Peanut Butter Pie

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This is a pie for Mikey. It’s a peanut butter pie to honor Jennifer Perillo’s husband.  He passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I don’t know Jenny, but I have friends that do and I see her name in my twitter feed often. When I read her post [2] about his passing and saw the outpouring of love and peanut butter pies from this wonderful community of food bloggers, I was overwhelmed.

It reminded me of the kindness of I am Baker when Amanda reached out through her blog and so many joined her to help others [3].

It reminded me of the kindness of all of you who helped with hope for me [4].

And now we can all come together to help Jennie heal.

I’m really proud to be a part of such a caring community.

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Here’s a recipe [8] from Pioneer Woman for Peanut Butter Pie … with added Nutter Butters in the middle for good measure.

Or peruse this list of the dozens of pies [9] from others who are thinking of Jennifer and her family tonight. It is pretty amazing.

Make one to share with someone you love.

Also, here’s Jennie’s inspiring post. [2] You may want to grab a tissue.

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