Mega Chocolate Candy Cookies

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Mega Chocolate Candy Cookies

These are the kind of cookies that just make you smile when you see them. Simple and sweet, full of chocolate, and stuffed with so many bright and happy candy-colored gems. They’ll make you want to take a great big satisfying bite.

Cookie Ingredients

Most of the ingredients you need are probably in your pantry right now if you bake often. I did opt for some Guittard 60% semisweet chocolate wafers instead of chocolate morsels, though. Oh and there’s a little peanut butter mixed in for even more yum.

Chocolate Cookie Dough Batter

Look at that cookie dough batter. So thick. So dreamy.

Cookie Dough Mix-Ins

Cookie Dough Scoop

Add the M&M’s and chocolate wafers to the dough and mix it all together with a large spoon.

Then use a large 2-1/2 inch scoop for jumbo-sized cookies.

Scooped Cookie Dough

Place the giant cookie dough balls a few inches apart on a parchment paper covered baking sheet. You’ll want to press more M&M’s candies on top so when they bake, the exterior is dotted with lots of color.

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