Pop Star: Karla in Missouri


“Here are some of the cake pops I made for Halloween.” – Karla

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10 comments on “Pop Star: Karla in Missouri”

  1. Oops! I didn’t realize I had a new comment, sorry…
    I used Americolor marker pens. For some reason Wilton’s doesn’t work on candy coating. I got a 10 color set and and extra set of 2 black. Amazon had the best deal.

  2. Hi Becca, yes, I sell them. I started my home bakery in May. Business has been slow, thank goodness, my life was busy enough as it was, but it’s been great fun and I’ve been learning a lot.

    Please send me your email. It doesn’t show in the message.

    Mine is and my page is

    Hi Desirae, I used Americolor black food marker. Don’t buy the Wilton brand, it doesn’t work on candy coating.

  3. Hey, Karla I was just wondering what you used for the eyes and mouths of your pumpkins and ghost?!!?

  4. oh….and I’m lucky enough to have a little shop really close to home that sells Merckens for $3.29 – $3.59/lb.

  5. sorry it took me so long to respond…been cake popping my heart out for Christmas! I LOVE making these things, but I work full-time…have 2 boys….and now I’m obsessed with these on top of an already busy life! :) makes for some really long nights!!

    I buy Merckens and Wiltons also…found Wilton’s red is a nicer color….but more expensive and still have to add tons of oil for the right consistency.

    do you make yours to sell? i’d love to share some pics of my latest creations….most are bakerella inspired, but some originals, too! :)

    def. going to have to try the chocolate caulking idea!! I just tried making some Mario Pops tonight….mario and luigi were so heavy I had to finally remove them from their sticks. :(…but they are still really cute!

    not sure if you can view my email? if not let me know….thanks so much! :)

  6. Beautiful work and great tips, too – Thanks for sharing, Karla!

  7. My pleasure! I use the colored Wilton brand, but for all the white pops I ordered the Merckens Super White online. has the best price. It’s still double Wilton’s price, but theirs is kind of off-white, not acceptable for a self respecting ghost haha. Maybe the mummy wouldn’t mind…

    Anyway, Merckens flavor is delicious and the texture is silkier.

    I also found a little trick for covering cracks. You dip your finger in the melted candy and rub it on the crack, like caulking a wall. Remove all excess and the crack will be gone. The surface won’t be as shiny, but it’s less noticeable than the crack.

    Good luck and let me know OK?

  8. How cute! I love your green monster! :) I’m with Priscilla though, having a hard time with my chocolate cracking, I also add veg oil…can i ask what brand of chocolate you use? I’m thinking the chocolate might be part of my problem? thanks for any tips you will share! :)

  9. Thanks! I have no idea why it’s so smooth, it must be beginner’s luck :D
    No, seriously, I add crisco to the melted chocolate, maybe that’s why. Give it a try and let me know. Good luck!

  10. Karla, Your coating is so smooth. Do you have any tips? I use veg oil on melted chocolate. It works, but can prolong the drying time.

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