The icing on the cake…plate

Hope you’re having a great week! I have the cutest cake plate giveaway to share with you today from my friend Cupcake Julie over at Tinsel and Twirl.

It’s a showstopper. I adore the giant cherry topper handle and the cake-decorated dome. It’s just too much fun and keeps my kitchen happy. I showcased the stand I have a while ago here on the site and so many of you have inquired about it since, that I thought it would be fun to give one away so it can brighten someone else’s day, too.

Enter for a chance to win this cherry-topped, frosting-covered, super cute cake plate!

  • Just answer the following question on this blog post:
  • What is your favorite holiday?
  • Deadline to enter is Friday, October 10th, 2014 at 11:59 PM ET. TIME’S UP! Winner Announced Below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Saturday.

Good luck cake lovers!


And the winner is… #1225! Congratulations Leslee! Your cakes have a place to keep cozy. Enjoy!

Giveaway courtesy of Tinsel and Twirl. 

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2,124 comments on “The icing on the cake…plate”

  1. Christmas!

  2. My favorite holiday is Halloween. You can make cookies and cupcakes and cakes and the kids can decorate in any color they want. It lets them be really creative with their witches, ghosts and bats :)

  3. Thanksgiving!

  4. I love Birthdays!! and of course Christmas!

  5. I’m another one that loves Christmas, since my birthday isn’t a national holiday. :-)
    LOVE this cake plate!

  6. My favorite holiday is Christmas…but I love to bake for all holidays and occasions. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I would have to say Thanksgiving because we open our home up to several friends families and others that have no where to go that day. I love cooking for everyone!!

  8. Hands down it would have to be Christmas. I love the family time and all of the yummy food that goes with it!

  9. I love Thanksgiving!

  10. I love all holidays, but have a special fondness for Thanksgiving!

  11. Halloween!

  12. Definitely Thanksgiving! No pretense, just happy family members with full bellies and plenty of food!

  13. Easter!

  14. My favorite holiday is Christmas because of all the goodies.

  15. Christmas for sure!! =)

  16. Can I say my birthday? I know it’s not a holiday, but I always look forward having a special day!

    Since we live several hours from any family, I always enjoy Christmas because the entire family is together … so much fun!

    Thank you for offering this adorable give-a-way!

  17. Thanksgiving because food:)

  18. Christmas! I love everything about it! Everyone is always so joyful and giving.

  19. Christmas :))

  20. Christmas!

  21. Definitely Thanksgiving! Lots of food and family without the fuss.

  22. Thanksgiving. I even love the word thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for.

  23. Christmas to New Years- the only time my whole family is available to be together at the same time.

  24. Easy peasy, Christmas

  25. Halloween and Thanksgiving

  26. Christmas!

  27. My favorite holiday is Halloween because of all of the great spooky ideas you can think of to create and eat. Yum, Yum, Yummy.

  28. Christmas is my favorite holiday!

  29. Oh my goodness, that is adorable!! My husband and I both share a deep love for Christmas – it’s all about the warm fuzzies you get during the season, despite how cold it gets outside!

  30. Christmas!!!!

  31. Remembering my dad waking up 4 o’clock in the morning to start cooking everything! Waking up to watch the Macy’s thanksgiving parade and all the wonderful food made with lots of love! It was my dad’s favorite holiday and now, mine too! Thanksgiving!!! <3

  32. Christmas : ))

  33. I love Halloween. I love all the colors & scary & cute ghosts, pumpkins, witches & things.

  34. Favorite holiday is Christmas! My favorite celebration is birthdays! I think birthdays should be a holiday!!

  35. I love Christmas! Kisses.

  36. Christmas!

  37. Christmas is my very favorite holiday!

  38. My favorite holiday is Christmas! Toasty fires, family gathered, baking and wrapping presents. Love!

  39. Christmas….endless possibilities!

  40. I absolutely love love love love love love EAster!!!! oh and I love that cake stand lol

  41. Halloween is my favorite. I love the creativity it brings out in people!

  42. I love Halloween!!!! So much fun…. I just wish the Halloween season was longer!!!!!

  43. my son’s birthday :)

  44. Thanksgiving. It’s all about family, friends and food and NOT gifts.

  45. I love Halloween !

  46. Thanksgiving!

  47. My favorite holiday is Christmas!!

  48. Christmas! Because I love Jesus and I love cookies! xo

  49. My favorite holiday is Christmas! I love seeing my kiddos face light up with the music, decorations, and yummy treats!

