Tinsel and Twirl Giveaway

I have a sweet holiday giveaway for you today from my friend Cupcake Julie’s holiday shop… Tinsel and Twirl. Julie’s my friend who has the amazing holiday decorations for Christmas each year including the house-sized nutcrackers that she and her husband hand made (Check out this post and this one too). The first time I saw her decorations I was amazed by how many sweet-themed ornaments she had managed to find or even make! And I knew right away that my next tree would definitely have to be sugar coated.

Below are some of the ornaments on my tree right now that I have from her shop.

Ice cream cones, candy garland and cookie pops!

Cake Pops and Gingerbread houses!

Cute and colorful Gingerbread Boys… and girls!

Gumball glass ornaments.

And lots of these little guys. They’re fun and flexible and love to hang out on the tree.

Want to see more?

Here are some of her other decorations that I couldn’t resist.

So cute!

Want to sugar coat your tree, too?
Love sweet soldiers, need the cutest elves or the most adorable ornaments?

Visit Tinsel and Twirl to check it all out. If you see something you like, use discount code: BAKERELLA25 through Saturday, December 20th and get 25% off your entire order.

But wait…

I’m also giving away a $200 Tinsel and Twirl Gift Certificate for one lucky winner to shop for their favorites.

  • To enter for a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post and tell me the last gift you purchased for someone.
  • Deadline to enter is Friday, December 19th, 2014 at 12 midnight ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Saturday on this post.

Good Luck!


I’m excited to announce that the winner of the Tinsel and Twirl Giveaway is Comment #1020!

Congratulations Karen! Hope you have fun shopping all the sweet decorations and Happy Holidays!

Giveaway sponsored by me because I love this stuff. 

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1,506 comments on “Tinsel and Twirl Giveaway”

  1. We just got back from a vacation in Ireland & we bought a bunch of things for family & friends – t-shirts, hats, glasses, sweaters, jewelry.

  2. The last gift I purchased was a Venture Brothers bed set for my brother.

  3. I bought our secret snowflake family’s children Santa pez machines with extra Pez candy.

  4. I bought the book “A Christmas Wish” for my girls.

  5. Just bought a wool sweater for the husband, I hope it fits!!!

  6. A skateboard for my son :)

  7. The last thing I bought were Starbucks gift cards for my daughter’s teacher and bus driver.

  8. I ordered a flag for my son.

  9. Such cute decorations!

    Last gift I purchased was for my hubby’s dad…Perky Turkey Jerky!

  10. The last gift I bought was for my daughter . I bought her a kitchen aid meat grinder attachment! She loves to cook and bake and will love to have this to go with her mixer. I am still no where near done with my shopping!!!!!

  11. I bought a Spa Towel Wrap for my sister :)

  12. The last gift I bought was a ceramic Starbucks cup and some tinted lip treatment for a few friends!

  13. I bought a juggling set for my nephew.

  14. I got the full series of Scooby Doo on DVD!

  15. I bought a Nintendo Wii U game for my husband.

  16. Buzz McQueen car

  17. A “cocoa for two ” set for my niece and her boyfriend.

  18. I love your friend’s style! The last gift I purchased was socks for my Mom (her request).

  19. Amazon gift cards for my kids’ stockings!

  20. I bought an angel worry stone as a Secret Santa gift

  21. I just bought slippers…for myself!

  22. I love all the “sweet” ornaments! Yesterday I found an ornament that says 100% American Hero and has a space for a picture. I have a nephew who is currently stationed in Afghanistan who was recently injured. It will bring a smile and probably a tear to my sister, but she will love it. Merry Christmas to you and thank you for offering this great give-a-way!

  23. Gift cards for cousins.

  24. A perfume for mt mom.

  25. The last gift my husband and I purchased was a set of copper mugs.

  26. So many great ideas!
    I ordered a table tennis trainer. It will be the grand prize for the winner of our annual Christmas Ping Pong tournament.

  27. I was given fantastic tickets last year to a hockey game and took my granddaughter on a date. She loved it (and the cotton candy), so I purchased matching hockey shirts and tickets for that cutie and me–

  28. itunes gift card for my nephew

  29. A bright red toaster for my aunt. Happy holidays and thanks for sharing!

  30. Last gift was for my grandbabies – wait I think all the gifts I have bought are for my grandbabies. Just love them so.

