Tinsel and Twirl Giveaway

I have a sweet holiday giveaway for you today from my friend Cupcake Julie’s holiday shop… Tinsel and Twirl. Julie’s my friend who has the amazing holiday decorations for Christmas each year including the house-sized nutcrackers that she and her husband hand made (Check out this post and this one too). The first time I saw her decorations I was amazed by how many sweet-themed ornaments she had managed to find or even make! And I knew right away that my next tree would definitely have to be sugar coated.

Below are some of the ornaments on my tree right now that I have from her shop.

Ice cream cones, candy garland and cookie pops!

Cake Pops and Gingerbread houses!

Cute and colorful Gingerbread Boys… and girls!

Gumball glass ornaments.

And lots of these little guys. They’re fun and flexible and love to hang out on the tree.

Want to see more?

Here are some of her other decorations that I couldn’t resist.

So cute!

Want to sugar coat your tree, too?
Love sweet soldiers, need the cutest elves or the most adorable ornaments?

Visit Tinsel and Twirl to check it all out. If you see something you like, use discount code: BAKERELLA25 through Saturday, December 20th and get 25% off your entire order.

But wait…

I’m also giving away a $200 Tinsel and Twirl Gift Certificate for one lucky winner to shop for their favorites.

  • To enter for a chance to win, just leave a comment on this post and tell me the last gift you purchased for someone.
  • Deadline to enter is Friday, December 19th, 2014 at 12 midnight ET. Sorry, Time’s Up! Winner announced below.
  • One lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Saturday on this post.

Good Luck!


I’m excited to announce that the winner of the Tinsel and Twirl Giveaway is Comment #1020!

Congratulations Karen! Hope you have fun shopping all the sweet decorations and Happy Holidays!

Giveaway sponsored by me because I love this stuff. 

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1,506 comments on “Tinsel and Twirl Giveaway”

  1. A book for my oldest daughter.

  2. I just bought 12 pairs of stainless steel chopsticks at an estate sale this weekend for my daughter who came back from studying in HK last term.

  3. I bought my wonderful son-in-law Under Armour clothing-he is a coach!

  4. Last night I bought stocking stuffers for the three kids at the cutest retro candy shop in town

  5. hand soap and an ornament for friends.

  6. A trio of flavored Olive Oils for my mother-in-law!

  7. I bought teethers for my 3 month old daughter for Christmas! This is her first Christmas. ????

  8. the last gift I bought were 2 outfits for some residents at a nursing home.

  9. I bought my daughter a sewing machine.

  10. I got a nativity gnome set for my neighbor. We have been putting things in each others garden’s for years. She puts flamingo’s in my yard I put gnomes in hers.

  11. Diamond Candle for my niece.

  12. I bought a Corvette shirt for my husband.

  13. Basketball tickets for my husband!

  14. A Coat for my daughter

  15. Purple Ugg boots for my grandaughter! She will be sooo excited.

  16. This weekend we purchased gifts for children in our school district who needed some help this Christmas. My kids did extra chores to earn the money to buy the gifts themselves. It’s a new tradition that we love!

  17. A coffee hut gift card for a retiring co worker!

  18. The last gift that I bought for someone was a thermometer/barbeque fork. He’s forever wondering if the meat is done.

  19. My last gift will be today at 1:30. I am taking my 96 year old aunt to have her hair done. I have a box of home made cookies that I made for her. She uses a walker and can’t get out of the house much so this excursion is such a treat for her. Hope we can go to lunch also.

  20. I bought soup and dip mixes fir my family from The Women’s Bean Project, a local organization that helps homeless women get back on their feet by giving them jobs. They’re a wonderful organization and their food is delicious!

  21. Some clothes for angel tree recipients

  22. beautiful handmade baby blankets for my sister who had a baby

  23. I just purchased a Lego Eiffel Tower Set for my Dad- he’s an architect!

  24. The last gift I purchased was clothing for my husband.

  25. I bought my mom a snuggle plaid and two Alice Munro novels since she loves her style :-) Thank you!

  26. some clothes for some angel tree recipients

  27. Last gift I purchased… My 9 year old came home from school the other day with a letter written to dad and I that he wanted the Anki Drive Starter Kit. And he went on and on in detail about it and the price. So when I looked it up, I am not sure if he knows all about it, but it looks cool. It is a car racing track that is attached to your iPod. There is no shooting, so why not! Ordered it 5 minutes later!

