Pop Star: Samantha in Texas


“Hi Bakerella! I just wanted to let you know that I have absolutely LOVED my journey of learning the art of “cake poppery” :) Thank you so much for your inspiration! Here is a picture of my “Very Hungry Caterpillar” cake pop display. It was so much fun!” – Samantha

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Samantha in Texas”

  1. How did Bakerella’s blog inspire and influence your baking journey, and what are some of your favorite recipes or tips that you’ve learned from her?

  2. I was curious to know how you did the head pop. what is on there for feelers nose and eyes?

  3. That is just… SO CUTE!!! Perfect for a child’s birthday party!

  4. I would like a recipe for cake pops, i like yr site…

  5. He’s so cute! Man, it brings me back memories of the book. I can picture myself reading it now…

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