Sweets for People

I don’t have one recipe for you today. Nope not one.

But how does six sound?

Pretty sweet I hope and I wanted to tell you where you can find them. I’ve been working with my friends over at for the last several weeks to revisit some of their celebrity recipes and it’s been fun to be featured on the site. Below are six sweet switch ups I’ve created for them so far. Hope you like them and if you want to keep up with me over there, follow me on twitter for my latest treats.

But for now… enjoy these sweet links.


Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies.
These cookies with a kick were the latest recipe they featured. So good. A little spicy and a whole lot of yum!



Bunny Bark.
I made this easy treat leading up to Easter. Still perfect for spring and summer or you can switch it up with other candies and colors for any occasion.



Boozy Birthday Cake Shakes.
Ice cream, sprinkles and a little cake flavored fun to celebrate.



Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes.
I love chocolate and bananas and I love them even more in pancakes stacked and covered in syrup.



Brownie Bon Bons.
Quick and easy brownie balls dipped and covered in confetti sprinkles. A party in every bite. The instructions will work with any basic brownie recipe (homemade or from a box). There’s no frosting needed since brownies are already so moist and fudgy on their own.



Monster Cookie Bars.
These big bars are chocked full of chips, candies and even cranberries. Mix them up with your favorite add-ins.

And coming up next week……… Nutella Cinnamon Roll Muffins. So yum yum!


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30 comments on “Sweets for People”

  1. Eat More Dessert
    Meringue Girls
    Cupcakes & Parties
    Pure Vanilla
    Surprise-Inside Cakes

  2. Surprise inside cakes, eat more desserts, cup cakes and parties, merinigue girls, glorious layered desserts.

  3. This recipe is soooooo delicious. I made the Monster Bars for my little sister and she loved them. Your blog has so many great and original ideas. I myself have a blog but it is nothing compared to yours. If you ever want to check it out and give me some tips that would be very much appreciated.
    My blog is

  4. Yummy! Loves the bunny bark.. I am drooling here.

    1st time in your kitchen and loves this webspace. Keep up the good work.

    See you sometime soon at CheenaChatti

  5. you* Sorry for the mistake ^ ^_^

  6. It looks yummy! I really love all sweets you make.I’m your biggest fan.When are yo doing another kitchenaid giveaway? I really need one but when I come I can not participate because you already have a winner :(

  7. Those monster cookie bars???? I’m dying over here…

  8. I had to make some chocolate bark after seeing yours! So I followed what you did with a milk chocolate base and white chocolate on top and then sprinkled it with crushed smarties. It is definitely a crowd pleaser!

  9. The Bunny Bark Looks like a lot of fun.

  10. I love everything you make.

  11. Oh my good lord lady why you do this to me I’m so hungry

  12. Too many desserts!!!, i don’t know how to start… to make each of them!!

    Loves from Chile


  13. So glad I typed in “” today. The brownie bon bons (dressed as ladybugs) will make a happy fourth on my team of treats for a ladies small group in a couple weeks. My trio of birthday cake truffles, chocolate chip cookie dough cake truffles, and pink lemonade cake pops welcome you little brownie bon bons. So happy to have you. Thank you Bakerella. ????

  14. I’ve just found your blog and you have made me want to get in the kitchen!


  15. Simply just lovely.

    I got hungry for fun:-)
    Love sweet thing like all yours……….

    The other day my friend baked this straberry cake:

    Love from Denmark

  16. Yum-yummy! You always share the most delicious looking recipes, Bakerella! You rock! :D So excited for those nutella muffins {drool!!}.

  17. Qué maravilla de selección! Las cookies me han dejado sin palabras y las tortitas… madre mia que hambre!

  18. love the bunny bark!

  19. you have certainly got skill! you make beautiful treats!

  20. I don’t know if I could choose which one of these is my favorite. They all look so good and FUN! :)

  21. Each of these is worth every calorie!

  22. I MUST have Mexican chocolate, but they all look great :D

  23. they’re all delicious, I’ll try, thanks for the recipes

  24. I want to try everything! The monster cookie bars look especially amazing :-)

  25. I have been wanting to make chocolate bark since I stumbled across it a few months ago but still haven’t had the chance to. Your bunny bark looks amazing!

  26. I love the looks of all the recipes, the Bunny Bark and Brownie Bon-bons would make nice gifts/party favours I think : )
    Nutella Cinnamon Roll Muffins sound like the ultimate treat… how exciting!

  27. First comment! My dreams are coming true!
    okay, so Im a fifteen year old fan from a country named Oman (Google it!)
    Any ways, LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
    You practically taught me how to bake.
    *Too many exclamation marks* :)

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