Cook for the Cure

KitchenAid launched 1,000 Cooks for the Cure today and I’m thinking pink! And raspberry, too! (Enter below for a chance to win this beautiful berry colored mixer.) But first let me tell you a little about 1,000 Cooks for the Cure and how you can host a party to help an amazing cause at the same time. KitchenAid in partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure helps raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Their goal is to have 1,000 cooks host a party, potluck, bbq or any get-together large or small with friends or family anytime between July 18 and July 27. Cook for the Cure gives people with a passion for cooking a wonderful way to support a meaningful cause. Host an event and encourage guests to donate to Susan G. Komen® sometime during this week-long fun and fundraising initiative.

Find out how you can get involved:
1,000 Cooks for the Cure website:

  • Register your party and let’s help fill up their map page with as many little pink ribbons as possible.
  • Check out the “How to Host” section for helpful forms, invitations, recipes and inspiration.

Plus, here are a few possibilities from me to help you think pink and party perfect.

Strawberry Milkshake Cupcakes | Confetti Chocolate Chip Cookies | Pink Flower Fondant Covered Cupcakes | Pink Flower Bouquet Cake Pops | Big Love Chocolate Chip Cookie | Miniature Double Decker Doughnut Cookies | Pink Panda Cupcakes | Peppermint Candy Cookies | Pink Heart Cake Pops | Brownie Sundae Bon Bons


And now… enter for a chance to win this Beautiful Raspberry Ice KitchenAid Stand Mixer:


  • Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Easy! You can share what kind of get together you’d want to host, or if there’s someone special in your heart you’d want to host it for, or you could simply say hi. (hi back from me!)
  • And … for an additional entry, register to host a #CookForTheCure party at Then just enter the Host ID number that gets assigned to you right here in the comments section of this post as well. That’s it!
  • Deadline to enter is July 27th, 2014 at 11:59 pm ET.SORRY – TIME’S UP! Winner announced below. One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime July 28th on this post.
  • Good Luck!


It’s time to announce a winner! And to everyone who was able to register to host a party… Thank you!!!

And the winner is… #396 – Congratulations Maria!

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3,036 comments on “Cook for the Cure”

  1. Both of my grandmother’s are survivors and are still with us. My mom lost her battle to cancer. I would host my party for all 3.

  2. So many I’d host in memory of, Sadly. Let’s leave it at, I’d host for the hope for a cure!! Gorgeous color!!

  3. We found out my sister-in-law has breast cancer just a couple weeks ago. It is the most agressive form…she is only 33! This cause has always been a favorite for my donations, but even more so now. Thanks for aiding the fight for a cure!

  4. Great cause and such a pretty color!

  5. Beautiful color. I could really use one of these. Great cause Bakerella.

  6. Oh that is beautiful!

  7. Pink is my signature color……even though this isn’t blush or bashful…… :-)

  8. Praying for a cure

  9. Great cause and what a cute prize!

  10. What a great idea for a great cause!

  11. Love this color and the glass bowl! =)

  12. What a wonderful cause. Loving the color if this mixer.

  13. That is a gorgeous mixer

  14. What a great project!

  15. Hi :) What a cute mixer for a good cause!

  16. This mixer looks amazing!! I always cook for my family and friends and it will only make it easier for me to make more recipes!!

  17. Hi!! I would love this mixer and would host a party in honor of those who have lost the battle and those still fighting in my life!

  18. What a wonderful cause! Thanks for getting it out there!

  19. always cooking’ for a cure.

  20. Beautiful mixer! Love the color! !!! Great cause!

  21. If I was lucky enough to win I would use the mixer to make lots of sweet treats for my three little ones. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Love the color! Praying for a cure….

  23. Beautiful color :) Hi!

  24. Just like to have a dessert party with my family and my granddaughter would Luv, Luv, Luv this…..

  25. Very nice, love all your posts Bakerella

  26. Amazing idea, thanks for sharing it

  27. Heyy
    What a great cause
    I really love those great coloured mixers

  28. that is a gorgeous Mixer, I would love it!!

  29. what a great cause

  30. An awesome mixer to showcase during a Pink Party! I’d love a mixer to help me out in the kitchen and the pink is just a plus! Thanks Bakerella!

