Happy Poppy Halloween!

It’s Halloween. Let’s celebrate with cake pops.

Check out the ones below from the Pop Stars Section.

Have a sweet and spooky day.


Pop Star: Joey in Washington

Creepy, crawly and cute spiders.


Pop Star: Erika in Minnesota

Great assortment. Great job recreating the cat and owl from the book.


Pop Star: Christine in Illinois

Perfect pumpkins. Love the faces and the spooky Hello Kitty pops are too cute!


Pop Star: Lara in California

Adorable one-eyed monsters.


Pop Star: Melanie in New Jersey

Your trick or treaters are fantastic. Such a creative idea.


Pop Star: Alina in New York

Oooh. These are spooky. Love the boney fingers on the gravestone.


Pop Star: Wendy

The smiles are super.


Pop Star: Crystal in Hawaii

Wonderful display. The bats are so cute.


Pop Star: Lauren in Colorado

Great use of little cookie cutters on these.


Pop Star: Michelle in the United Kingdom

I like the way you presented these Michelle.


Pop Star: Angie in Florida

Bone sprinkles. Yay!


Pop Star: Sibarita in Florida

Excellent piping on the vampire hair.


Pop Star: Karla in Missouri

Great variety. Love your mummy.


Pop Star: Pamela in Washington

Spooky spiders.


Pop Star: Deborah in Texas

These are simple and perfect.


Pop Star: Jennifer

I love this cake so much.


Pop Star: Gina in California

Not sure if I could eat one of the three blind mice, but this assortment is super.


Pop Star: Taria in California

Spookified characters. Great details.


Pop Star: Anju in Canada

Love the heart sprinkles for Dracula’s fangs.


Pop Star: Linda

Cute pumpkins.


Pop Star: Amie in Texas

Lifesaver eyeballs.


Pop Star: Wendy in California

The spider pops are superb. Love the web piping.


Pop Star: Kristi in Washington

More monsters.


Pop Star: Beki in Minnesota

Pretty pumpkin patch.


Pop Star: Natalie in California

Bride of Frankenstein. Love her.

Hope you enjoy these treats. Let me know if you made some, too.

Remember, you can upload your own photos to the Bakerella Flickr photo group. I’ll periodically pick pops to add to the Pop Stars section. And by periodically, I hope it will be more often than I have been recently. (I’m definitely behind.)

When you upload photos, just make sure to include your name, state or country and a caption on the photo so I can include that info with the post. For instance, there are many photos in the flickr group that I would have liked to show, but didn’t have that information included. And I would like to give credit instead of just showing the photos. Thanks!

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53 comments on “Happy Poppy Halloween!”

  1. Hola quisiera adquirir los libros de pops cake que muestran en donde los solicito

  2. There are sooo many talented people!!! And Bakerella, you’re the “fairy godmother” of all us aspiring “pop-art-ists” (hahah – like my pun?)!!! I’m going to be attempting cake pops for the first time this year – for our church’s Halloween Fall Festival. Since I’ll be working with donated food and materials, I sure hope I don’t screw it up!!!! Question: how do I get non-pare old or other sprinkles all over the cake pops? I mean I would think if you try to roll the pop around in the sprinkles before the chocolate is set, the chocolate would come off in the sprinkles… Big if you let the chocolate “set” first, then the sprinkles won’t stick! So what’s the secret??

  3. kind of cute and scary at the same time!

  4. Halloween is MY holiday and I’m always looking for something unique to do for my pre-T &T festivities,party I do for all the kind folks that come to help me w/ decorating and see visitors thur our haunt. These will be on my list of goodies to do for them as well extras for T &Ters.

  5. I got the cake pop holder for $3.50 @ Walmart. It allows the pops to dry until you can wrap or display them. : )

  6. how do you get the pens to write? i have purchased 2 diffrent brands of pens and mine never work.

  7. I absolutely love all these amazing designs. This year for Halloween, I made pumpkin patches, Werewolves, Vampires, jack-o-lanterns, and Mummies. I love coming to your website and getting some inspiration.

  8. That’s quite a round-up of cake pops! I’ve still never made them. One of the days.

  9. aaargh. i tried to make my 1st ever cake pops for halloween. unfortunately it was not meant to be :( but if at first you dont succeed try try again. and try again i shall, maybe for Thanksgiving?
    anyway, loooooove ur cakepops, they are truly an inspiration!

  10. Just saw you CAKEPOPS book and Gift package advertised in the BJ’s Journal. How exciting for you!! Congrats!!!!

  11. Those are great! I love seeing everyone’s work!

  12. omg how cute are all those cake pops !!!!!! ladies, you all did an amazing job…..wish i was there to eat some !!!!

  13. Wow! I am stunned by your creations! You’re amazing! :)

  14. how do you decide where to go? If you come near connecticut which i hope you do please post it!
    Love the pops
    oh and i made a 2nd attempt at cake pops and the chocolate was to hard to dip
    what did i do wrong

  15. Delicious, sweet and CUTE! These really are great Halloween cake pops! Definitely taking as much inspiration as possible!