  28. I bought a dollhouse for my granddaughter. Now I just have to decorate it!!

  29. I bought a pair of boots for my daughter.

  30. I bought a theme park annual pass for my son! Hope he likes it!

  31. Chocolate bar candy maker for my son!

  32. Skylanders Trap Force for my boys!

  33. The last gift I purchased was a serving platter for my mother.

  34. Love these ornaments! How “sweet”!

  35. Some handmade ornaments for my kids.

  36. I got my husband the most awesome Batman footie pajamas! They have a cape and a hood with a mask! I can’t wait to see his face when he opens them!

  37. A scooter for my daughter.

  38. So many cute things I could add to my sugarplum tree!!

  39. A Yeti tumbler for my Dad

  40. Board games for my grandkids. I’m so glad they like to play these and opt out of the techie stuff for a while.

  41. Legos for my favorite little guy :)

  42. We all chipped in to buy my neighbor a heated jacket for when he’s stuck working outside this winter :)

  43. I purchased a Swarovski ornament for my mom.

  44. I bought my niece a hot pink guitar string bracelet.

  45. Yesterday I bought a turkey, ham, potatoes, carrots, stuffing mix, and cranberry sauce to give to a family at my church that’s going through a rough patch right now so they can have a nice Christmas dinner.

  46. A cake plate that I am hand painting for my sister-in-love!

  47. I purchased a designer handbag for my skating choreographer!

  48. a bed fan for my son.

  49. I just picked up the last gift on my son’s Christmas list..a Josh Harrison (Pittsburgh Pirates) t shirt!

  50. Such cute ornaments!!! :)
    The last thing I bought for someone was a brand new starbucks mug!

  51. A stuffed sloth with a book to match for my granddaughter.

  52. A 1940’s radio for my husband

  53. How about made? I just finished making my Aunt’s gift….a shawl. I also just finished making four new stockings.

  54. I just purchased a Gotz doll from PBK for my daughter on their 40% off sale! She can wash and style the hair. She’s wanted an Anerican Girl doll but the Gotz doll was a third the price on sale, good deal!

  55. i bought a bunch of airplane bottles for a work party gift swap :)

  56. I bought Target gift cards and chocolate for my boys teachers.

  57. I bought a lip gloss set for the teenager who babysits for us.

  58. Last thing I bought was a gift card for my dad, and now my shopping is done!

  59. The last thing I bought was a really cute mother daughter necklace for my mum from Etsy! <3 These ornaments are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!

  60. A Dress for my Momma!!

  61. I bought 2 vintage frames and a candy jar for a newly wed couple friends of mine :)

  62. A Baby’s First Christmas sleeper for my BFF’s 8 week old daughter! It’s so cute, the feet are reindeer!

  63. I biught Walking Dead pajama pants for my dad. He loves that show!

  64. I just purchased pajamas for all 14 of my grandchildren. They can always use cuddly pajamas.

  65. The last things I bought were clothes and essentials for a homeless young man my daughter and son-in-law took into their home to live so he could finish high school. They are an amazing couple!!

  66. Fuzzy slippers for my mom.

  67. The last gift I got was a mug with some tea for my Secret Santa!

  68. A book on London

  69. I bought a beautiful snow globe for my daughter!

  70. O’Charleys gift cards for friends and family

  71. A Night at the Opera- Queen on vinyl

  72. I purchased two German hand painted ornaments for my mom

  73. I just bought a Minnie Mouse BOWtique Kitchen for my niece :)

  74. A bottle of wine for a coworker.

  75. The last gift I purchased was a Pandora charm for my mother-in-law – for her Christmas Gift.

  76. A PS4 for my son!

  77. Candy to tuck in my husband’s suitcase for his business trip. It fits with the theme!

  78. I last bought a Disney ornament for our neighbor.

  79. I purchased a food mill/juicer for my boyfriend. We are trying our hand at homemade wine!

  80. I picked up stocking stuffers for my son and a variety of fun toys for my baby girl over the weekend. I do not recommend hitting up Toy R Us right now, for the record.

  81. I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. The last gift I purchased was a pretty Christmas plate for a co worker who loves to bake.

  82. I bought a sweater for my grandma!

  83. Nordstrom sweater for my boyfriend

  84. I love them all so adorable, my grandaughter will love them

  85. Chocolate and candy for stocking stuffers. And maybe a little for me…

  86. A white elephant gift!

  87. I bought some Bath & Body lip gloss to finish out my nieces’ gifts.

  88. Scarves for co-workers

  89. bought a cookbook from Oh she Glows blog for our preschool teacher :)

  90. The last gift that I purchased was a onesie & some cute little sox for my baby Grandson.

  91. An artisinal pressed fruit and nut bar from for my in-laws!

  92. I bought socks for my husband. He likes patterns ;).

  93. I just bought a hiking guide to the area my in-laws are about to move to, they love to hike and will have a whole new area to explore.

