The icing on the cake…plate

Hope you’re having a great week! I have the cutest cake plate giveaway to share with you today from my friend Cupcake Julie over at Tinsel and Twirl.

It’s a showstopper. I adore the giant cherry topper handle and the cake-decorated dome. It’s just too much fun and keeps my kitchen happy. I showcased the stand I have a while ago here on the site and so many of you have inquired about it since, that I thought it would be fun to give one away so it can brighten someone else’s day, too.

Enter for a chance to win this cherry-topped, frosting-covered, super cute cake plate!

  • Just answer the following question on this blog post:
  • What is your favorite holiday?
  • Deadline to enter is Friday, October 10th, 2014 at 11:59 PM ET. TIME’S UP! Winner Announced Below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Saturday.

Good luck cake lovers!


And the winner is… #1225! Congratulations Leslee! Your cakes have a place to keep cozy. Enjoy!

Giveaway courtesy of Tinsel and Twirl. 

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2,124 comments on “The icing on the cake…plate”

  1. Christmas!!!!!

  2. I LOVE Christmas!! My brothers come from all around the country for our family gathering with my 96 yr. young mother, and this year I have a new Grandson. We are truly blessed.

  3. I love Thanksgiving. Making a huge dinner and sharing it with my family while celebrating all the things we have to be grateful for is the best!

  4. I love Thanksgiving!

  5. Christmas!!!!

  6. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite!

  7. I Love Christmas!!

  8. Christmas!

  9. Defiantly Christmas!!

  10. I love Christmas. Everyone always comes home to my Grannies.

  11. I love, love love Christmas…everything about it!

  12. Hands down, Christmas is my favorite !!!!!

  13. Christmas :)

  14. I just love christmas so much!! Waiting for it to come around the corner. Or does my own birthday count as a holiday as well :-) ? Love that one, too.

  15. Easter :-)

  16. My favorite holiday is…Thanksgiving! Because I love the obligatory family dinner and the reason we gather. There’s always reason to be thankful! :)

  17. Christmas!
    Since always i’ve loved Christmas

  18. Halloween is my favorite!

  19. Christmas!!

  20. Chriatmas!

  21. Christmas!

  22. Christmas

  23. Christmas!

  24. Easter’s my favorite.

  25. purim- you can wear everything you want and what you wouldn’t dare wearing on the rest of the year and you can be everything like a cinderella or scary people or a cop or even superman.

  26. I absolutely love Christmas!

  27. you can wear everything you want and what you wouldn’t dare wearing on the rest of the year and you can be everything like a cinderella or scary people or a cop or even superman.

  28. My Husband’s Birthday… In his eyes it’s a holiday, haaaaa. I love it because when I ask what kind of cake he wants he always says “Surprise me!’ so it’s a perfect excuse to try a new recipe.

  29. Thanksgiving I love all the traditional foods from this holiday!!

  30. Thanksgiving… any holiday centered around eating is my favorite!

  31. My favorite holiday is Halloween! I love decorating my front lawn and driveway with all my animatronic props . I love to see children dressed as their favorite character. Hey, it’s only once a year that you can be whatever your heart desires .

  32. Christmas!

  33. My favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN! I love decorating my front lawn and driveway with my animatronic props. Hey, It’s once a year that you can become whatever your heart desires.

  34. Christmas – because it’s the most wonderful time of the year and puts everyone in a good mood! :)

  35. Christmas is my favourite holiday hands down! I just love everything about it: the preparations, decorations, cookies, presents, the scents mmm love it! :-D

    Thanks for the lovely ghiveaway this plate and the dome look so adorable! :-)

  36. In remembrance of my mother – christmas

  37. Christmas! It’s also my birthday.

  38. My favorite holiday changes each year…..depending on when all the family can get together……this year it’s Christmas!!!

  39. Definitely Halloween. It was my mom’s favorite too and we’re upholding her tradition of massive decorations this year. :)

  40. Has to be Christmas for me!!! Its the best!!

  41. Christmas!

  42. Christmas!

  43. Christmas!

  44. Christmas

  45. CHRISTMAS!!!!

    Jingle bells, jingle bells,
    jingle all the way!
    Oh, what fun it is to ride
    in a one-horse open sleigh!

