Cook for the Cure

KitchenAid launched 1,000 Cooks for the Cure today and I’m thinking pink! And raspberry, too! (Enter below for a chance to win this beautiful berry colored mixer.) But first let me tell you a little about 1,000 Cooks for the Cure and how you can host a party to help an amazing cause at the same time. KitchenAid in partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure helps raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Their goal is to have 1,000 cooks host a party, potluck, bbq or any get-together large or small with friends or family anytime between July 18 and July 27. Cook for the Cure gives people with a passion for cooking a wonderful way to support a meaningful cause. Host an event and encourage guests to donate to Susan G. Komen® sometime during this week-long fun and fundraising initiative.

Find out how you can get involved:
1,000 Cooks for the Cure website:

  • Register your party and let’s help fill up their map page with as many little pink ribbons as possible.
  • Check out the “How to Host” section for helpful forms, invitations, recipes and inspiration.

Plus, here are a few possibilities from me to help you think pink and party perfect.

Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes | Confetti Chocolate Chip Cookies | Pink Flower Fondant Covered Cupcakes | Pink Flower Bouquet Cake Pops | Big Love Chocolate Chip Cookie | Miniature Double Decker Doughnut Cookies | Pink Panda Cupcakes | Peppermint Candy Cookies | Pink Heart Cake Pops | Brownie Sundae Bon Bons


And now… enter for a chance to win this Beautiful Raspberry Ice KitchenAid Stand Mixer:


  • Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Easy! You can share what kind of get together you’d want to host, or if there’s someone special in your heart you’d want to host it for, or you could simply say hi. (hi back from me!)
  • And … for an additional entry, register to host a #CookForTheCure party at Then just enter the Host ID number that gets assigned to you right here in the comments section of this post as well. That’s it!
  • Deadline to enter is July 27th, 2014 at 11:59 pm ET.SORRY – TIME’S UP! Winner announced below. One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime July 28th on this post.
  • Good Luck!


It’s time to announce a winner! And to everyone who was able to register to host a party… Thank you!!!

And the winner is… #396 – Congratulations Maria!

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3,036 comments on “Cook for the Cure”

  1. Hello! Everything you make is so lovely!!

  2. Love it!

  3. Love the mixer, after a bummer of a week, would be great to win this!!

  4. I usually don’t enter giveaways, but what can I say; I’m a sucker for pink.

  5. I would love to have champagne and cupcake party

  6. Great cause and fantastic prize, I’d be baking in honour of my lovely grandma, I’d do a English tea party theme :-) xx

  7. I would love to host another survivor decorating class for anyone who has battled or is battling cancer. We would decorate cupcakes, cake balls and cookies with lots of sharing and laughter!

  8. Love the mixer! I have lost family members to this disease so I would like to host a family reunion in their memory

  9. If I ever needed a cause to bake then this is it! To my lovely granny! I’m gonna throw a pizza party.

    Oh and: Hi Angie! :-)

  10. We are celebrating my dads 56th bday this Sunday. I’m going to turn it into a pink party to honor his mom, who had breast cancer.

  11. A party in honor of my Grandma Evelyn, everybody paints their nails red, because she always had red nails and we eat chili!

  12. <3 it!

  13. Love love love the color of this mixer!

  14. An absolutely wonderful idea and organization. I would love to put together a grand (and much-needed) get-together full of family/friends, and host it in honor of my boyfriend’s mother and my aunt (who have both battled cancer in the past). I am incredibly grateful for my health and the health of my loved ones.

  15. I would have a group of ladies from church. I love the color!

  16. What a great color!
    Would love to win <3

  17. Love this color! I have lost 2 beautiful cousins (one in her 30s and one in her early 50s) to breast cancer. I pray for a cure for all cancers – no one should have to suffer and fight for her or his life because of cancer – and families shouldn’t have to keep losing loved ones in this world of medical miracles.

  18. I will make a cake every weekend with this amazing mixer if I win it:)

  19. This is more than welcome
    My machine is broken. Baking is my biggest hobby but have no money for a new machine. Fingers crossed

  20. beautiful color! thanks for the giveaway.

