Flower Bouquet Cake Pops

Flower Bouquet Cake Pops

I’m sharing these easy flower bouquets today… just in time for Mother’s Day.

There are endless ways to make flower cake pops. I’m blown away by all the amazing designs you guys have created and it makes my heart happy to see how much fun this website has inspired and how creative everyone’s cake pop designs have become. You can use candies for petals, flower cookie cutters to shape your dough, molds to make flowering attachments, fondant for flower petal details, you can pipe swirly tops on roses and even use cupcake wrappers as backers to do most of the decorating. Then you can gift them grouped together for a beautiful bouquet. I bet if you did a search for flower cake pops, you’d be busy for days at all the different ways you can celebrate cake and flowers combined into one cute little treat.

Well here’s another little way that brings cute and cake together. In this design the cake pop is its own bouquet. Give them in a group piped in pastel colors or simply share them individually with a sweet little tag and make someone smile… like Mom! These would even be cute for baby or bridal showers or weddings with coordinating colors. So many options and the best part is they are easy to decorate.

Crumbling cake

You’ll need to make basic cake pops. Crumbled cake, mixed with frosting and rolled into bite-size balls.


Then it’s time to get down to decorating.

Dipping Cake Pops

First up, dip your stick about two inches in green candy coating and let start to dry. Then insert the dipped tip about halfway into a slightly flattened cake ball.

When dry, dip the uncoated cake ball in melted candy wafers in the color of your choice and let dry. Then dot on more melted coating with a toothpick or squeeze bottle. I used a toothpick and dotted it on. These can be random sizes and shapes.

Piping petals

There’s no need for perfection because we’re going to swirl on more coating to resemble petals… or at least insinuate petals. At this scale, tiny little swirls are all you really need. Again, I used a toothpick dipped in melted candy coating that I made lighter by mixing with white wafers. I let the coating drip off the toothpick and used the coating that was dangling to land on the pop and then swirl in a circular motion to draw. Does that make sense. I wish I had a live action shot or at least a fourth hand so I could have taken a pic, but it’s easy. Just start playing and you’ll get it. The key is fluid coating so you can make thin lines.

Flower Bouquet Cake Pops

To finish the stems, use a toothpick dipped in remaining melted green candy wafers to layer on more stems for bulk.

Then if you want a little more detail, apply more random dots of coating and drop nonpareils on the cake pop over a large dish to reuse any that fall off. Wrap the stems in ribbon to make them super sweet.

If you’ve made flower cake pops, share a link below, I’d love to see what you’ve been doing!

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  41. Bakerella, I love following your posts. My daughter is getting married and we are making cake pops for favors. How far ahead can we safely make these as you know how busy last days leading up to the wedding can be. Also, can we refrigerate them after they are dipped and decorated or do they crack in the cold? One last question. How do you prevent the chocolate shell from cracking after you dip them. I am assuming you have to let them warm up slightly after you take them out of the freezer or do you put them in the fridge and not the freezer? Thanks for your expert advice.

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