  46. My favorite holiday by far is Halloween.

  47. My favourite holiday is Chinese New Year! (available in Singapore anyway) It’s kind of cheating since Chinese New Year is so much rolled into one – Reunion Dinner on the Eve of Chinese New Year, meeting family and receiving red packets (of moolah) on Day 1, and then visiting friends and other members of the extended family over the next 14 days! (: Of course there are tons of cakes and cookies and biscuits to eat, not only are there different kinds, but there are multiple versions of the SAME kind because every grandmother/mother’s got a different take.

  48. Christmas with all it’s joy and wonder.

  49. Christmas. No doubt.

  50. Christmas.. it’s the best of everything!

  51. christmasssssss (:

  52. I love New Year’s Day. :-) New year, new beginning!

  53. I love decorating for Halloween. It’s my favorite.

  54. christmas definitely christmas

  55. christmas :)

  56. Christmas!!! :D

  57. Thanksgiving, because it’s just about family or adopted family.

  58. Halloween!!!! :D

  59. I gotta say, I like Thanksgiving! Me loves some good stuffin and cranberry salad!

  60. Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. The friends and family get together and there isn’t the stress of the holiday season.

  61. Halloween!! Something just magical

  62. I love Christmas.

  63. Christmas!!!

  64. It has to be Halloween! Baking spooky treats are the best ????????????

  65. Christmas!!!

  66. Hi Bakerella! I know I’m a bit of a weirdo but I think Halloween is actually my favorite holiday! :)

  67. My birthday…it falls on boss’s day

  68. Chirstmas! :)

  69. I love Christmas time!

  70. It has to be British Guy Fawkes Night. Fireworks, baked potatoes and sausages and toffee apples. Gathering together in the local park to watch them light the huge fire by firing a rocket into it. Then the slow walk home through the brightly lit streets, crowds moving together.

  71. My favorite is Christmas. Besides the togetherness and reason for the season, I enjoy shopping and making things, wrapping everything, and then giving the gifts with love. <3

  72. I love Thanksgiving, it’s the first big holiday dinner after the hot summer, when we all get together as a family and have fun, eat and enjoy each other’s company.

  73. Thanksgiving !

  74. Christmas is my all time favorite holiday!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Christmas!! ???? ????
    All the family comes together to enjoy delicious food and fun games!

  76. EASTER! Because it celebrates the Atonement of Jesus Christ but also, because of the springtime when everything is new again, new flowers, new chicks and everything is in bloom and growing. I find that my spirits are happier in the spring!
    If i had a 2nd it would be Thanksgiving for the gratitude. I love the crisp fall temperatures and the fall foods and family and faith and food and gratitude.

  77. Christmas, I think. Though the weeks leading to it are very stressful for me.

  78. Most definitely christmas.. cant wait to begin my christmas baking..!! :)

  79. My birthday… It falls on boss’s day!

  80. Christmas!

  81. Christmas, and the runner up is Halloween!!

  82. Christmas!! thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  83. Christmas!!!

  84. Thanksgiving! A great day filled with family, food, smiles and football!

  85. Oh goodness every day is a day to celebrate I love cake and this wouod be perfect. If I had to choose a day it wouod be thanksgiving. Everyone gets together and celebrates just being together

  86. I love Thanksgiving.. a great day filled with family, food, smiles and football!

  87. Christmas is my fave holiday of all time:) thanks for the chance to win! It’s so cool!

    Joey J.

  88. I love Christmas!

  89. Hands down, Christmas!

  90. Thanksgiving- fun, family, and food, what’s not to love! Gorgeous cake stand, thank you for the chance to win.

  91. Besides Christmas, I really love St. Patrick’s Day.

  92. Thanksgiving would have to bet favorite.

  93. Christmas!!!!!!!

  94. My favorite holiday is Halloween!!! I love everything about it..and its a virtually stress free holiday!! The cake stand is awesome!

  95. My favorite is Halloween… mostly because it’s very close to my brithday… Only because it’s close to my birthday ;) and candy. Birthdays and candy make Halloween the best.

  96. Christmas!! :)

  97. VALENTINE’S DAY is my favorite holiday!!

  98. The break between the two school semesters!!!

  99. Christmas hands down!

  100. I’ve always loved Halloween…closely followed by Christmas.

  101. Thanksgiving!

  102. I love Christmas, I love it because it has a different smell than the rest of the holiday I know that’s weird but it’s true. I also love it because my family comes together and I’m a big family person so its nice to sit around with them and talk about good times.

  103. Christmas :)

  104. I love Christmas!!!

  105. I love Christmas!!!

  106. Christmas!!

  107. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!

  108. chinese new year! All those red envelopes & yummy feasts!!

