Give It Up for these Giveaways!

#1 Back-To-School Giveaway
Time’s up! The winner* of the Nickelodeon Back-to-School Giveaway is comment #42 – Rachelle. Thanks for giving back Rachelle. Now you get that cool back-to-school prize pack from Nickelodeon. Congratulations and a big giant thanks to everyone who gave suggestions and helped kids in need.

#2 Iron Cupcake
The voting is now OPEN! Closed! And, guess what? I won! I won! Yay! Thanks to everyone who voted for my cupcake. And thanks to everyone who just voted. It was fun seeing what people like.

Get on over to and vote for your favorite chili pepper cupcake. The winner goes home with gobs of great prizes like the coveted Cupcake Courier. *oooooo… ahhhhh* So, what are you still doing here? Go. Vote. (BTW – Mine was the Fire & Ice Cupcake – just in case you wanted to know for any special reason.)

#3 Cupcake Pop Recipe Cards
Still here? Then, check out these super cute letterpress cards that were sent to me from the uber-talented Adrienne at Dingbat Press. She totally made my day with these cupcake pop cards. And, guess what. She’s also giving some away on her blog. Enter to win by September 12th.

Cupcake Pop Recipe Cards

Cupcake Pop Recipe Cards

* The Nickelodeon winner was chosen at random using the integer generator from