Pop Star: Natalie in California


“Dear Bakerella, I’ve just been itching to show you a few picks of my first cake pops. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but it was lots of fun. Thanks for all your inspiration! The hair was piped with frosting, but I think it would be tastier with chocolate or royal icing. I also put a gum drop under the hair to help it stand up.” – Natalie

Natalie – I like the way your mind works!

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12 comments on “Pop Star: Natalie in California”

  1. These are just hysterical! I haven’t seen this “cute” in a long time. You rocked it.

  2. LOVE these! Can you share how you did the hair?

  3. These are just too cute! Such an original idea.. I love it!

  4. toooo cute

  5. Bride of Frankinstin

  6. Those are the cutest pops, yet!!!

  7. Too CUTE!!! What imagination! AWESOME!!!

  8. love the thinkin outside the box and putting a gumdrop under the hair so many talanted followers on the Bakerella Blog

  9. Those are so freakin adorable. Great job!

  10. Natalie – you’re the bomb; these are AbFAB!

  11. Those are too darn cute!!!!

    These are DEFINITELY getting recreated this Halloween!


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