  50. I love all the Holidays but if forced to select only one it will have to be the warmth and beauty of Christmas.

  51. Without a doubt it’s Christmas! I love the bakung, decorating and the get togetherness with family and friends!!

  52. Christmas of course!

  53. Halloween

  54. Thanksgiving is my favorite!

  55. Yep, Christmas!

  56. I love them all!! :)

  57. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love all the baking and decorating leading up to this beautiful holiday.

  58. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! !

  59. Christmas!

  60. Hands down, Christmas.

  61. I love Halloween! The costumes and decorations are so fun!

  62. Christmas is my favorite holiday!

  63. definitely easter!!!

  64. Independence Day, July 4 Love all the picnic get-togethers with our family :)

  65. I love HALLOWEEN because it’s my birthday!

  66. I absolutely adore Christmas. The lights, the sounds, the smells. Definitely my favorite.

  67. Christmas!!! Watching the kids faces enjoy the day makes it my favorite :)

  68. My fave has got to be Victoria Day long weekend (May24) in Canada. It signals the start of the summer and camping!

  69. Hallothanksmas. :). It’s all smashed together at the stores anyway. Lol

  70. My favourite holiday is Christmas….by far!
    All the decorations, the food….just the whole package! :)

  71. 4th of July!! Simply because I just Love Summer!!

  72. Christmas!!

  73. Christmas

  74. I’m a sucker for lights and snow so I have to say Christmas, but a close second would be Easter because I have great memories with my grandma for that holiday. But really any holiday is great because it’s a good excuse to make and eat different desserts. :D

  75. Halloween is my FAV! :)

  76. Halloween!!!!!!

  77. Hhhhmmmmm i choose Christmas holidays!!! For red grenn icing, sugar for snow!!!!

  78. What a cute cake stand. I would say my favorite holiday is valentine’s day

  79. Christmas

  80. Thanksgiving is my favorite ever!

  81. Christmas all the way

  82. New year’s ????????????

  83. Halloween!! :-)

  84. I love Thanksgiving and all the food. Yum!

  85. I love Christmas!

  86. Christmas is my favorite but really I love any holiday that all my family is able to get together.

  87. Christmas – Great food, great traditions, great songs, great decorations – what more could you ask for!

  88. Mine would be Christmas, I love baking and decorating the entire place. Love the smells, music and time with family.

  89. I love Thanksgiving!

  90. Christmas and Valentines Day!!!

  91. Without a doubt…Christmas!!

  92. My favorite is Thanksgiving ! We start by having thanksgiving breakfast at my father in-laws then we have lunch at my grandmas and dinner at my mother in-laws! It is a day filed with lots of family, food , and love!

  93. Valentine’s Day!!

  94. Christmas because I get to spend time with my family.

  95. Thanksgiving!

  96. Thanksgiving !! Turkey and all the trimmings!!!

  97. Christmas. Family get togethers

  98. Halloween for sure!!! I love making creepy foods and sweets and the decorating… not to mention I would dress up every single day if I could get away with it ;)

  99. Easter!

  100. Every day is my favorite day, but Christmas is probably my favorite!

  101. Christmas! (And that’s the cutest cake stand ever!)

  102. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The family togetherness, the things to be thankful for, the food and of course the fall season is still upon us!

  103. I love whatever holiday is next. I am excited that Halloween is almost upon us.

  104. Halloween!!! Love the decorations and dressing up. So much fun!!

  105. Christmas for sure! I love shopping and getting gifts for everyone. Then I love seeing their faces when they open those gifts. Amazing. Now if I could just find a way to keep my husband from discovering what I get for him…

  106. I love Christmas !!!

  107. That’s tough, probably Thanksgiving though!

  108. Thanksgiving is my fave!

  109. Christmas. Not for gifts but its nice to get together with family.

  110. Hallothanksmas. :). It’s all smashed together at the stores anyway. Lol

  111. Christmas :)

  112. That would be Easter of course!!!!

  113. Christmas!

  114. Christmas! I love the music, lights and the holiday spirit!

  115. Christmas!

  116. My favourite holiday is Christmas because everyone comes together and it’s such a nice time

    And Halloween because I loooove candy

    And last year I made your pumpkin cake pops, they were a hit! Thanks for that!

