Pop Star: Shelly


“A girlfriend of mine and I got together and made these adorable pops for our Bunco get together last month. They turned out so great and were super easy to make. Everyone LOVED them! Thank you for your inspiration and fantastic creations.” – Shelly

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21 comments on “Pop Star: Shelly”

  1. Is there a recipe or instructions for these?

  2. Can I order bunco cake pops from you? I only need 2 dozen

  3. Is there a recipe for these?

  4. Did anyone get a recipe or find the book to buy with the recipe?

  5. Karen, how did you get the mini chips to stick? Is white chocolate the same as Almond Bark?

  6. I did something similar to this for my bunco group by using pound cake. I froze it and cut it into cubes. Took a large tip on a pipping bag and filled them with raspberry jam. Dipped them into white chocolate I colored pink and added raspberry flavoring. Used mini chips to make the number dots. To display them, I went to dollar store and got colorful dice. Filled clear $1 vases with dice. Everyone loved them!

  7. I have your Cake Pops book, but I was looking for instructions for the Bunco dice. Can you help me?

  8. Love the Dice , how did you m ake them? I want to make them for our bunco weekend!!!!!!

  9. how do you make these?absolutley adorable!!!

  10. Hi,
    Could you tell me how you made the black dots on the dice and how you got the white candy coating so smooth? I am thinking about making these for a 50’s party.

  11. These are so cute. I’m doing a 50’s sock hop theme party next month and this would be a big hit.

  12. where can I find black or white sprinkles for the dots?

  13. this is exactly what I came to search for! I’m hosting next week and wanted to make something cute. These are just adorable!

  14. oooooh i love this idea. i have bunco in march, i will give this a try, but with green dice ;) and white dots. I love it!!

  15. Supper Cute! I just bought the book to do the same thing for bunco at my house this month! I am going to do black white and pink dice to match our die we play with!

  16. Great idea! I’m hosting Bunco in a few months. Will have to give these a try!

  17. Too cute! I am going to try these for my bunco group!

  18. Adorable! So creative.

  19. Cute! I was looking for an idea for bunco group and something like this would be perfect.

  20. How adorable!! Oh my gosh. The dice are perfectly square. Great job!!

  21. LUV these! Great presentation, too, fellow Pop Star!

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