do Yo Gabba Gabba!!! I want to have a Gabba party for my son’s 1st birthday and would love to make them…it is on June 5th though…kinda short notice! I would be soooo grateful for some help here!! Thank you! Your work is amazing!!!!!!!!!

  86. These are Fantastic! so amazing, thank you x

  87. I am so excited to see you make these- I found these on another website months ago and I am making them for my daughter’s 2nd bday in a few weeks- thank you for the better tutorial!

  88. The pudding is “wicked” delicious! We made it tonight and my kids loved it. Thanks for your ingenious website! It’s now my go-to for the latest and greatest desserts and goodies. Thanks Bakerella!

  89. Kai Lan please!

  90. i squealed when i saw this. my #1 obsession is disney, followed by baking at #2. this is amazing and i can’t wait to try them out! *squeal*

  91. Hi,
    I’m having some issues with the coating cracking. Can anyone help?

    I’m using Wilton melting wafters and adding Crisco to thin it but, many seem so crack once hard. Ideas? Suggestions?

  92. These are amazing! Any tips on how to do a Dora? I am not sure what the best way would be to get the hair right….

  93. Veggietale’s – Bob, Larry and the gang.
    (What kid can resist a talking tomato and cucumber!)
    Check them out at

  94. Toy Story or Finding Nemo!

  95. Jimmy Nuetron and the gang!

  96. Have you done any with a princess / queen theme? Looking for an idea for making ones with a tiara on top or something…

  97. Those are adorable! That would be so awesome to see some Family Guy or Simpsons pops. Or… you know what else would be cool? I play a lot of video games, World of Warcraft mostly, But I’ve always wanted to bake something that looks like the Horde/Alliance crests. That might be kinda hard to do in cake balls though…

  98. Just in time for my son’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday party!!!! Thank you Bakerella!!

  99. I would love to see Curious George in a cake pop!!!

  100. have i told you lately that i love you? i have been looking everywhere for a how to on these for my best friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday next weekend. and as always, you have solved my problems. LOVE!

  101. I would love to see some nurses in little white hats to make and give to my coworkers for nurses week the first week of May! These are absolutely the cutest ever!

  102. Hi, I just love all these cake pops. Can anyone tell me if the cake pops can be frozen. I need to make 400 for a wedding and it will be real time squeeze if not. Thank you.

  103. Ah………………..I just saw the Mickey cakepops!!!!!! You know what’? In January, it was my son’s 2nd birthday and I read all of Bakerrella’s posts to see what I could do. In the end, I prepared cupcakes, a Mickey Mouse cake and …………… Mickey Mouse chocolatee souvenirs!!!!!!! Just as the ones you did!!! Mine were only chocolate though…and there was no decoration….Here’s a link to some pics in my facebook page. Hope you’re able to see them!!!!!

  104. Since Toy Story 3 comes out this summer I think you absolutely need to do those!!!! PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

  105. Absolutely! Spongebob Square Pants. Phineas and Ferb.

  106. These are adorable!! I wish these had been done nine months ago when i was throwing my daughter’s mickey mouse clubhouse second birthday party. I even came on here to see if you had done anything disney. But no luck. You are so creative and freaking talented!
    My daughter now loves Fancy Nancy. Unfortunately, I don’t think that could be made into cake pops. Although, I wouldn’t put it past you to think of something Fancy Nancy related…..tiaras, butterflies, lady bugs, etc.

  107. My kids would die if I could figure out a way to make YO Gabba Gabba character cake pops@

  108. I would LOVE to see Pooh and friends cake pops! My daughter is turning 1 soon and I have been going back and forth with what theme I should have for her party. One of the deciding factors ended up being when I saw your Sesame Street cake pops. So cute!

  109. OH OH OH!!! I KNOW! I need Spongebob cakes/cupcakes/CAKE POPS for the first weekend in June for my grandson.!!

  110. Hi,
    First of all I think you are amazing and soooo creative! Thank you for sharing so much! Is there another link or another way to get the full minnie and mickey directions? The link you posted keeps saying its not avaliable anymore?

  111. I thought that they were genius enough from the back but then you had to go make the front which looks quite frankly, just perfect! :)

  112. WOW! Bakerella you keep out-doing yourself. You are AMAZING!

    A character I’d like to see in Cake Pop form…You should do a self-portrait! My 2nd choice would be the Peanuts gang :)

  113. Hoops and YoYo to go along with one of their funny hallmark cards would be adorable.

  114. I would love to see ANY of the Disney Princesses in a Cakepop!!

  115. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I swear your cakepops just take my breath away!!! I can’t wait for you book!!!

    I was wondering if Royal Icing would work for the face color detail on the Candy Melt coating?

    And one more Q… Which candy melts taste better? Wilton’s or Mercken’s???

  116. O. M. G. I must make these! I think I just overdosed on absolute cuteness.

    ***dies from the cuteness****

    You are my baking hero!

  117. THose are the cutest things ever! I Love them!! I wish my cake pops turned out that cute :)

  118. I would love butterfly cake pops

  119. I absolutely loved these. I wish I had the talent you do. You amaze me.

    I think it would be cool to see the Toy Story characters. Only because my son is super obsessed with Toy Story.

  120. You know…i would love to see Marvin the Martian, or Batman. But the person who suggested Calvin & Hobbes has the best idea! I would LOVE Calvin & Hobbes pops.

  121. Could you pretty please do Peanuts characters? The 60th Anniversary of Peanuts is this summer and I want to have a party – and I’d love to make cake pops with their faces!

  122. Oooh! Love the Micky and Minnie cake pops.
    How about Star Wars ones? Yoda, Death Star, Boba Fett’s helmet. This year’s the 30th Anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back. Hmmm. lightsabers? Would be cool for a party. (Yes, we are Star WSrs geeks.)

  123. Seriously…my kids would die to get a hold of these!!! I can’t believe I never thought to attach altered candy discs to a cake pop…such a great idea!!! Did you dip the cake pop first then attach the ears…or ears first then dip all together??? Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  124. I used the Peanut Butter Cup Cake recipe you posted for my birthday cake this weekend. YUM! The only thing is that in the first part of the directions it says to coat pans with nonstick spray and line with wax paper and coat paper. I wasn’t sure about the wax paper but I did it anyway. Well, I put the wax paper in the pans with the cake mix over it and put it in the oven…..wax paper smokes/smolders when it is heated at 325 degrees. I was able to take them out and just use the pans with nonstick spray and it turned out fine.


  125. My boys are star wars crazy. I think Yoda would be a ltitle tough – but how about R2-D2? OR, something from Dr Seuss (I tried to think how I could do that for the 1st grade class party on Dr Seuss’s birthday but I’m not talented like you.)

  126. These are amazing! I would live to see robots!

  127. You have are seriously gifted with an amazing amount of talent and patience! Congrats on the Disney pops.

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