  21. This is so pretty!

  22. What a wonderful colour for a kitchenaid z????
    Who don’t whant one.
    I will use it everyday, make a party everyday !
    Just baking is a party.

    Now fingers cross hihi

  23. This is my absolute favorite color! My friend was just diagnosed an aggressive form of breast cancer. She is only 36 yrs old and has four children. It always scares me how this disease hits families out of the blue. Susan G is an awesome fund. I hope they find a cure soon.

  24. I’d love a mixer upgrade! This one is fab!

  25. For my mom, 15 year survivor of breast cancer!

  26. Such a vibrant color! I would not mind whipping up some goodies with this mixer.

  27. Love your page and your contest!

  28. I would love to win this mixer for a few reasons. I am due for an upgrade, my current mixer is on its last leg, pink is my favorite color and the most important reason…I am a huge supporter of Susan G komen. My grandmother lost her battle with Cancer 2yrs ago, if I won this I would bake her favorite dessert in honor her.

  29. Hi! If I won this beautiful kitchen aid, I’d host a sweets shop party!! Id make all kinds of treats, especially cute cake pops!!!

  30. Love the pink and the cause!! A cookie exchange would be fun with this fun new item.

  31. Awesome color! And the goal behind 1,000 Cooks for the Cure is very inspiring. I am very thankful to those who are doing what they can to help people all over the globe.

  32. Beautiful mixer. Always hoping for a cure.

  33. This little pink guy would be perfect for baking up some pink ribbon cookies!!! Dedicated to my mom-breast cancer survivor!

  34. I recently got married last month and I would love to host a get together for all of my family and friends at our new house!

  35. What an awesome cause!

  36. The color of this mixer is off the hook! Love it! Seeing this would remind me everyday I looked at it how wonderful the Susan G. Komen Foundation is. I would make something to celebrate that the women in my family are healthy and how grateful I am for that.

  37. Hi!!! Thanks for the continued inspiration!!

  38. Oh my goodness, I would love to win this! Would bake up some lovely things for my hubby’s 40th :) Pick me Pick me!

  39. My Grandmother and Aunt are survivors! My Grandmother always did the baking and I learned form her. I lost her 2 weeks away from her 105th birthday 2 years ago. I took over baking for the family years ago and was always happy when she would have my baked goods and told me how good they were. That was the best compliment I could ever get.

  40. I would love to win this mixer for my 10 yr old daughter who has started to show great interest in baking. She made me peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream yesterday on my birthday. :)

  41. I would host a choco-therapy party for my friend battling triple negative breast cancer. I think chocolate and pink go well together, and that mixer just makes me happy!!

  42. I am in love with this mixer! The color is beautiful!!

  43. I’d love to win this and gift it to a beautiful woman in my life who has battled and won.

  44. I love this color! i love to bake so, having this in my kitchen would be so fabulous!

  45. I love the color, it’s beautiful!

  46. Hi! Love the idea for a get together and the berry mixer.

  47. Love the mixer! Beautiful color! Would love to throw a little cocktail party and encourage guests to donate and support the cause :)

  48. Hi! I would love to win this! :)

  49. The best mixer ever !!

  50. Hi! I would love to win this!! Please pick me!! :)

  51. I would host a party in honor of my mother a breast cancer survivor… Who recently passed away :-( but not from cancer (she was a true survivor) Plus it Our favorite color!!!!! <3

  52. Yes please! So pretty and shiny!

  53. Cupcake party for friends

  54. If host a party for my mama since she’s always the one hosting!

  55. I would love to host a party in my tia Della’s honor! We found out today that her scans came back clean and is cancer free!!

  56. I’ve always admired the KitchenAid in this color! It’s an additional plus that it goes to such a great cause!

  57. Love for my mom..who survived cancer, I’ve never thrown her a party!

  58. Present for my mom would be nice!

  59. Absolutely love the Susan G. Komen Foundation and food! What a great way to combine the two!

  60. Id have a family party in memory of my sister Roberta who fought a good fight, but lost after only 3 months. She loved to bake. It would remind me of her with each use.

  61. I absolutely love the color of the mixer!

  62. Loving the color, very fitting!

  63. The best mixer ever !!! ???????????? … Love KitchenAid ????

  64. It’s beautiful! I want one!

  65. Love this my mom and I have been eyeing them for a while now. Would love it definitely something my mother, my daughter and myself can use to bake ????

