Super Sweet Sharks

Shark Week Pops

Look at these cute little sharkies. Did you know it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel and Shark Fest on National Geographic … and I finally made some cake pops to go along with it. I’ve been wanting to make these for more than a couple of years now, but I always think about it when Shark Week is over. Not this year though. I’m only a couple of days in to all the tv programming, so there’s still plenty of shark shows to go and I’ll be chomping on these over the next few days. : )

Red Velvet Cake Pops

Want to make some, too?

Start out by making basic cake pops (instructions here) rolling the balls slightly larger than usual. Then use the directions below to decorate them.

Obviously, red velvet cake is the only way to go here.

Candy Wafer Fins

I didn’t really have anything perfect on hand for the fins, so I improvised by cutting curved shapes out of candy wafers.

There are two different shapes here. The top left is made by cutting a curved section out of the wafer and then cutting it again kind of parallel to the first cut so you end up with a small dorsel fin (top) shape.

The bottom shapes are made by cutting a small curved piece away from a candy wafer and then cutting the wafer in half. These are for the pectoral fins (side) shapes. These pieces will be attached to the cake shape before dipping so that when the cake pop is removed from the melted coating, the attached pieces will help create the final shark.

Sweet Sharks

Like so.

Okay let’s decorate this guy…

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