Pop Star: Jamie in New Jersey


“I started making cakepops last fall, shortly after a friend sent me a link to your blog. I’ve made several designs, but when it came time to host a superbowl party I knew just what to try! I used your football-shaped oreo truffles as inspiration, but made them as cake pops. They went over so well that several of my friends made me promise to host a superbowl party every year! Cake pops are always a hit, I’m always looking for new ideas and excuses to make more!” – Jamie

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15 comments on “Pop Star: Jamie in New Jersey”

  1. i love chocolates..and hope i can taste that kind of pop

  2. soo cute..and it looks so delcious..

  3. My little nephew loves football. I’d love to make this for my his birthday party.

  4. Just wanted to say that after much fustration I landed on this website and saw these. My son wants a sport themed birthday party featuring football, baseball, and basketball and he wants cakepops. Now baseball and basketball are easy but I had no idea how to do a football. Looked all over for a mold or something, I was about to give up when I landed here and saw these.THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I LOVE the football pops!!! Can anyone tell me how to shape the pops into footballs. I have a son who is turning 8 yrs old the day after the superbowl, and his fav team is the Steelers. I told him I would make these for him to take to school for his birthday. But I need help, as I am new to the cake pop world. How much cake do you use for one pop? Do you use a cookie cutter or just shape with your hands? Any help would be wonderful !! Thanks

  6. Actually I’m doing them for a superbowl party and sticking with regular footballs like Jamie’s, but to “personalize” I’m putting tags on the sticks. Got some with both teams on them and cut out with a large round (2 1/2″) punch. Found great logo sites and one had really nice helmets with the logo on it. Slide them on the stick and ta-da… (Hopefully) you look like a genius!! Just make sure you have a long enough lollipop stick!

    I LOVE the cheese idea though, that is TOO funny!

  7. I am just DYING to try some Green Bay Helmet Cake Pops. Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about doing this?? I’m new to the cake pop scene, but so totally in love with them. I’d love to bring some to my parents’ super bowl party this year.

  8. I too was wondering about Steelers cake pops, but I might just give the football style a shot.

  9. Green Bay Packer cake pops—Maybe you could make some CHEESE shaped cake pops with a few of these great footballs thrown in for good measure!

  10. I need a idea for green bay packer cake pops would anyone have any suggestions?

  11. I belong to the school Booster Club and we are always looking for fundraising ideas. This is perfect!!!! I can’t wait to show them. Thank you for this wonderful idea!!!

  12. i just adore these thanks for the idea. will use it for my boyfriend

  13. thanks for the complements! and thanks Bakerella for featuring me! :)

  14. Very cute!!

  15. Besides being adorable and adaptable to ANY celebration/situation they are easy to eat ..the perfect serving size and no plate to juggle with either ….Some days I sincerely wish there was a cake pop God so I could bow to it (OK silliness has kicked in)
    Your footballs are adorable love the white piping and I give you much kudos in creativity !!!

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