  66. So many party ideas! All to celebrate life! We have lost to many in my family to all types of cancer. Some of us still fight the fight!

  67. So pretty! I would have a cookie decorating party for the ladies in my family! We used to get together to so this often, but have been too busy lately! This would be a great excuse to slow down and share some creativity!

  68. I love to bake and this in cutie in my kitchen would make me happy!

  69. Have a build your own cake pop party with all the friends & family!

  70. Love the color and cause!

  71. I would host an Iftar party for all my friends and family where we can all break our fast together in this Islamic month of Ramadan! :)

  72. Love love
    Love this!!! And sooo need it!

  73. I would give this to my friend with too much cancer in her life.

  74. Would love to win this and start baking for great causes such as this! Bonus, it’s one of my favorite colors!

  75. I love the colour, would look great in my kitchen.

  76. My daughter and I love the color!

  77. Beautiful mixer!! I would use it to create delicious cake pops for my etsy shop!!

  78. I’ve been working with veterans and would love to host a party with them!

  79. Love the color! And this is such a good idea!!!

  80. I would love this in my kitchen. Any excuse to bake a cake or any dessert during the week. I’m in! Plus it’ll be.a great post birthday gift. :)

  81. As a five-year breast cancer survivor, and the daughter of a three year breast cancer survivor, I would love to throw a Cooks for the Cure party to show people how they could use their KitchenAid for more than just baking…especially when they use the attachments. And this raspberry colored KitchenAid would be the perfect centerpiece for the party. Carrying extra weight is a precursor for so many health problems so I would love to show people how they can use a KitchenAid for healthy clean cooking!

  82. I would totally want to host a party and I would do it in honor of my moms Tia Della. I actually found out today that her scans came back clean and is cancer free!!

  83. The mixer is gorgeous! What a wonderful cause.

  84. I am going to host a bbq. Since watermelon is plentiful this time of year i plan in using a lot. Like watermelon cubed on wooden skewers

  85. I’d love to have a mixer…especially a pink one!

  86. Ooo I’m loving the mixer in the hot pink! And the glass mixing bowl looks awesome!
    I would host a party in memory of my friends mother who passed away from breast cancer. She was always such a happy and fun woman & her daughter has grown up to be the same!

  87. I love this color! And this is such a good cause.

  88. I’d host a party for friends, male and female. Everyone would need to wear something pink. People forget men get breast cancer too.

  89. Such a beautiful mixer!

  90. I’d love to make cake pops for my team Walking for a Cure at Balboa Park in the fall.

  91. Today we are remembering the one year anniversary of losing our dear and beautiful friend Geneva to breast cancer. What a dreadful disease, to take her from her 3 babies… Geneva loved nothing more than to bake and eat yummies with friends, so this giveaway is the perfect ode to her!

    Her story is on her blog if you want a good cry

  92. My best friend from high school lost her battle with breast cancer. I wonder how my life might be different if she were still here. I miss her so much.

  93. Would love this in my kitchen. Any excuse to bake a cake or any kind of dessert during the week, I’m in.

  94. What a beautiful way to honor a fantastic cause!

  95. I love kitchen aid!

  96. As a five year breast cancer survivor myself and the daughter of a three year breast cancer survivor, breast cancer has seriously effected my family. I would love to throw a cooks for the cure party. I love to cook and have gotten into healthy clean cooking. I would love to show people how they can use this beautiful raspberry kitchen aide for other than just baking..especially using the attachments! Carrying extra weight is a precursor to so many health problems…

  97. I hit submit too fast. (Comment 60)

    I would host a party for my two grandmas and my aunt who have passed from cancer.

  98. I wish I’d known about this sooner! I would have planned a bake sale. Here’s hoping lots of money is raised :)

  99. What a lovely concept, and for a wonderful cause!

  100. I’m a breast cancer survivor since 2007 (diagnosed at age 29), and had a double mastectomy, so this cause is near and dear to my heart!
    This mixer is the cutest thing ever! I’d love to host a dessert pot luck in honor of all the amazing doctors, nurses, friends and family who have shown unwavering support to myself and others going through their own battle.

