Martha & Me

Being on the Martha Stewart Show was so much fun! After the live taping at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 3, my mom and I hurried back to the hotel so we could watch it. (In New York, it airs at 1:00 p.m.) And since, everything was a big, giant blur, I couldn’t wait to see how it came across on TV. So, we got to the room and I pulled out my digital camera and took a bunch of pics of the show as we watched it on the flat screen – just in case no one back home taped it for me. I’m glad I did, because after New York, my mom and I flew to Dallas for a few days before coming home. So, the pics were all I had to look at until I could get back home to my computer. Anyway, (blah, blah, blah) I thought you might want to see a few pics, so here are some stills of the show and also a few pics my mom took for me.

Here’s Martha, looking fabulous!

I got lucky and met Emeril Lagasse, too!

Bam! He was really nice.


Laughing and playing with “the chocolate”

Yes, she really did say that.

Wow! I still can’t believe that’s me. Thanks Martha!

Here I am, the day before in the fabulous kitchen helping to work on the food swaps. Too bad you can’t see the guy’s face on the right. He was yummy!

Me and some pink candy melts

This Way…

Lots and lots of lights.

Here’s some of the seats for the live audience

To the left is the cooking area and to the right, the crafting area… the set was so cool!

Martha’s entire team was fantastic. My producer was so great and made me feel at ease. And also, the kitchen team… Wow… I wish I could just thank them again.

My mom and I say goodbye!

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  1. that is the grooviest thing ever! i’m so excited for you!!! and i can’t wait to see what your whipping up now that you’re home!

  2. I’m so glad you had a great Martha experience. You were AWESOME on the show & looked fabulous! Kudos to you!

  3. Congratulations again! Looks like you had lots of fun. :-)

  4. What an amazing experience! Congratulations! :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What an honor.

  6. I saw the show and you did fabulous. Very at ease and fun with Martha. I definitely think you should sell your goods too. Good luck with more success.

  7. Saw the show, it was awesome. How exciting !! Congratulations!

  8. You were just as cute as could be! Congratulations again!

  9. what an amazing experience! congrats! looks like it was a lot of fun!

  10. GIRLFRIEND,,,,,,
    I was out of town with my family and we were SURE to be back in the hotel to gather ’round the tv and watch you! You did a FAB-U-LUSS job!
    What an amazing experience for you! Thank you for sharing all the “behind the scenes” stuff. It is fun living vicariously through you. Truly, it is all so well deserved.
    Love to ya!

  11. I saw you and thought you were great. Congrats on everything!

  12. how fun! thanks for sharing! you look really cute too!

  13. So exciting! Thanks for sharing your back stage moments! Congratulations! It was an awesome segment and you looked great!

  14. I wasn’t able to watch the show, but I saw the segment on Martha’s website. You did a great job, and I can’t wait to make your cupcake pops!

  15. I don’t think I would believe standing next to Martha either. Very cool. And you looked so cute. :)

  16. I saw the clips at the Martha site. You look great! And thanks for the great idea on the cake pops. Will be trying that out for my kid’s birthdays.

  17. You were outstanding! wow, wish I be same as u and have the chance to meet famous people.

    Best Wishes

  18. That’s so awesome – thanks for sharing!

  19. Thanks for the “inside scoop” on your appearance! What a wonderful and memorable experience for you and your Mom. I bet she is SOOOOO proud of you :)

  20. how very exciting! congrats. Sounded like fun and oh my gosh – I bet it was amazing to be next to Martha! Thanks for the inside scoop pics, too… those are always interesting too.


  21. wow, that is awesome! so glad it went so well for you! congrats!

  22. Thanks for sharing,and again, great job and congratulation on being on the show!

  23. So I am a big fan of yours. I came upon your page right before your appearance on the Martha show and was so excited to watch you on it! I must tell you I had made the “cake balls” as I have affectionately called them, and your spin on them is so perfect and easy to eat.

    Thanks for including so many on your cupcake/pastry journey! Looking forward to your other ideas too.

    Love, Krissy in Valdosta, GA

  24. You were simply awesome!! My daughter and I have you bookmarked. Your blog is fantastic. Thank you for always explaining stuff so well. What an awesome experience to meet Martha. I love her show!! Diana from Oklahoma

  25. Do you know that you inspired me so much watching that show. I very seldom am home to watch t.v. throught the day and just happened to catch that episode. I have been on a cooking frenzy ever since. I made your oreo truffles and the cake pops, which were a HUGE hit!! Thanks so much for your inspiration and congrats on your success!! Good things are going to happen for you…I see a book..maybe your own show?? You are very creative..all the best!!

  26. Wow. so exciting! Congratulations, appearing on Martha that’s big! It sounds like you had a great time.

  27. Thanks for the awesome pics. I had no idea that you were in GA. So happy you had a great time.

  28. WOW that looked really fun and scary all at the same time! Thanks for sharing set pics, etc– it is fun to see behind-the-scenes. I have not watched the show yet, but I am sure you did great (the pics look like you did!)

