Give It Up for these Giveaways!

#1 Back-To-School Giveaway
Time’s up! The winner* of the Nickelodeon Back-to-School Giveaway [1] is comment #42 – Rachelle. Thanks for giving back Rachelle. Now you get that cool back-to-school prize pack from Nickelodeon. Congratulations and a big giant thanks to everyone who gave suggestions and helped kids in need.

#2 Iron Cupcake
The voting is now OPEN! Closed! And, guess what? I won! I won! Yay! Thanks to everyone who voted for my cupcake. And thanks to everyone who just voted. It was fun seeing what people like.

Get on over to [2] and vote for your favorite chili pepper cupcake. The winner goes home with gobs of great prizes like the coveted Cupcake Courier. *oooooo… ahhhhh* So, what are you still doing here? Go. Vote. (BTW – Mine was the Fire & Ice Cupcake – just in case you wanted to know for any special reason.)

#3 Cupcake Pop Recipe Cards
Still here? Then, check out these super cute letterpress cards that were sent to me from the uber-talented Adrienne at Dingbat Press [3]. She totally made my day with these cupcake pop cards. And, guess what. She’s also giving some away on her blog. Enter to win [4] by September 12th.

Cupcake Pop Recipe Cards [5]

Cupcake Pop Recipe Cards [6]

* The Nickelodeon winner was chosen at random using the integer generator from


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