Pop Star: Crystal in Hawaii


“My step-daughter had her 16th birthday… It was a costume party and the theme was “Halloween in September.” I made these mummies, skulls, pumpkins, and bats and set them in a graveyard display which we made out of foam and decorations we found at the craft store. I was also able to recycle some of the foam from my Rainbow Pop display.” – Crystal

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Crystal in Hawaii”

  1. I’m sure your s-daughter will ALWAYS remember her 16th and appreciate your FAB tribute…awesome job, Crystal!

  2. Hi Bakerella, thank you for including me on your Pop Stars Page. Hi Shannon – I appreciate the comment, thank you. I used a gingerbread mold to make the mummy forms. The bat wings are upside down hearts. Draw the hearts with melted candy on wax paper and let them set in the freezer. Then carefully slice into the side of the pop and insert each “wing”.

  3. I love the display from “Crystal in Hawaii”. I throw a Halloween Party for my kids every year and this year did cake pops for the first time – mummies, ghosts, pumpkins. I love the display you did and would like to know how you did your mummies and especially your bats (what are the wings made of). I can’t see it very well in the picture, but they look awesome!

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