Pop Star: Crystal in Hawaii


“I love your book and web-site. As a cake pop newbie, I am inspired by your creativity and wonderful ideas. I made 400 cake pops and built this rainbow display stand out of foam. It was part of a dessert tent for a local non-profit’s annual fundraiser. The cake flavors were red = strawberry guava, orange = passion fruit, yellow = pineapple cake, green = coconut, blue, purple, gold, and silver = chocolate, and white = vanilla. The rainbow is two sided and all 400 pops are on the display. It took about 15 hours to make the cake pops and 10 hours to make the display. It was a labor of love.” – Crystal

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33 comments on “Pop Star: Crystal in Hawaii”

  1. Hi there could you please tell us how you made your display iand what materials you used it looks amazing .thanks

  2. Aloha, I love the way you designed this stand! Please tell me how you did it! My daughters first birthday is coming up and her theme is wizard of oz. I would LOVE to make this for her lollipop stand. Please email me the directions on how you did it? It is AMAZING!! My email is Mahalo!!

  3. Hi beautiful displace. I would like to know how you kept all those cake pops on their stick. It looks to me like it was a beautiful sunny day out. Normally they would of come right off the stick in the out doors. Please let me know I live in Florida and here we cant keep the cake pops out doors for too long.

  4. I would love the directions on how to make the rainbow! I’m doing a baby shower with a rainbow theme and this would be perfect!

  5. WOW great job! I would like to know the size of each piece of the rainbow and about how many cake pops will it hold.

    I would love to make this for my daughters Quinceañera/Sweet 15 cake pops stand as her them is candyland.

    If you can please email me the information I would be so greatfull.

    Thnx Karla

  6. How can far in advance can you make cake pops?

  7. I love this . The only thing i don’t like about making cake pop’s is that it takes a long time but the rest I love to do : )

  8. love the cake pop display a, i which u would give us the cakes recipe, making a bake sale for my church and love to make difference flavor of cakes. thank you,

  9. love it

  10. That is sooooo AWESOME! How much did you sell the cake pops for? I am thinking of doing a fundraiser for a drill team. LOVE your work!

  11. This is so cool! Great job!

  12. what is the white stuff on the outside of the cake pops??please

  13. I love the rainbow display! What a great idea and even greater that you were able to create it! Well done! I’m going to see if I can duplicate this, only in a much smaller version. : )

  14. I loved your rainbow display…Great job….

  15. waw…thats amazing, beautiful colors and looks soooo good!

  16. great work !

  17. That’s really nice.

  18. these were sooo creative.i luv the idea.that must have been some reallly hard work.GOD must have given you the energy to make it.its really amazing though.good work!!!!!

  19. how did you get that rainbow? and how did you get that idea? can two year olds make these?

  20. omg that is amazing i would love to just sit on my couch and eat all day yea i its weird but it looks too good GREAT JOB

  21. This is so amazing. So creative! Nice job.

  22. For a newbie you sure did a phenominal (sp?) job. I am impressed beyond words. What a great display.

  23. ah-mazing and ah-dorable!

  24. These are amazing! Love the flavors!

  25. Love the display~ So creative and fun~ A lot of hard work for a good cause~ Awesome! =D

  26. y post a pic of something n not the recipe or prep? so sad really like this.

  27. Awesome work! Love the colors!

  28. Oh my gosh!! That is amazing!! I love the idea, and I am shocked at the amount of cake pops (400?!?!?!?)

  29. absolutely wonderful

  30. Great Job Crystal — these look great .. I think I will make cake pops for next bake sale … I am inspired

  31. I love all of Crystal’s goodies. They’re even better to eat than they are to look at!

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