  31. I just Purchased an ornament for my bff

  32. I bought a candle at prosperity candle, where the profits go to young mothers trying to make a living for their family, as a hostess gift.

  33. Pajamas for my dad.

  34. I just bought my bff an ornament.

  35. A gift card for my sister

  36. A gift card for my sister

  37. Boxing gloves for my hubby.

  38. I bought a gift card for my Mom’s husband. Not the most creative, but it’s what he asks for.

  39. I bought a bunch of Christmas gifts Saturday – one was “Food:A Love Story” by Jim Gaffigan.

  40. I got my son some well needed Asics tennis shoes for school.

  41. Pj’s for my daughter

  42. My last gift purchased included a stop at BBW to pick up a basket full of lotions for the nurses and CNAs who loving care for my dad in a memory care facility.

  43. Build a Bears for both my boys! It’s become a tradition every year!

  44. Popcorn bucket and movie gift certificates!

  45. A stuffed penguin!

  46. a nice bottle of bourbon and some organic apple cider as a bundle!

  47. Love these ornaments! I bought a Harry Potter light up wand for my 5 yo grandson.

  48. A deep fryer for my husband so that I can fry him fish! Lol

  49. I bought a pair of polarised shades for my husband. He lost his and refused to buy another pair, but he has very sensitive light blue eyes. So I went ahead and bought him a new pair ??

  50. I bought a soccer ball and net for my son!

  51. Lego duplo for miss three

  52. I got a pretty necklace that raises cancer for my sister

  53. 3 Starbucks gift cards for teachers.

  54. I just bought cologne and a work bag for my boyfriend :)

  55. The last thing I bought was Walkers Shortbread Cookies for my moms stocking!!

  56. A whole bunch of my mother’s favorite candies (7 lbs) for the staff at her retirement community.

  57. A book for my sister

  58. I bought a small Christmas cactus and put it sticking out of a holiday bag as a hostess gift for a party I went to Sunday.

  59. I bought chocolates and pudding wine for my kids teachers. Such a small thank you for such a big job!

  60. Wooden playfood donuts for my little munchkin! And a Bobles donut in purple (one of many different play pieces brilliant for developing the little ones motorskills from the Danish brand Bobles)

  61. The last thing I bought for someone was a bag of “pepernoten” for my bestie :)

  62. Some shirts for my husband.

  63. I just purchased a winter coat for my 10 year old daughter!

  64. Vermont flannel shirts for my daughter and her boyfriend! I can’t wait to watch them open them!!!

  65. Japanese teapot for my mother.

  66. Hello, the last present I purchased was a pair of stunning red pumps for my eighteen year-old fashionista daughter.

  67. Legos for my nieces for Christmas!

  68. Bought Seahawks jerseys for my 2 and 5 year old boys. Go Hawks!!

  69. The last present I bought was for my friend (I guess). It was a photo album with photos of our summer vacation in Italy! Excuse my bad English. xoxo

  70. The last gift I purchased was some cool clothes for my god son.

  71. Cute pictue frame for my daughter.

  72. Lingerie bags for family friends’ girls

  73. Perfume for my darling daughter

  74. memory card for digital frame for mil

  75. The very last gift I bought was just this morning, and it was for… um, well… me. Thanks for the fun give-away:@)

  76. Star Wars themed Trouble board game for my nieces and nephew!

  77. I bought pajama pants for my boyfriend :)

  78. A lot of stocking stuffers:-)

  79. I just bought a bunch of stocking stuffers from the Ohio Museum Shop in our State House.

  80. A saddle for the keikis

  81. A handmade teddy bear f

  82. A play kitchen for my granddaughter.

  83. I bought a drink dispenser with matching mason jar cups and paper straws for my friend.

  84. a dvd movie planes fire and rescue for my son (who is on the Autism Spectrum).

  85. coincidentally, a bakers’ scale for my sister

  86. Glass ornaments, handmade by the glassblower at the living history village where I work.

  87. Ornaments for my daughter :)

  88. A ticket for a rock concert for my dad

  89. Christmas ornaments!

  90. I just broke down and bought a new Y Volution Scooter my son found in the store a month ago… I know he will be elated:)

  91. The best Christmas gift I ever gave was a mini Oregon Duck cheerleading uniform for my little cousin. She looked so adorable!