    Love them!

  16. I made Jack-o-Lanterns but I had to use black writing icing instead of edible ink pens. I don’t know why, but the Americolor pens I had just didn’t want to write or draw properly on my candy melts… does anyone have tips to help using the edible ink pens? I’d be so grateful! thank you xx

  17. What incredibly creative and talented bakers they all are!

  18. I’m so hooked! I love to make CakePops! You’re a great inspiration!

  19. I bought your book and just made my very first CakePops. Your Blog is such an inspiration. Here in Germany it´s not very easy to get all the perfect ingredients, but thanks to your book i managed to make pumpkin-cakepops for our halloweenparty. my guests had never seen cakepops before – and loooved them. Thanks a lot for all the great Tutorials!

  20. These are so adorable- such great holiday food art! :)

  21. these are AMAZING! Love Love! (:

  22. WOW! Love them all!

  23. Wow! Adorable!! I will try to make some cake pops today. The black ones looking like spiders! :)

  24. Adorable! Who knew something that cute existed?! And in food, too? Bonus :] (because that means you can rip the head off and munch :)

  25. wow!! these are amazing!! i would never be able to make anything close to these!!!

  26. I’ve never seen so many cute things!
    Great work to everyone!

  27. My husband and I tried to make the ‘owl’ cake pops for the first time for our daughter’s Halloween potluck party. It was not easy but we both love the experience! We had a lot of fun doing it together and would definitely do it again!

    Kudos to everyone’s creativity and thank you Bakerella for giving us the wonderful inspiration!

  28. WOW! Such great contributions, can’t wait for the Christmas holidays…I am scheming as I type this….

  29. All of the above are adorable. I just had my first attempt at making cake pops! Bakerella, I have EVEN MORE admiration for you!!! I knew this would be difficult, but wow! The learning curve took awhile and I finally got a technique down that worked for me! I started out thinking I was going to make pumpkins, skeletons, and 1 eyed monsters! I did well just to make 60 pumpkins!!!

    You ladies that can make all of the above creations, i say BRAVO!! I need time and practice! The kiddos at our big bash loved them, but I didn’t have time to learn this year :-(

  30. Thanks Nicole, it´s really hard to get Candy Melts where i live, so i was trying a local brand, but it doesn´t allow adding oil i tried and it ruined the chocolate, so i´ll try to find a way to get candy melts, i really want to make cake pops!!!!!

  31. oooh, these are just delectable!! Thanks for sharing!

    Maria xx
    Say hi on Blogger, BlogLovin’ and Twitter

  32. i LOVE the trick-or-treaters!

    Ina and Diana, i add a little veggie oil to my chocolate so that it isnt so thick, and that helps a lot! It both helps waste less chocolate, and taps off easier too.

  33. Happy Halloween Bakerella, and thanks for all the sweet inspiration!

  34. Happy Halloween! I love the jack o lantern pops!

  35. I LOVE Wendy’s Jack Skellington pops! I wish I could have a Tim Burton themed Halloween party and hire Wendy to make these pops, because I could never get the smiles right myself. Great job!!!

  36. Cute creepy pops make me happy :D I love the cakepop eyed monster cake-so cute :D

  37. Hi:

    I tried to make Halloween cake pops, but it didn´t go well. I put mi candy melts in the freezer, and later i found out that i shouldn´t do that, when i melted them, it was too thick, can that be the reason? if so, what can i do? i live in a really hot place and if i left them outside they melt really bad

  38. Love all the halloween ideas!!! We made some pumpkins, spiders and zombies

  39. That’s a lot of cuteness!! Love the Monster’s INC characters and the bone sprinkles.

  40. Oh my gosh, the trick-or-treaters in costume are SO cute!

  41. My sister and I have made cake pops several times and I know how much patience and skill it requires to “get it right”. These are amazing! We would never be able to duplicate these….. our patience is not the impressive! Love the different ideas :)
    Bravo *clap clap* to all those skilled cake pop makers out there!

  42. All the cake pops look great. I had trouble when I was dipping and tapping off chocolate the cake pop fell off the stick. What did I do wrong?

  43. I am in love with all of these! So freaking cute.

  44. Ohh Those cakespops are so funny and scary

  45. where can I get the cake pop stands or holders.

  46. These are all awesome. Each time I thought one was going to be a favorite I saw another really amazing pop.

    I didn’t make anything like that, but I did make pumpkin ice cream this weekend.

  47. Wow, I am so impressed by everyone’s creativity! All of those cake pops are fantastic.

  48. Wow – I’m impressed with the people who made so many different varieties! That takes a lot of patience (not to mention materials)!!

  49. Opps- meant to say ‘you’re ALL so creative’! :)

  50. Those are all great! I especially love the spider ones- you’re so creative!

  51. Love all the pops. I made eyeballs.

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