  101. Love it!

  102. Love this mixer. Mine may be on it’s last few mixes. Really need a new one.

  103. Love!!

  104. I would host a party for my two grandmas and my aunt who have passed from cancer!

  105. Thinking always of my beautiful mother <3

  106. That mixer is so pretty! And a baking party seems like a blast!

  107. I would love to bake for the cure in honor of one of my best friends who is winning her fight against breast cancer.

  108. It’s so gorgeous. ????

  109. I am currently a pastry student, but graduating in a couple of weeks ! This is such a passion of mine and this mixer is so perfect ! The color is my absolute favorite and I’ve been looking for one this color for over a year !

  110. That mixer is so pretty! And a baking party seems like a blast!

  111. Hi! That is one gorgeous mixer.

  112. beautiful!

  113. Berry Cupcakes and cream cheese frosting tinted pink!

  114. a cake and dessert party!

  115. My wife made me do it…she wants it.

  116. Hi! Just having a pretty mixer period would be nice.

  117. what a wonderful way to raise money for a great cause!!!

  118. This would be AWESOME in my brand new kitchen! I don’t have a mixer to speak of yet! :)

  119. I would love to have this because i love baking and i really have been wanting one. I would throw a party in honor of my Grandmother who although passed away. May she rest in peace. But unfortunately I’m in Florida at the moment :(

  120. i really love this Color! <3

  121. Hi…I soooo want this.

  122. This is gorgeous! I would love to bake with this for my family!

  123. OMG!!!!! I love that mixer!!!

  124. I want this color of kitchen aid!! I want to change my kitchen to pink. Love it!!!

  125. This is such a great cause. Love when companies support charities. It doesn’t hurt that the kitchen aid is the best color. Ever.

  126. So cute!!! Would love to win & make lots of yummy goodies for my mom :)

  127. Praying for a cure!

  128. I’d gladly give the mixer to my mom: a wonderful baker and breast cancer survivor!

  129. I love the color of this KitchenAid! It’s beautiful!

  130. Hi! :). Love the color!

  131. With fall coming up (I know summer is only like half over but I’m thinking ahead!) I have a million recipes ready to go that I could use this for! *lol*

  132. Love this! It makes my heart happy.

  133. I love that raspberry mixer so pretty!

  134. I LOVE Pink!
    I don’t even own a hand mixer, I desperately need to win this!

  135. I would love to win this!!! I am in the kitchen SO much and know this would get plenty of use!! :)

  136. Absolutely beautiful color <3

  137. I would love to host a summer cookie exchage party!! Thanks for all the wondeful ideas and giveaways ;)

  138. I love the KitchenAid. <3

  139. I’d love it and use it to honor my mother who just had a mastectomy last week.

  140. Love the color of this mixer!

  141. Hello! I will host a cupcake party for my MIL, A SURVIVOR! Love the mixer!!

  142. Knowing me, I’d stare at it in disbelief, and rub it down so that it would be free of finger prints. How awesome that would be! Lol

  143. Oh my goodness! This KitchenAid is so beautiful!! It just makes my heart happy. :-) Oh the baking I could do with this! Baking heals my soul.

  144. Love the color!

  145. I would think of my grandma! She beat breath cancer more than 20 years ago!

  146. I love the color and would be using it for mommy and me baking time with my kiddos !!!

  147. breast cancer has hit my husbands family twice, we do alot of donating to the foundation and would like to put together a bake sale this October as well, our fishing club is having annual fish for a cure tournament this sat 7\19, 100% of all proceeds will go to NBCF.
    Together we can all make a difference!

  148. I would love whipping up a storm for my hubby and kids with it :)

  149. I work at a small but adorable bakery in Northwest Indiana and Am so spoiled to our 7 quarts when I go home and have to do everything by hand. I’ve been coveting a glass bowl standup for years!!!

  150. I love to give this beautiful mixer to my Mom and i would love to baked and host a birthday party for my Mom. She love baking and i think this will be the best present for her birthday. :)

  151. This is an awesome color! And a great way to show support

  152. This is wonderful
    I am in the middle of chemotherapy and would love to be included

  153. I will host a pink high tea

  154. This is fabulous! I would host a party for my mother, a survivor, and my friend Toni, currently fighting. But mostly for my daughter in hopes that a cure is found in her lifetime!