  31. A little cake pop class would be fun!

  32. I am not able to do much cooking at the moment, as I am recovering from two strokes. But I hope to get back to it soon, and this mixer would be a terrific help. I have longed for one of these since I was in high school, 40 years ago, but have never been able to afford one. It would really be a great help, as I’ve partially lost use of my right arm. But good luck to all who enter! :)

  33. Love that mixer, and love the cause more. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. I would host a party for my mom who is a cancer survivor and my hero!

  35. A potluck for women sounds perfect for this great cause.

  36. I would love to use the mixer to make a meal for my family!

  37. The mixer is beautiful and I would love to win this. I would give it to my friend that has had breast cancer.

  38. We are holding a coffee morning in November for Myeloma UK, a rare form of cancer that my mum is suffering with. This would be great to help me make all the cakes and bakes we have planned to make.

  39. It would be great if someone from Europe, actually from Bosnia and Herzegovina wins this beautiful stuff! Kisses ????????????

  40. What a great cause. Love this mixer. It’s been on my wish list for some time now.

  41. It’s beautiful! Good luck to everyone hosting and raising funds!

  42. Still inspiring me!

  43. This is such a great cause. I would host a party for my aunt who had breast cancer.

  44. That color is fantastic and would be perfect to bake treats to give away!

  45. Love your photography….so inviting!
    You are truly an inspiration.
    Life takes us on journeys that change us…kudos for supporting SGK…from a survivor.!

  46. Oh…how pretty is that Kitchen Aid! I always think of my beautiful sister who died way too young, age 38, from Breast Cancer whenever I see the color pink. This is such an amazing cause. Together we truly can find the cure. Thanks!

  47. Please add me for this gorgeous mixer!

  48. What a great cause! My co- worker just fougghhht and beat breast cancer.

  49. Love the color.

  50. I support the cause in remembrance of my dad… he was taken too soon by cancer but forever remembered… xoxo

  51. I love this cause! Im going make sure to share this with my family.

  52. I would want to host it for all the beautiful women in my life! :)

  53. If I win this I would host my aunt Edith a “Wonder Woman” party. She battled breast cancer and had a double mastectomy. She taught me what the word “FIGHTER” really means and to never ever lose faith. My aunt is my SUPERHERO. I would make her favorite Raspberry Chocolate cake as many times as she wants . I???? U Auntie.

  54. My granddaughter would flip over this mixer! Cook for the cause, what a great idea!

  55. Beautiful color……love it :))))

  56. I would feel honored to use this mixer to make many people happy!! It would remind me how lucky I am.

  57. Just learning how to cook.

  58. What a beautiful mixer! I’d think of my mama every time I used it.

  59. In honor of my grandmother and my best friends mother

  60. That mixer is absolutely gorgeous:@)

  61. I luv it!! Great what u r doing to help and raise the awareness of breast cancer!!

  62. I wrote a comment, and I don’t see it :*(

  63. I’d love to win this mixer! Loving the gorgeous color! :)

  64. Love that the proceeds from this go to breast cancer research

  65. Thanks so much for promoting this cause, my mom passed from breast cancer. Have been wanting a good mixer for years would be thrilled to win!

  66. Such a beautiful color
    I would love to have a beautiful luncheon in a garden…for my closest girlfriends. These strong beautiful woman are loving and caring and have been so important in my life

  67. I love the color and what we are supporting!

  68. My boss was diagnosed last month. She is such a wonderful,amazing, kind person. I would love to host a party in her honor.

  69. If I win this I would host my aunt Edith a “Wonder Woman” party . She had a double mastectomy a few years ago and who taught me the true meaning of what a “FIGHTER” really is and to never lose faith. I admire her so much that , she’s my superhero.
    I would bake her favorite Raspberry Chocolate cake as many times she wants.
    I ???? U Auntie!

  70. Awesome this is such a pretty color.

  71. That is such a gorgeous color mixer! I would love to bake some goodies for my best friend’s baby shower!

  72. A cause close to my heart.

  73. I love the color! I would never stop baking if I would win this…

  74. Love it and would love to own it! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  75. A cookie swap party!! Hi!!