  29. Congratulations! I loved your segment on the show. It was really fun to see the behind-the-scenes pictures too.

  30. congratulations on getting to be on the show! i saw the clip! that must be so exciting. well done and looking forward to seeing more of your creations :)

  31. WOW – congrats!!!!

  32. This is SO exciting! :) You’re fabulous. FABULOUS!

  33. I am so glad you had such a fabulous trip. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!!! You looked to cute too :) Glad you’re home, now you can show us how to make more treats!!!

  34. Yea!! Glad you got your moment to shine!!!

  35. Congrats!
    You are a great inspiration to me, I’m making your cake pops right now. :)

  36. Absolutely love the pictures. I did try the vanilla wafers to make the truffles and it just didn’t work out. I think you need the creme filling. Oh Well. I did find famous amos has vanilla creme sandwich cookies so I’m going to try them. I also going to make a batch of the cupcake pops this week. Again you were great and love all your easy, quick recipes. Keep them coming.

  37. Found your blog thanks to Martha’s show. Love the pops and my girlfriend and I had a blast making them! We do need to work on our dipping skills, though! I love your blog! Thanks for being a baking inspiration!

  38. The show was wonderful and I am so happy to have found your blog. What great ideas you have! I made the Red Velvet Cake Balls covered in white chocolate the other day. My husband loves Red Velvet and he thought they were amazing!

  39. Wow what a great experience! Love the photos!

  40. I think it so amazing that you got to experience this! Congratulations!!

  41. Congrats from me too (I wonder when that episode is going to be aired here..) You are very lucky and officially a celebrity :)

  42. That must be one of the greatest moments in your life! Congrats for being in national tv! I watched you!

  43. Hi Bakerella! You don’t even know who I am, but I wanted to tell you I saw you on Martha and you are such a cute person! So bubbly and happy! Thanks for the way cute cupcake pops! What a great idea! Can’t wait to make them!

  44. How exciting for you! I caught the episode and can’t wait to try your recipe. Congratulations and best wishes for more successes!

  45. Great pictures! What an awesome experience. Good for you!! Best!

  46. What an amazing accomplishment!! Congrats, i can’t even image what you felt when you found out they wanted you on the show!

  47. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. I’ll try to catch this episode when it gets shown here, if it hasn’t yet! I haven’t tried your goodies yet but I so would love to. :)

  48. Hey everybody! Thanks so much for the comments and congratulations. It was everything you guys said and then some. I’ll post some more instructions for the pops soon.

    Now, I’m ready to start baking.

  49. YOU LOOKED GREAT!! I tried the oreo truffles and nutter butter truffles and my family, especially my husband who hovered over me waiting for them to be done, THANK YOU! YUMMY! if you have time check out my post about it.

  50. Great job! Thank you for doing what all us home bakers dream of – someone needed to show the world that there is a little cupcake superstar in everyone! Let us all follow your lead!

    Mrs. Cupcake

  51. Im so excited for you!! You did awesome!! And.. is it just me or is Emeril being a little flirty there with ya! ha!!!
    What I would give for a kitchen half as nice as that one.. and a cutie guy in it would be a plus. Martha just has it all doesn’t she! ha!
    Well Done!!
    (supergroveraway on Flickr)

  52. You were great! Congrats! Must have been fabulous to meet Martha.

  53. I missed the live show but just wanted to tell you that you looked fab and I am thrilled for you!

  54. You are so adorable!!
    you were great on the show, congratulations.

  55. Congratulations, Bakerella. I saw you on youtube (the only way to see Martha’s show in Spain)and the show was great!!! Yo looked pretty and so nice… I can’t wait to try your cute mini cupcakes and show spanish people how to make them. Thank your very much for sharing.

  56. congrats! that is awesome. she picked the right girl.

  57. What a great experience! You really did a great job.

  58. Thanks for the big recap! So exciting! You and your mom could be sisters! Such a fun show!

  59. Those pops look absolutely awesome! The next birthday we have at work I’m going to try this out and follow your steps to the letter. Congrats on the great journey to Martha’s show!

  60. This is all so amazing! You inspire me! And I can’t wait to try these…I’ve been meaning to for months!

  61. congrats!!! that is SOO cool!

  62. The Lumsdaine’s – glad they were a hit.

    Mrs. Cupcake – you’re sweet. Hooray for home bakers.said…

    shan – Emeril was sweet. And yes, so was that kitchen!

    Husmusen/Frida – It was pretty incredible.

    Tartelette – thank you so much.

    hotmama03 – Wow, thank you, too.

    morgana – I’m glad you were able to see in Spain. Thanks for the compliments. I hope you make them and send me a pic if you do.

    Tesszilla – thank you.

    Handi Dandi Mandi – It was a great experience. Even though I was a bundle of nerves leading up to it.