  92. the last gift I bought were some gingerbread latte and mince pie bonbons for my boyfriend xxx

  93. I bought some clothes and a game for my daughter.

  94. Pendants, ‘I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck’ for the girls in my family…in remembrance of our Bumpa (grandfather). I was so excited to find them!

  95. I just finished up stocking stuffers for my girls yesterday.

  96. I bought my niece the cutest pair of Christmas knee high’s to wear while she plays volleyball- red & white stripes and fur at the top!!

  97. The very last thing I bought was a ton of cake/cupcake decorating supplies from Layer Cake Shop for my teenage girls!
    They love to bake and decorate for all of the holidays!

  98. Last gift I bought was a magic bullet for my mom!

  99. I bought my husband a jacket from his favorite soccer team.

  100. The last gift I bought was a book by G.R.R. Martin for my father, who loves this kind of stuff….and in the same shop, I also bought a 3D puzzle of a lighthouse that actually lights up, for my husband

  101. just bought boots today for my husband

  102. Last gift I bought was a sweater for my 13 year old niece!

  103. A child’s trampoline for my autistic son who needs to have more leg strength and balance in his daily routine . It was the best gift for him.

  104. i bought my friend a cat keychain!!!

  105. i bought toys for my kids.they love playmobils and they had a great time trying to pick their favourite ones!

  106. The last gift I bought was a makeup set for my sister.

  107. A Secret Santa gift for a neighbor…it was a tank top for her gym class.

  108. The last gift I bought was an official NBA Spalding basketball for my godson who lives in France and loves the Pacers!

  109. The last gift I bought was a dog for my husband :). Her name is Kiwi !

  110. the last gift I purchased was a gym membership for my amazing 81 year old dad!!!

  111. A gift to my sister: I bought a flight ticket to Switzerland for me and I am the gift :))
    And now seriously, I bought a customized dreidel for Hannuka for my nieces.

  112. The last thing I bought is a game of thrones comic book for my boyfriend! It will go under the christmas tree!

  113. I just bought a couple of dress shirts for my brother!

  114. I just bought my daughter a Frozen Book (from Santa)!

  115. An Olaf stuffed animal for my neice ;)

  116. Bought a kiddo recliner for my cousin’s little one. He’ll be 2 in April, I think he’s going to LOVE it!

  117. The last gift I bought was a single serve coffee maker for my best friend.

  118. Beautiful.
    Last gift was for my husband’s grandparents!

  119. A book for my husband….

  120. The last gift I bought was a bottle of Crown Royal for my father for Christmas!

  121. Actually, to tell the truth, I bought myself a jawbone so I could finally start doing something to be able to co to ie yo indulge in all the goodies!!

  122. A Lady and the Tramp Lobby Card from the movie release. My oldest son collects movie memorabilia.

  123. A tommy bahama t shirt

  124. Hi Bakerella!

    I love it how you always make people happy with fun stuff! And of course with your cute cupcakes and cakepops ;)
    The last gift I bought was for my stepmom: I gave her a home-made ‘giftcart’ for a cup of tea and a piece of cake in a fancy coffee shop in our town… She loved it!

  125. We bought our daughter a Fitbit today, hope she’ll love it :-).

  126. What a cute shop! The last present I bought was some soap from Lush.

  127. I bought 2 stackable Pandora rings for my sister

  128. i think it was some toys (mini basketball hoop, thomas train, and spinning chair) all for the kiddo

  129. The last gift I bought was perfume for my mom :)

  130. New dog training dvds for my honey.

  131. Hi! The last thing I bought…. a beautiful snowman mug!

  132. A beginner skateboard for our son. :)

  133. Thigh high heeled boots for my sister inlaw that she’s been dying to get :)

  134. The last thing I purchased was a CD of folk music for my sister’s boyfriend. That was my last bit of Christmas shopping, so now it’s done!

  135. Pjs for my daughters.

  136. I bought a black blouse for my aunt for Christmas plus some makeup organizers for my nieces. :)

  137. A gift for my mother who loves Paris – a large door sticker with Eiffel Tower!

  138. Our immediate family draws names and I drew my middle daughter’s name. I got her a Macy’s gift card, a gift card for a mani/pedi, a bottle of “Middle Sister wine” and an ornament.

  139. I bought a minion blanket for my sister-in-law because every year I buy her something Despicable Me themed. :D

  140. I just purchased (literally 5 mins ago) a Fuji instant camera for my daughter in a pretty turquoise color :)

  141. 1 kilo of English drop (Dutch candy) for my dear friend who was sad because she lost a relative.