  94. A personalized book for my niece.

  95. OMG cutest stuff ever!!! The last gift I purchased was a science kit to make your own slime for my 9 year old son (who is getting hard to shop for without breaking the bank!)

  96. OMG…. BEYOND CUTE!!! Thanks for the chance to win. I bought my husband two pairs of new jeans yesterday morning.

  97. I have a white tree that I decorate entirely with gingerbread and sweets! I even made cake pops last year to stuff in the tree!

  98. coca cola playing cards for an out of town guest…

  99. a banana ‘ice cream’ maker for my daughter.

  100. An Xbox marvel game for my daughter, that’s all she wanted. :)

  101. For a Christmas surprise, I bought my husband a cruise with his friends.

  102. photo books from shutterfly!

  103. I bought a toy airplane for my son. :)

  104. I just finished my Christmas shopping with a cute blue bird butter dish for my best friend.

  105. I bought my best friend macaron pajamas and sent them to her in Germany! Its where her husband is stationed now in the air force….

  106. I finally finished and bought our family calendar for my Mother-in-law.

  107. The lay gift I bought was for my dad a record player to play his records ????

  108. I bought the movie Dolphin Tale 2 for my daughter

  109. Just delivered yesterday. 2 beautiful crackle wine glasses, a bottle of their favorite wine and a silly but cute ugly Christmas tree sweater that lights up, for on the bottle! (purchased the glasses and sweater from Pier One) Filled the glasses with Hershey’s hugs and Kisses and put on their dining room table as a surprise. They LOVED it! And I LOVE giving!! Love to come up with neat presentations too and surprises. Thankyou my dear!!! Merry Christmas to you and everyone!!

  110. The last gift I purchased was a sports winter hat for my son!

  111. I bought a GORGEOUS hand blown glass ornament (made by a friend of mine) for each of the ladies in my CBD class!

  112. I bought red sleep shorts covered in moose …for my husband ????

  113. I love all these ornaments! The detail is amazing! The last gift I bought was a doc mcstuffins mobile with matching scrubs for my niece!

  114. Oh my goodness- these are incredible! Last gift bought: shoes for hubby- dreamed last nite he hated them :(

  115. a pair of llama pajamas for my best friend who got sneezed on by a llama!

  116. Maternity clothes for my daughter

  117. Ballet shoes for my daughter!

  118. Stationery and stamps for my grandma :-)

  119. Keurig for my dad

  120. Stationery and stamps for my grandma :-)

  121. a nice dress for my darling

  122. Olive Garden gift cards for co-workers.

  123. Last gift I just bought was a little amplifier that hooks up to an iphone to play music (for my husband). Thanks!

  124. I bought a mug for my best friend;)

  125. I bought a power drill for my hubby.

  126. I purchased an Indianapolis Colts apron and cool hat for my husband for when he BBQs! :)

  127. The last gift I bought was a pretty mistletoe crystal ornament to give to my neighbor.

  128. A teatanic tea ball. Shaped like the looks so cute steeping tea in a cup of hot water!

  129. gift
    card for work

  130. A Teatanic tea ball …shaped like the Titanic! Looks so cute steeping loose tea in a cup of hot water!

  131. Chocolates and interior decorating magazines for my mom.

  132. Game of Thrones book for my son????

  133. A coloring book for my niece!

  134. In my house Santa brings socks and underwear, so…..

  135. a gift card for future daughter in law

  136. The last gift I purchased was a Bat House for my husband (he asked for one!!)

  137. Ring for mom

  138. Some sheepskin slippers for my daughter!

  139. I just bought a beautiful photo frame for my mum to put photos of the grandkids for Christmas

  140. A ring for my mother

  141. We bought a basketball t-shit for our grandson.

  142. Tiny little books with finger puppets built in for my niece’s daughter and nephew’s son. :-)

  143. I purchased two gifts at the same time…Frozen Elsa doll for my daughter and Hot Wheels track for my son.

  144. I bought key lime products for my mother-in-law.Key lime goodies are her favorite.

  145. I most recently bought presents for my secret Santa. Making a Snowman Soup kit in a cute mug for tomorrow’s gift! :-)