    Jane – We get that all the time.

    Azzy – They’ll be a hit.

    Becky – You’re sweet. Thanks.

    joanh – Thanks sooooo much.

  63. Wow, so awesome. I am thrilled that you got to meet Martha. I made your pops again (second weekend in a row) for a dinner with my Parents and they loved them too. You are a hit!

  64. Wow, so awesome. I am thrilled that you got to meet Martha. I made your pops again (second weekend in a row) for a dinner with my Parents and they loved them too. You are a hit!

  65. Wow! Thats so great! Well done, you look gorgeous and in your element. Is there anywhere we can see the clip of the show?

  66. What a wonderful experience! And your treats are so adorable! :) I’m going to try the cupcake pops!!

    Oh and darling, you look mah-velous!

  67. Just wanted to add my congratulations. You looked as though you had a fantastic time, and you looked great too! I don’t think we can get Martha’s show here in the UK, so I’ll find your episode on the web.

  68. Congrats girl! You deserve it! I can’t wait till you get home and get cookin on somethin new!

  69. What a cool experience. Good for you!

  70. This is so fun! I am so glad I got to see all the pics. I made Alan share every detail when you got back! :)

  71. That is soooooooooooooo cool! I saw the show too! You did such a great job! Congrats!

  72. You were TERRIFIC on the show … so poised next to the domestic doyenne herself. Congratulations!

  73. BeachMama – thanks!

    The Baker & The Curry Maker – thanks for the compliments. You can see the video on Just search cupcake pops.

    Rebecca – wow, thanks!

    Jo – thank you. Try Martha

    Sara – I know, it’s been a while.

    Alysia – thank you.

    Carol – Oh, you should have just called me.

    C – thanks soooooooooooooo much!

    DaisyMae Maus – Poised or more like a state of shock.

  74. I made these little cupcake pops last week and they turned out great. What’s next?

  75. dizzee cake – How about pie?

  76. That is so neat that you got to go on the Martha show.. and to meet Emeril too! How cool! I love your desserts.. keep up the good work!

  77. You looked and sounded great!!!! (I taped it and was so proud of you!) Everyone’s going to be making your cake pops now.

  78. Runner Girl DC – thanks. And yes, it was a great suprise to get to meet him too.

    Kat – I know, it’s crazy how many have made them so far.

  79. How exciting! I loved looking at all of your pictures from the show. Glad your cupcakes got recognized, you are so talented!
    Picky Palate

  80. How very exciting. That must have been a thrill. Great photos too. I was called by Martha’s people once and they never called back! Wahhh — what did I say???

  81. Jenny – thanks so much

    Tracy – I was just excited to get the phone call. That would have been enough even if they had not called back. You should be proud.

  82. You were great on Martha Stewart!! I love the Cupcake Pop idea – I’m using it for a baby shower this weekend. Thanks and great job!

  83. Erin – I hope they turn out great.

  84. Well, I have finally made these pops and they are so much fun! I put a picture of them on my blog, if you would like to see.

    Thanks for the great directions!

  85. HOW AWESOME is this!!!!! Your baking skills are divine!

  86. I remember you on there!!! and I thought.. Oh my gosh.. she is as adorable as her cupcakes!!!
    CONGRATS!!!! ( I know I’m late in doing so.. but I just hit your blog today!!)

  87. Meredith – they look fantastic.

    Kim – thanks

    FlipFlop Mom – I’m just glad you came by.

  88. I finally got around to trying your recipe, and wow, soooo good. I did chocolate bottoms with white tops, dipped in toasted coconut. Everyone loves them! Thanks for the inspiration!

  89. Wow that is AWESOME! I can see why she would want you though…. your sweets look delicious!

  90. Beth Paulson – I bet they looked awesome with the coconut,

    Amber – thanks!

  91. What a homemaking maven’s dream! Congratulations!!! You are so darling!

  92. thanks nyclizzie!

  93. My daughter and I loved doing this project, it was a bonding time for us. It was a present for her good friend’s birthday and the girls love it.
    I sent you pictures on your e-mail, hope you like it.


  94. I saw them and they were so cute. thanks.

  95. OMG!!! I can’t believe you got starred on the Martha Stewart show!! thats incredibl…you must be really good! LOVE YOUR BAKING!!!!

  96. Wow how exiting you must have been to meet Martha!!!! and not only that but u got to showcase your CREATION!!! congrats and wish u much more success!!! I will b making these mini cupcakes soon!!!

  97. lakjf;alskdjf;laskjdf;aslkdjf!

  98. Thanks, guys!

  99. You made it feel like we were there with you…sorry I didn’t see the original. So glad you linked!!!Thanks for sharing!
    ? Jen

  100. I absolutly LOVE your blog you are too cute, I was wondering if have ever tried freezing your cupcake pops, I was thinking of makeing them ahead of time for my sisters baby shower, if you have any advise please help! Hanna from UTAH

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