Happy Poppy Halloween!

It’s Halloween. Let’s celebrate with cake pops.

Check out the ones below from the Pop Stars Section [1].

Have a sweet and spooky day.

305-popstars-joey-lg [2]

Pop Star: Joey in Washington [3]

Creepy, crawly and cute spiders.

303-popstars-erika-lg [4]

Pop Star: Erika in Minnesota [5]

Great assortment. Great job recreating the cat and owl from the book.

303-popstars-christine-lg [6]

Pop Star: Christine in Illinois [7]

Perfect pumpkins. Love the faces and the spooky Hello Kitty pops are too cute!

089_popstars-lara-lg [8]

Pop Star: Lara in California [9]

Adorable one-eyed monsters.

302-popstars-melanie-lg [10]

Pop Star: Melanie in New Jersey [11]

Your trick or treaters are fantastic. Such a creative idea.

301-popstars-alina-lg [12]

Pop Star: Alina in New York [13]

Oooh. These are spooky. Love the boney fingers on the gravestone.

300-popstars-wendy-lg [14]

Pop Star: Wendy [15]

The smiles are super.

297-popstars-crystal-lg [16]

Pop Star: Crystal in Hawaii [17]

Wonderful display. The bats are so cute.

299-popstars-lauren_lg [18]

Pop Star: Lauren in Colorado [19]

Great use of little cookie cutters on these.

298-popstars-michelle-lg [20]

Pop Star: Michelle in the United Kingdom [21]

I like the way you presented these Michelle.

296-popstars-angie-lg [22]

Pop Star: Angie in Florida [23]

Bone sprinkles. Yay!

295-popstars-sibarita_lg [24]

Pop Star: Sibarita in Florida [25]

Excellent piping on the vampire hair.

294-popstars-karla-lg [26]

Pop Star: Karla in Missouri [27]

Great variety. Love your mummy.

253-popstars-pamela-lg [28]

Pop Star: Pamela in Washington [29]

Spooky spiders.

160_popstars-deborah-lg [30]

Pop Star: Deborah in Texas [31]

These are simple and perfect.

232-popstars-jennifer-lg [32]

Pop Star: Jennifer [33]

I love this cake so much.

307-popstars-gina-lg [34]

Pop Star: Gina in California [35]

Not sure if I could eat one of the three blind mice, but this assortment is super.

306-popstars-taria-lg [36]

Pop Star: Taria in California [37]

Spookified characters. Great details.

141_popstars-anju-lg [38]

Pop Star: Anju in Canada [39]

Love the heart sprinkles for Dracula’s fangs.

051_popstars-linda_lg [40]

Pop Star: Linda [41]

Cute pumpkins.

073_popstars-amie_lg [42]

Pop Star: Amie in Texas [43]

Lifesaver eyeballs.

139_popstars-wendy-lg [44]

Pop Star: Wendy in California [45]

The spider pops are superb. Love the web piping.

135_popstars-kristi-lg [46]

Pop Star: Kristi in Washington [47]

More monsters.

087_popstars-beki-lg [48]

Pop Star: Beki in Minnesota [49]

Pretty pumpkin patch.

021_popstars-natalie-lg [50]

Pop Star: Natalie in California [51]

Bride of Frankenstein. Love her.

Hope you enjoy these treats. Let me know if you made some, too.

Remember, you can upload your own photos to the Bakerella Flickr photo group [52]. I’ll periodically pick pops to add to the Pop Stars section [1]. And by periodically, I hope it will be more often than I have been recently. (I’m definitely behind.)

When you upload photos, just make sure to include your name, state or country and a caption on the photo so I can include that info with the post. For instance, there are many photos in the flickr group that I would have liked to show, but didn’t have that information included. And I would like to give credit instead of just showing the photos. Thanks!

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