  146. We bought 10 and 11’s sonic screwdrivers for our Dr. Who loving son and daughter. :)

  147. Darkwing Duck seasons 1 and 2 and the Link and Kirby Amiibo figures for my boys.

  148. I bought cookie sheets, cookie cutters, sprinkles, and more for my niece who is getting into baking.

  149. 2 dresses for my granddaughers

  150. Telestrations, one of the best party games ever.

  151. Stocking stuffers

  152. Jeans for my hubby!

  153. I bought dry hand cream for my husband whose hands hate the winter!

  154. The harry potter book set for my niece and nephew.

  155. These are amazing!! The last gift I purchased were Doc Mcstuffins items for my granddaughter.

  156. A Texans jersey for my son

  157. I bought a Texans jersey for my son…

  158. The last gift I purchased for someone was souvenirs from my trip to Dubai. They remind me of a grand time.

  159. A pair of warm fuzzy red and white striped fuzzy socks and peppermint bark for a friend.

  160. A cable knit sweater…

  161. I just bought an Epiphanie camera bag for someone! Thank you!

  162. I bought a felted moose covered in snow because the proceeds go to needy children. Ii’m giving it to my new grandson Quoia Ona. He’s a little forest baby… Merry Christmas Bakerella!

  163. A board game for my son-in-law.

  164. The last present I bought was more practical then exciting. I bought my oldest daughter a pair of chocolate brown dress pants. She recently started to substitute teach and needs to increase her work wardrobe. Sometimes gift-giving is about helping. Plus she likes getting clothes.

  165. Just bought yet another book for my son!

  166. I bought a baby’s first Christmas frame for my sister-in-law.

  167. I bought a bag for my sister.

  168. I work in a skilled nursing facility and the last present I bought was a soft fuzzy blanket and bath products for my Secret Santa resident. I think he will enjoy them.

  169. I bought a voucher for my friend for her favourite shop.

  170. I bought my mom a sweatshirt that said “the best moms get promoted to nana”. I can’t wait for the boys to give it to her!

  171. The last gift I purchased was just b2 days ago. A pink camo hoodie for my niece. (Wonderful decorations!)

  172. The last thing I got was my husbands Christmas gifts. Clothes, mini tools, nasaline (sinus issues) lol and stuff to help with anxiety. (He also already got a ps vita and comp chair and video game).

  173. The last gift I purchased was an interactive toy for my nephew.

  174. The last gift I bought: I received a tip for a cake I did; so I took that tip money and bought a couple nights stay for a homeless person at the Salvation Army.

  175. A Lego for my son’s 9th birthday which is tomorrow.

  176. Minecraft for XBox 360 :-)

  177. cutco for my mom.

  178. The last gift I purchased was some wooden trains for my son. Thanks!

  179. These are too cute. The last gift I purchased for someone was for my niece, an Americsn Girl Doll that she wanted since she’s a dancer herself. I loved watching the excitement in her face. I love gift giving :-)

  180. My tween daughters are BIG fans of Bethany Motto. They will be excited to open their gifts from her collection at Aeropostle. Cute skater skirts and tops!

    Those elves from Tinsel & Twirl stole my heart!

  181. The last gift I bought was socks for my husband :) they’re on his Christmas list …..

  182. I bought Kisses and Pretzels to make reindeer candies for Christmas presents!

  183. Sugar free candy for a co-worker from Cerreta’s Candy Factory in Glendale, AZ

  184. Yesterday I purchased a Panera card for my daughter’s favorite assistant teacher. But I was up till midnight making biscotti for cookie baskets for teachers, friends and fam.

  185. The last thing I bought was gold earrings for my mom!

  186. mini cameras for my granddaughters, Merry Christmas!

  187. i just bought my daughter a Rapunzel dress for Christmas. it was her 1 request from Santa!

  188. A cold weather running vest for my husband to use during training as he prepares for his first Ironman triathlon!

  189. I bought prints from photos of my son’s wedding to give to my mother-in-law.

  190. Lego friends set for my niece, bags and leggings for my mom, and ear warmers for my sisters!

  191. book titled Hug

  192. I bought a movie gift for my son’s peer buddy.

  193. I purchased a shower curtain that has the periodic table on it for my soon to be son-in-law, who is a chemical engineer. It was the only thing he asked for on the wedding gift registry.

  194. Stomp rockets for my 3 Grandsons.

  195. I brought a gift card for my granddaughter to make craftes .

  196. Some cute boots socks for my sister-in-law!

  197. I brought a gift card for my granddaughter to make craftes .

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