Pop Star: Lara in California


“My son’s school has a bake sale at their school carnival every year, which in addition to raising much needed money for his awesome public school, gives me the opportunity to show off my baking in front of an audience of hundreds – a win-win if there ever was one.
The mascot for the 2009 carnival was a cute little alien. His simple shaped looked easy enough to create in Pop form, but how to achieve that funky green color. With the limited edition acid green Halloween Wilton’s Candy Melts, that’s how! I was momentarily crestfallen when there were none in the aisle at the craft store (is was a couple of weeks after Halloween), but on the way out I spotted a box of Halloween “go-backs” including the green chips. Score! My little guys turned out great – and were the hit of the bake sale!” – Lara

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  1. Love these! The eye is great. I’m sure your bake sale table was the most crowded.

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