  142. christmas candles for my boss

  143. Just great! Thanks for the chance to win. I’d love to be the lucky one.

  144. Boy outfit for local orphanage Christmas party

  145. Arc mouse and a case.

  146. The last thing I bought was an American Girl doll for my eight yr. old daughter. She’s been asking for one for years.

  147. I bought a friend a good bottle of wine!

  148. Giant cookie cutter, shaped as a snowflake for my baking buddy!!! ????

  149. I bought and decoupaged a box, and also made and sent cookies to friends for Christmas.

  150. The last gift I bought was a ceramic deer head ornament for one of my daughters.

  151. White and dark chocolate to make peppermint bark for Xmas gifts for friends…. :)

  152. I bought a pair of turquoise earrings, and a box of Li-Lac Chocolates from New York for dear friends.

  153. In Bakerella spirit….I bought ingredients & baked cookies & cakes all weekend for family & friends!

  154. Gold coins for stocking stuffers-chocolate gold coins that is…

  155. I bought my daughter a babydoll.

  156. Flip flops for my husband.

  157. The last thing I bought was a canvas picture of our baby daughter for my mother and one for my mother inlaw

  158. The last gift I bought someone was a chocolate gift set from Gertrude Hawk. ????

  159. the last thing I bought were some fluffy house shoes for my brother

  160. I bought my Granddaughter the Cutest hand made Gingerbread outfit for Christmas.

  161. a bowl to make bread in for my son

  162. The last gift I bought for someone was a bluetooth shower speaker for my roommate!

  163. i bought a baby outfit for my nephew who was just born proud auntie

  164. Got some work shoes for my mom.

  165. Legos for my girls, but I’m in the process of making gingerbread cookies for a friend.

  166. A FurReal kitty for my little girl :)

  167. I purchased a Snap Circut kit for my daughter. :)

  168. The last thing I bought was for my granddaughter, a stuffed Hello Kitty. She is going to be thrilled.

  169. A couple of spinning cake stands for my friends at baking school. :)

  170. I bought The Walking Dead pajama pants for my dad. He loves that show!

  171. I bought a Scarf and a hand bag for my sister christmas present.

  172. I just bought my daughter some slippers from LLBean!

  173. An orange suitcase lock!

  174. Cheeseburger socks for my husband!

  175. The last thing i bought is a christmas gift for my youngest daughter…. i came home and let her open it…. i suck at keeping things a secret. now i have to go out and buy another toy! it was my little pony toys.

  176. Cheeseburger socks for my husband!

  177. A scent warmer!

  178. i bought macadamia nuts for my dog walker!

  179. So it wasn’t technically me, but I took my five year old to buy a stuffed bear for his baby brother. He picked out the gift himself and paid for it with his own money. It was so sweet!

  180. I bought two sets of Hello Kitty culinary for my cousins!!!

  181. Some “Crazy Aaron’s Silly Putty” for my daughters stocking .. Wish I could have bought them all! Hehe :)

  182. A Panera gift card for my Secret Santa recipient.

  183. Last thing I purchased was my little cousin’s pajamas :)

  184. Minecraft cookie cutters set

  185. The last thing I bought was pajamas for my little cousin.

  186. I got a book for a boy i babysit.

  187. Today I bought cute pjs for my sister in law!

  188. I caved and bought a Frozen doll–Anna to be exact for my daughter and Thomas the train for my son!

  189. I bought a Victorian style dress for my daughter.

  190. I bought a Care Bear for my daughter, who asked Santa for a “bear in a box.”

  191. An iron I bought online–the practical gift-giver I am!–came in the mail just today! I would love to see these ornaments on the tree–a bit of whimsy for the serious gifts underneath. :-)

  192. Some gift cards.

  193. A Minnie Mouse doll

  194. The last thing was a holiday tin of mixed nuts, that I included in a package to my sister.

  195. I bought an ornament for my mom!

  196. I bought cookie cutters for my daughter to make Ugly Christmas Sweater cookies.

  197. I just bought a bunch of bath goodies from Lush for my sister in law.

  198. Snow boots for the angel tree.

  199. I knitted a pair of fingerless gloves for my grandma ????

  200. I cute pair of Zebra “jammies” for my daughter…

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