    This year I’m thinking of witches, and then Santa hats ????

  117. I love Christmas!

  118. Valentine’s day!

  119. Halloween!

  120. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving!

  121. Christmas!

  122. I loooove Christmas!!!

  123. Christmas!!

  124. Christmas! Church with carols, decorations and twinkling lights and joy on my children’s faces.

  125. Definitely Halloween is my favorite!

  126. Halloween!!! It’s all about the kids and having fun! No company and no big meal to prepare. Just fun for my kids. This year also extra special as it’s my due date for my third child!!

  127. Christmas:)

  128. Christmas! What is not to love?! All the family, cooking, and of course baking you can handle!

  129. Christmas is my most favorite holiday but when it comes to creativity and fun with baking, it has to be Halloween!
    It is the most fun to make ghoulishly delicious treats that have a creepy flare! At Halloween almost anything goes! From the Disney characters to pumpkins and monsters–what a variety!
    So much fun!

  130. ????Christmas????

  131. Halloween is my favorite holiday! Thank you!

  132. My favorite holiday is Christmas!

  133. Christmas for sure! And for baking…Sweetest Day!

  134. My favorite holiday is Christmas because of all the baking I get to do.

  135. Thanksgiving!

  136. My Birthday is my favorite holiday!

  137. Halloween…….my son’s birthday!!

  138. It’d have to be Festivus, for the rest of us.

    JK. Christmas it is.

  139. I love New Year’s Eve when my family gets to gather after a year apart <3

  140. Halloween for sure. Celebrate year round because I just love dressing up ;-)

  141. Not sure, holidays usually mean rough days at work! But if I didn’t count that…I love thanksgiving.

  142. New Year’s Day. I appreciate the idea of having a completely clean slate.

  143. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. And that cake plate is so cute!


  145. Halloween!

  146. According to my 5 year old. Our favorite holiday is Christmas. When Santa gives us presents !

  147. Christmas! With Easter a close second ;-)

  148. Christmas

  149. 4th of July! :)
    What a fun cake plate!!

  150. Christmas!!!

  151. I love Christmas!

  152. Thanksgiving! A holiday all about the food and just being together!

  153. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s also my favorite meal!

  154. It has to be Christmas

  155. Thanksgiving, cause I love turkey and pumpkin pie…..

  156. My favorite holiday is obviously Christmas! :D With the lights, tree, cookies, egg nog and all the other fun stuff! :)

  157. Christmas for sure

  158. I love Christmas. I love all the good things to cook and bake.

  159. Halloween, all that candy and an excuse to dress up, what’s not to love? Christmas comes as a close second though because I love the looks on my nieces’ and nephews’ faces when they open gifts :)

  160. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it is my daughter’s birthday. I also love Christmas!

  161. Christmas! But then I also love Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, birthdays, even though they aren’t technically a holiday. I love any excuse for cake. Thanks for a great give away.

  162. Christmas!! :)

  163. Absolutely christmas! Spending time with family, baking al kinds of food.

  164. Christmas, of course!

  165. Thanksgiving!

  166. Valentines Day

  167. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, when family gets together.

  168. Christmas!!

  169. I inherited my love of Christmas from my mum.

  170. 4th of July!

  171. christmas!!!!

  172. Mardi Gras (since lately that is when my family and friends have come together)!

  173. I love Christmas it’s one of my favourite times of the year. Can be strange living in nz & having a warm Xmas though.

  174. i love Halloween! Cute Halloween, not scary Halloween.

  175. I love Hanukkah!

  176. Love Christmas because you can bake without guilt!! There’s always a party to take food to.


  178. Christmas….

  179. Christmas and Resurrection Day!

  180. Hanukkah love the light from the candles

  181. 4th of July with all of the family and friends gathering and all the food and fireworks to celebrate being an American.

  182. Independence Day followed closely by Halloween!

  183. I love all the holidays! If I had to choose, I guess Christmas because all the family is in town.

  184. Easter!

  185. Chanukah-I LOVE crispy potato pancakes :)))

  186. Christmas!

  187. Christmas! I love getting the house decorated and all the smells of the season, including the snow! Makes me happy!

  188. I love thanksgiving,
    It’s personal time with just my family
    Christmas is 2nd, that’s for family and friends!

  189. Christmas!

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