  76. A wonderful organization to support! Checking my calendar to host a party!!

  77. This is the exact mixer and color that I want! Love it!

  78. Lovely colour! Thank you for bringing our attention to such a wonderful cause!

  79. It’s such a pretty color!
    I would love to bake for my family and have a little party with them as we have been unable to do anything of the sort together for a while due to my health. It would be so much fun!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  80. I would love to use this beautiful mixer to bake for my family and friends!

  81. I would love to host a party for my Aunt Karen. I love the color and I really want a stand mixer instead of my hand one.

  82. Wow! What an amazing mixer for an amazing cause! A very pink party would need to be held to make the most of this beauty. Pink champagne with matching cupcakes and macaroons for sure! X

  83. I just started my cakepop business and this mixer would make it a lot easier for me and it would look fab on my counter :)

  84. I would LOVE to win this!!!! :)) <333

  85. I’d love to host a kids can cook get together.

  86. I love this color! What an awesome cause for the cure <3

  87. Im all about barbeques outside with killer side dishes with all the awesome women in my life starting with number 1: my mother!

  88. such a great idea for a fantastic cause, my heart goes out to those who are effected by cancer

  89. This is a great cause – I think almost everyone has been touched by this awful disease or knows someone who has.
    I would love to host a Cook for the Cure party for my friends and family in honor of my sister who is a breast cancer survivor!

  90. Just starting my cakepop business and this would make my job a lot easier and it would look fab on my counter :)

  91. I’d throw a big party for my husband. His mum died of breast cancer and the impact was and still is huge. Cancer definitely leaves holes in people’s lives and it sucks x

  92. I would love to host a party dedicated to my Aunt Patricia!

  93. I would host a Pinterest recipe party.. Everyone had to make a recipe I have pinned so we can try it!

  94. I’d love a kitchen aid in this colour……. Just so my husband can hate the fact it’s bright pink! I on the other hand love it!!!! Xx

  95. I would host a dessert, dessert and more desserts party!

  96. I would love to have this in our kitchen. We just moved and our kitchenaid died in the move. Kaput! I also lost a beater on my hand mixer! Oi! Murphy’s law!

  97. I know a lot of people who have been affected by breast cancer and other cancers and donate as often as a broke student can :)

  98. Hi!! I just wanted to let you know that you are a huge inspiration to me, and have been for a few years. I went through a really tough time, and you inspired me to start baking again, which has helped me greatly! Thank you :)

  99. I would host something in honor of my mother who is a survivor!

  100. Gorgeous mixer- I love love love pink! I’d host a tea with lots of sweet treats in honor of my Grammie who is a breast cancer survivor and still going strong!

  101. Love the color! Such a great cause! Could bake lots of goodies with this!!!

  102. Oh I love this color and I love your cakes. Would you ship to germany if I win the kitchenaid? :D :D

  103. I would love to host a party for my family where we would all make a bunch of sweet treats and then we would bring them to donate to our local hospital! To say thank you to all of the doctors and nurses that have been there when we needed them most! It was a very long road to recovery for my mom and it really helped her to have such wonderful people helping her get through this. I know its just a mixer but it would make it so much easier for us to make all of the delicious food for them. Also I wanted to say HI to you!!!

  104. We are hosting one of the stops for our neighborhood deck crawl; which would be a great opportunity to host a “pink” party! I think everyone would love to support such a wonderful cause.

  105. I want this really bad! This mixer is BEAUTIFUL!

  106. Beautiful mixer! I’d host a “just because” tea party for my girls & their friends.

  107. Beautiful mixer! Matches your beautiful heart! Thanks for sharing the info.

  108. I am amazed by the color and after I borrowed a KitchenAid from a friend when baking for my daughters birthday resently I really wish I could have one too.
    It would be an added bonus to have breastcancer cook fo the cure KitchenAid in my kitchen as mymum is a survivor, but it is always in the back of my ming that the cancer could come back.

  109. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  110. This is literally the EXACT mixer I’ve been wanting to purchase, just haven’t had the funds. I love baking for family, friends and neighbors and this would be a beautiful addition with a vibrant POP of color against my black kitchen appliances!