  109. Thanksgiving for the food and Christmas for the festivities!

  110. Christmas is my holiday!

  111. Thanksgiving!!

  112. My favorite holiday is thanksgiving, becuz on that day i believe ALL family members come together for a day of thankfulness. ………

  113. christmas ?? family holiday

  114. Christmas, but halloween is a close second since my birthday is a few days before.

  115. Halloween!!

  116. Thanksgiving, my second child was born on Thanksgiving so we have extra celebrations!

  117. definitely Christmas!

  118. 4th of July :D

  119. Christmas as most of the people!!!

  120. Definitely Christmas! And that cake plate would be perfect for Christmas!!

  121. Christmas. Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii!!!

  122. Christmas!

  123. My favorite holiday is Halloween. :)

  124. Christmas with my kids.

  125. Chinese New Year!

  126. Every Holiday is Wonderful! !

  127. Christmas is definitely my favorite!

  128. I love Thanksgiving, family, faith, and friends.

  129. My favourite holiday is Christmas – but kids’ birthdays are my absolute fave thing

  130. Christmas fills our heart with Joy as we celebrate our Lord’s Birthday! !

  131. Halloween

  132. I know it sounds cliche but I love Christmas. It was my mother’s favorite holiday.

  133. Halloween!!

  134. I’m Jewish, so passover!

  135. Thanksgiving is my favorite lately. But for most of my life it was Halloween.

  136. CHRISTMAS is mine and my family’s favorite holiday. I love all the baking that I do with my 3 boys. They enjoy it very much.

  137. Thanksgiving

  138. Thanksgiving !!!!!!YUM

  139. Christmas because you get to spend time with family and friends all cozy in warm houses with thr smell of cinnamon and gingerbread and every one gets gifts unlike birthdays. X

  140. Easter (I love cadbury mini eggs!)

  141. I love Halloween…if I have to choose!

  142. Holy moley! That cake plate is crazy cute. I have to agree with others, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s a holiday purely focused on being together…and awesome food. Love it.

  143. my favorite holiday is Halloween! By far the best times I ever had as a child were on Halloween and I am so excited to see my daughter enjoy it as much as I do!

  144. Halloween for sure…maybe because it’s the start of the holiday season.

  145. Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!

  146. CHRISTMAS!!

  147. I don’t have a favorite holiday …. But I do like the cake stand ;)

  148. Christmas!

  149. I love CAkE!!!!

  150. Thanksgiving!

  151. Without a doubt….Thanksgiving.

  152. my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I get to celebrate with family and friends. I also volunteer at the shelter to help with the homeless to make sure they are fed and enjoy the holiday.

  153. My favorite holiday will always be Thanksgiving, because it’s the day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and it’s the one time of year my family always came together no matter what.

  154. Halloween! It’s so much fun! :)

  155. Halloween! ????????

  156. Halloween for sure…maybe because it’s the start of the holiday season.

  157. My Birthday!

  158. I love Christmas ????????

  159. Christmas!

  160. Mother’s Day.

  161. My absolute favorite would have to be christmas between tons of goodies and family coming together. its a win win

  162. Halloween

  163. Halloween

  164. I love Christmas and Halloween. Even as a single gal, I love to entertain and make my home festive!

  165. No brainer. Christmas!

  166. Love them all just to pick one especially getting to spend with my kids and husband plus the baking.

  167. Christmas!!

  168. My favorite holiday is Christmas! This year is my baby’s first Christmas.

  169. Thanksgiving! :)

  170. Christmas without a doubt!! I adore that cake stand :D

  171. I love Christmas and the fourth of July. Everyone around me knows those are my holidays and not to plan anything big because I try to do something big.

  172. Any holiday i spend with my kids

  173. I love Halloween!

  174. Christmas!!!

  175. Christmas

  176. Christmas!!!!!

  177. Christmas!

  178. Easter! Thank God for Easter!

  179. Christmas is my most favourite

  180. Christmas!!!

  181. Thanksgiving! It’s the one holiday that our whole family is together every year.

  182. I love all holidays! They are so much fun with my 5 year old daughter!

  183. Halloween and Christmas!!!

  184. Definitely, Christmas!!

  185. I love Halloween! All those goblins at by door make me smile.

  186. My fav holiday is when my kids get to spend time with their busy dad (who spends so much time treating his patients!) over the weekends:)

  187. Christmas!!!!! :)

  188. CHRISTMAS!!!

  189. I absolutely love Christmas!

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