Pop Star: Missy in Illinois


“Bakerella you are such an inspiration! These are the pig, cow, and chick cake pops I made for my daughters Barnyard birthday party! You are awesome!” xoxo~ Missy

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7 comments on “Pop Star: Missy in Illinois”

  1. How did you do the chicks? Especially the nose, feet, and wings? Great work!

  2. Can’t remember if I used merckens or wilton melts, usually whatever I have on hand. I think wilton melts are too thick, so I always thin it down with a teaspoon of veg. oil. (It doesn’t affect the taste.) The cows I dipped in white & let dry. I piped on random ‘spots’ with melted choc. chips and added one choc. chip for an ear and a white chip for the other ear. I used the edible markers in purple and black to draw eyes & lids on white confetti sprinkles, pink m&m’s with black nostrils for cows and pigs. The pigs ears are pink jumbo hearts turned upside down-add these immedately after dipping. the other stuff was ‘glued on’ later with a little bit of melts on a toothpick. Make different mouth and eye expressions, it gives them so much personality!!

  3. These are awesome – could you tell me how you made the cows and pigs?

  4. Love all the farm animals. So so so cute.

  5. Wow! These look professional. The cows are so detailed!

  6. These are amazing! I love love love pigs. What brand of chocolate melts do you use?

  7. Got milk? These are SO cuuuute and I’ll just bet each of the kids selected his/her fav pop and gobbled ’em right up! Great job, fellow Pop Star!

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