  111. I love this mixer :)

  112. I would love this mixer!! Ni!! I need this mixer lol

  113. I absolutely LOVE the color of that mixer! I would like to host any event that has tons of yummy sweets that I could bake up for friends and family to enjoy.

  114. It’s a beautiful color!

  115. I would use this stand mixer to bake for even more charities than I can currently bake for. I love baking for a great cause!

  116. My grandma passed away from cancer, only 5 months after my grandpa.. And she was a wonderful cook. Love you, Oma.

  117. Hi! and thank you for shedding light on this cause

  118. Hi!!!

    That color is amazing!!

  119. What a wonderful cause. It would be an awesome inspiration to party more often

  120. What a great idea! A friend of mine is having an “Iron Chef” party and I’m going to try to get her to register……one of the secret ingredients is strawberries.

  121. I’d love to throw a Pretty in Pink party! Pink champagne and all kinds of pink treats made with this gorgeous mixer … macaroons, cupcakes, sugar cookies …

  122. I miss having a stand mixer! Love to see good support for curing cancer.

  123. I’d love to throw a Pretty in Pink party! Pink champagne and all kinds of pink treats made with this gorgeous mixer … macaroons, cupcakes, sugar cookies …

  124. Love the color of that mixer! So gorgeous! I would want to host a BBQ. There’s nothing better than food cooked on a grill in the summer!

  125. I registered for the cook for a cure party! awesome!!

    Host ID: 12809

    There is my Host I.D. #:) thanks again!

    Joey J.

  126. It’s great that Kitchen Aid is partnering with Susan G Komen . . .could make a lot of pink ribbon cookies with this mixer!

  127. I’m going to be painting my kitchen and I would absolutely love to incorporate this beautiful mixer with my decor. Then of course through a get together party for just girls.

  128. I’d love to host a Pretty and Pink party! Pink champagne with all kinds of pink treats!

  129. I’d love to win this and use it to treat my beautiful friends to a fabulous cake party :)

  130. Hellooooo! That mixer is gorgeous! I’d host a tea and cake party with a selection of little cakes and I can think of a few ladies who would love to come =)

  131. An absolute inspirational color, to cook for a cure with it would be both an honor and a pleasure!

  132. I’ve had my eye on this raspberry ice color since last year – it’s gorgeous!

  133. I’m in love!!!!!

  134. This is a wonderful way to enlighten others of the breast cancer and celebrate those who have survived the strong fight. The raspberry pink is a great theme for the party.

  135. Love it!

  136. By winning this mixer I would love to host a cupcake party with my mom (breast cancer survivor), my sister and all the important ladies in my life. *Fingers crossed I get picked*

  137. Hi!

  138. As much as I LOVE the mixer & have been wanting one for forever, lol, this cause is very important to me!

    I had a grandmother pass away from breast cancer & I am passionate about bringing awareness & raising money for this cause!

    Thank you for the chance to win & more importantly, thank you for making this post to raise awareness!

    Joey J.

  139. Sooo pretty! Thanks for the chance!!

  140. Hi! I would love to win this

  141. Thank you so much for these amazing giveaways
    I love your blog

  142. I love it ! Its adorable (: great cause and foundation. Definitely has all my support

  143. Love the color! Would look phenomenal on my kitchen counter *wink wink*

  144. I would like to host a party for my mom. She died of a massive heart attack 5, 1994, she was 38. I would love for her to know how much I love her and appreciate her for all shes done for me.

  145. Hi! :-)

  146. Eu quero ganhar… Bjs

  147. Hi! Beautiful color. Love it.

  148. I would like to host an awesome bbq for my family as my brother and his wife are expecting a little one. :)

  149. I love this berry color! It’s so me!

  150. I’d love to host in honor of my loved ones who were taken by cancer.

  151. Beautiful mixer and an amazing cause.

  152. oh, today is my Birthday. That would be a lovely gift! :O)))))))
    Greetings from wonderland,

  153. Hi! This is for such a great cause!

  154. I’d host a girls’ night. :)

  155. I was JUST saying today how I need one of these mixers!!

  156. Gorgeous looking mixer!!!

  157. Great cause and great mixer (:

  158. Hi! Beautiful mixer, a dream for all who love and enjoy to bake and of course wonderful initiative from KitchenAid.

  159. I would love this mixer yet then again I would give it to my daughter. That is just who I am. A giver, never a taker. Love!

