Pop Star: Beki in Minnesota


“I really enjoy your blog. I aim to one day make the Sesame Street pops, but I don’t have the patience just yet. These are the pumpkin pops I made for a Moms meeting I had last fall. They had pumpkin cake & cream cheese frosting inside. Divine!” – Beki

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15 comments on “Pop Star: Beki in Minnesota”

  1. I finally got it done:
    Here’s a link to the pumpkin pops tutorial itself:

    Here’s a link to the cake recipe:

    Thank you!

  2. Sorry that I have not seen the comments on this before. I am just starting a cake decorating blog:
    I will try to get the recipe and a tutorial for these up in the next few weeks.
    Thanks for the interest, and again I’m sorry for ignoring the recipe requests.

  3. We are having a pumpkin patch birthday party for my son and I am going to attempt to make these. Can you please tell me how you made them pumpkin like rather then just balls and how you do the brown stem and green leaves? Thanks so much!!!

  4. Can I have the recipe too?

  5. Adoarable! I would love the recipe for my annual Halloween party. Thanks!

  6. Me too! I’d love to have the recipe!

  7. Love these! Can I please get this recipe?!?!?!?!?!

  8. Can I get the recipe too?! SUPER cute!

  9. hello this are super cute..i want the recipe too…and do you pipe it with chocolate or with icing?

  10. Thye are great. Can you please share your recipe with me as well?

  11. Those look great! I would love to try them, but they wouldn’t be the same without the pumpkin cake inside. Would you mind sharing your recipe?

  12. I WILL be making these… yummy!

  13. So very cute. But how do you Icing them? Great Idea.

  14. I love those!!!! fall is my favorite time of year and those are perfect!!!

  15. Aw! Pumpkins are so cute! And yum!!! Pumpkin cake and cream cheese frosting? I’d totally eat those! I love the texture and detail on the pumpkins. Very realistic. I love them!

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