The Black and White

Black and White Cupcake from Sprinkles [1]

The Black and White. It’s my go to Sprinkles cupcake flavor. Belgian dark chocolate cake loaded with vanilla frosting. Yum! Have you been before? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

I’ve enjoyed their cupcakes in a few cities. Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Scottsdale. And, I’m excited to say that I can now finally enjoy them in the brand new Sprinkles Atlanta [2] shop when the mood strikes. YAY!!! And YIKES because that might be all too often.

I’ve visited a bunch of cupcake shops that I LOVE over the last several years … you know for research and all ; )… and I really enjoy Sprinkles because I know they’ll always be great whenever I stop in. At least they have been so far.

I just wanted to share a few pics to let you know in case you need a cupcake fix the next time you’re in Atlanta.

They just opened a few weeks ago, so I had to visit right away and I snapped a few photos one morning before things got busy.

Sprinkles Cupcakes [3]

I’ll take one of each.

Sprinkles [4]

Cute tables and stools!

Sprinkles [5]

And t-shirts, too.

Sprinkles Atlanta [6]

Hi guys! Love your cupcake wrapper pick-up window.

Sprinkles [7]

I may have bought a few for the road.

Sprinkles Ice Cream Atlanta [8]

Oh yeah … We have the ice cream shop [9], too. Awesome!

Sprinkles Ice Cream Atlanta [10]

Who wants a red velvet ice cream cone? I do.

Or maybe a cupcake sundae? Hold me back.

Darn…I was there before the ice cream shop opened.

Sprinkles Ice Cream [11]

Another time for ice cream I guess!

Cupcake ATM [12]

But, it’s cupcakes anytime with their cute outdoor ATM.

Sprinkles Cupcakes [13]

Here’s what I brought home. Wow, they look super cute sitting on my table.

Too bad, they didn’t last long enough to look at.

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