  160. I would host a dinner party. Nothing makes me happier than sitting around a table, sharing good food and conversation with good friends.

  161. I would love to have this so I can bake and fundraise for the cure! :)

  162. I like to do fundraisers, so I would use this mixer for a cure breast cancer fundraiser!

  163. Hi! :) I would love to host a girls night. And oh I love the color of the mixer!

  164. I would love to have a small girls’ night with little appetizers and cheesy movies. It’s been a while since we could all slow down and relax!

  165. Breast cancer is the one that gets all the press, but there are so many other cancers out there that I hope some of Komen’s money goes to something other than just breast cancer. That being said, I don’t begrudge breast cancer research, I just wish my mom was still with me. Ovarian cancer is very under the radar as far as cancers go, and I miss her terribly.

  166. Beautiful!!
    Would love to enjoy using it to keep adding baking memmories with my my two daughters.

  167. I just happen to be hosting a pampered chef party, does that count?

  168. I need this on my kitchen counter ????????

  169. Great cause! And this would be the best gift ever…especially for my mini cheesecakes :) Goodluck everyone!

  170. I would like to win this mixer as I’m very interested in making desserts and I would like to bake my own 21st birthday cake! :)

  171. I love to host a party for an occasion! This would be a great reason to host a party! A party for a cause! Oh the treats I could make for the party with that gorgeous mixer!
    Hi Bakerella!

  172. Pink ice cream party will be perfect on Mallorca summer.

  173. This would be great to win!!

  174. I love this mixer!!!! I am currently planning a back to school party for my kids… This would be wonderful and it’s a very special party for them one is going to preschool and the other high school! Please pick me!!!! :)

  175. Hi.. I would like to host a pink cup cake party for charity running !
    And this is absolutely fantastic !

  176. I would love to host an all PINK party :))

  177. I’d like to bake something for my mom…she’s a survivor…aloha from Hawaii

  178. I would like to have a cupcake party with peeps on top in honor of my Aunt Ginger Confair who died from Breast Cancer when I was really young. Peeps were her favorite so were cupcakes

  179. A BBQ at the beach is the best with family and friends.Good chance to get together for a good cause!

  180. I would make some treats to sell and donate to breast cancer

  181. I’m a fan of tea parties with lots of adorable pink desserts would be so much fun!

  182. Beautiful mixer!

  183. Love the color and the cause!

  184. Would live a chance to make some special treats for people near and dear who are fighting a good fight against cancer. Thanks for the opportunity!

  185. I would love to win to bake for my sisters mother in law we just found out she had cancer :(

  186. Beautiful color and wonderful cause!

  187. I love the color of this Kitchen Aid. And I think it’s a great action for the Brand.

  188. Having a party or a dinner to celebrate the pink with my friends will be easy to do at least once a week at my house with my week end gatherings. I would love to help my friends and myself become more aware of supporting the cure for breast cancer.

    Host ID: 12807

  189. This is a beautiful mixer! I just LOVE Kitchen Aid! Many of my aunts have battled with breast cancer, so I am elated to hear that they are promoting this cause!

  190. it is awesome i would love to have it

  191. Gorgeous mixer!!

    Love the meaning behind it and would love to be able to support it!

  192. Beautiful idea & beatiful KA!!

  193. I would bake my heart out for all the lovely women I know that have fought through and beat breast cancer and to celebrate the lives of the ones that didn’t make it through the battle.

  194. I will host a backyard BBQ in honor of my cousin and uncle. She has survived thyroid cancer and my uncle lost his battle with cancer 2 years ago.

  195. A great cause.

  196. I would love to give this to my aunt, a breast cancer survivor!

  197. Everything you make is so lovely- and this is such a great cause!!

  198. I’d love to have this mixer to make a special dessert for my husband for our anniversary!

  199. Great cause. With my company we do fundraisers for the American cancer society twice a year and I always do what. O can to help raise money.

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