  155. I just git married at the beach, so I would want to bake for my entire family when we have the wedding party. <3

  156. Hello! I will host a party for my MIL, A SURVIVOR! The mixer is gourgeous!! Love it!!

  157. Host ID 12508

  158. Hi! I would host a Cupcake-Party with my boys little friends. This kitchen aid is so pretty. I hope the Cure-Event will be a big success! Love, Hanni

  159. This is fabulous! I would host a party for my mother, a survivor, and my friend Toni, currently fighting. But mostly for my daughter in hopes that a cure is found in her lifetime!

  160. LOVE LOVE this mixer!!! Hope I win!!

  161. Host ID 12508

  162. My grandmother passed away from breast cancer in 2011… Miss you & love you so much Nanang!

  163. I would host a casual backyard BBQ. Easy and fun!

  164. Hi! Love love love the mixer!!

  165. Helli! I will host a cupcake party for my MIL, A Survivor!! The mixer is gourgeous!! <3 it!!

  166. I would want to host a build your own cupcake party!

  167. I work at the cutest little bakery in Northwest Indiana called Designer Desserts and we use kitchen aids every single day! I’m spoiled to our 7 quarts at work and am so sad when I go home and have to do everything by hand:( I’ve been coveting a glass bowl standup for years!

  168. A dear freind just found out she has BC. I’d love to hold a party in her honor to kick its butt.

  169. Well I would love to host a get together in memory of a few loved ones. Pink flowers were loved by my granny and so it would be a pink floral theme with delicious tray bakes and desserts as she had a sweet tooth. Xx

  170. Host ID: 12805

  171. I want to host a holiday cookie exchange!! I have friends of different cultures and we would have so much fun sharing our special treats!!

  172. A super fun Grandma/Grandkids Baking Day!

  173. Thanks for the chance!

  174. It’s so pretty and pink! What a great idea #cookforacure is!

  175. Host ID: 12806

  176. I love this color and the glass bowl!

  177. I’d love to host a housewarming… I just moved in with my boyfriend and I want everyone to see the newly decorated digs. :)

  178. This mixer is so pretty, I wouldn’t bother finishing the cover I’m making for my KA mixer, because this one is too pretty to hide.

  179. What a fun new way to get involved!

  180. That mixer would look beautiful in my kitchen! Love it!

  181. This mixer is my favorite color!

  182. So pretty!

  183. Wow! That is one gorgeous mixer! My sister in law just moved down by me and we have been baking up a storm. This would be wonderful!

  184. I LOVE that color! My girls would love it too :)

  185. This is truly kitchen candy!

  186. What a great idea! I’d love to win this and be able to host a fun baking party!

  187. This mixer would be an awesome addition to my kitchen appliances. I bake a lot and would love this for all the yummy treats I make…including the cutest cake balls :)

  188. I would love to host a baby shower for my wonderful sister-in-law who is pregnant- with twins!!! I can just imagine all the adorable “two peas in a pod” themed food I could make with it. :)

  189. I don’t usually like pink, but I love this raspberry color!

  190. Sooo pretty! Thanks for the chance!!

  191. Oh my. Wouldn’t winning this be a treat??!! Oh, and HI!

  192. I would host the get together in memory of my grandma. She past away 6 months before I was born and was a phenomenal baker. I wish I could have learned from her!

  193. Id host a party in honor of my mom

  194. I’d love to host a champagne & cupcakes party for my girlfriends!

  195. I want to have a tapas party!! It would be awesome if friends brought 1 ingredient each and we could DIY mix-and-match tapas :)

  196. Gorgeous mixer!

  197. If I won this mixer, I’d give to my MIL. She has fought and beat breast cancer twice. She’s absolutely amazing!!

  198. I’d love this! #cookforacure

  199. I love the color of that KitchenAid! It’s beautiful!

  200. This mixer would be phenomenal on the kitchen counter, ready for parties and mixing up cakes for special occasions. Any excuse to throw a party! :-)

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