Lobster Toppers


There were so many fantastic nominated movies this year, but I couldn’t pass up making something for Julie & Julia. Food and blogging, you know. Then I realized I didn’t have time to master the art of french cooking.


So when I stumbled on these lobster candy molds, I thought they would just be fun to play with. If you watched the movie, I would most definitely be more like Julie when it comes to cooking crustaceans. So candy lobsters are much more my speed.


These molds are really for making lobster pops. Come on, you know you need one of these molds.

But instead of pops, I piped melted red candy coating into the molds without adding any lollipop sticks. I’m a rebel.


Tint some frosting with sky blue coloring for a pretty backdrop.


And dip the tops of some cupcakes in sugar crystals if you so desire.


Lobster toppers with pearl necklace borders. I’m sure Julia would have a few things to say about these.


These pearls are different from the sugar pearls on the movie marquis cookies.


Those are hard and these are soft… yikes … pricey, but worth it for their soft round shapes.


Finish them off with a little light reading. In this case, just the book title.

You can make them by printing out small graphics from your printer. Cut them out and tape them to toothpicks.


Okay, you can say it. Who’s thinking Red Lobster? Cheese biscuits anyone?


Hope you have a little fun with films and food sometime soon. Enjoy!

Oh and in case you can’t possible go on without owning your very own lobster mold, here you go.

Movie Award Season Recipes sponsored by Hyundai.