Upcake Decorating 101


These upcakes will put a smile on the young and old alike. They use miniature multicolored confetti sprinkles to represent balloons and buttercream frosting for clouds. Want to know how to make them? They are really easy.


Good. You’ll need some cupcakes and frosting. Any kind. Your favorite cupcake recipe or even a cake mix. Frost the cupcakes with an offset spatula and make it look kinda messy. They don’t need to be perfect. You are going for fluffy and cloudlike. Then sprinkle white sanding sugar over the top for some extra texture and sparkle.



For the balloons, you can use doughnut holes. They are a great size and lightweight enough so they won’t topple over.


Apply some of the frosting to the surface of the doughnut hole. Don’t be afraid to get your fingers messy.


After you frost the doughnut, drop it in a bowl of miniature confetti sprinkles and then swirl it around in the bowl until the doughnut is completely covered in sprinkles.


Lay them on wax paper and repeat.


For the balloon strings, I used these noodles. They have a nice color and are really thin. But, they do break easily and can break off in the cupcake if you’re not careful. So you may want to try something thicker, like spaghetti noodles or even just regular toothpicks.


Insert the noodles at an angle so they all point in together at the bottom.


And then stick them straight into the cupcake, while holding the noodles together. Cute.


And crunchy. Make sure to remove all the noodles before you bite in and … Enjoy!

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