It’s a Win-Win!

Iron Cupcake Prizes
Back In August I won the first Iron Cupcake Challenge with a Fire & Ice Cupcake recipe. And because I’m sure it had something to do with you guys (Thanks again for the votes)… I’m going to pay it forward with some of the prizes. Here’s a recap of the winnings and what you could win if you read to the end.

The Taste of Home Cookbook
The first prize I received was The Taste of Home Cookbook. I love this thing with over 1,000 recipes by home cooks, with nutritional information for each. Not to mention tons of tips and techniques. Okay, so I’m keeping this one. Sorry. But, luckily you can enter to win one by October 26th here. WAIT, don’t leave yet, I’ve got more goodies to share.

Jessie Steele Apron
Next up, I received the sweetest apron from Jessie Steele. But, guess what… I already had one that was sent to me by my friends at She’s got it all. So, somebody… maybe YOU… is going to be super cute the next time they bake in this cupcake apron trimmed in pink and adorned with darling little bows.

Hello, Cupcake! Book
The third prize I received was the book, Hello, Cupcake! It was even signed by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. Now, if you’re a regular reader, then you know I already own this book. So one lucky reader is going to get my copy of Hello, Cupcake! And let me tell you, you’ll love this book. The cupcake ideas are so much fun!

Cakespy Artwork
You know I’m keeping this one. There’s no way I could part with this little painting from Cakespy! But, check out her site because she can do a custom piece for you, too.

Fiesta Head Chefs
The fifth prize I received was the complete line of Fiesta Head Chefs. Aren’t these guys adorable. They even stand up on their own with little suction cup feet. One lucky reader… sorry, I think I’ll keep these too! Don’t be mad.

Cupcake Courier
The last prize I received was the Cupcake Courier. I must say that I really wanted to win this one. It holds 36 cupcakes in stackable trays. YAY!!! It’s mine!

But guess what… you guys are really, really lucky today because the Cupcake Courier company accidentally mailed me two couriers. That’s right, when I opened the box there were TWO!

Cupcake Couriers
I must admit … for a minute I thought about keeping both of them, but then my sweet streak got the better of me and I contacted Iron Cupcake to let them know about the mistake. They let The Cupcake Courier Company know and they were kind enough to let me keep it. So now it could be yours.

The best thing about this giveaway is that you don’t even have to bake anything to win. So, here’s the lowdown:

Three prizes. Three Winners. Three days.

Just leave a comment to this post.
List these prizes in order of your preference. (I’ll try to accommodate, but there’s no guarantee.)

Make sure to leave your email in the post or either a link to your blog.
Wednesday October 15th at midnight is the cutoff to enter. (GIVEAWAY IS NOW OVER)
The three winners,* will be announced sometime Thursday on this blog post.

* The winners will be chosen at random, using’s integer generator.

Wow! This was a big giveaway. Here are the winning numbers from

Comment #52 get’s first choice:
That’s you walkingkateastrophe! You’ve won the Jessie Steele apron!

Up next is comment #2094:
Yay Leah Lingersoll! You also won your first choice. You’re getting the Hello, Cupcake Book!

The third and final winner is comment #1121
April in CA – that means you’ve won the Cupcake Courier. Congratulations!

Thanks for entering everyone. I hope the next giveaway is this much fun!