Paper Straws


I bought the sweetest pink striped paper straws the other day and I couldn’t wait any longer to play with them.

Every time I see striped straws used, they make me smile. They just make me happy.


And even happier in these pseudo milkshake cupcakes. Milkcakes anyone? Cupshakes maybe?

Strawberry cake for the shake (I just used a mix I had on hand)
Chocolate ganache for syrup (recipe on this post)
Buttercream frosting for the whipped cream (recipe on this post)
Gumballs for the cherries
And sprinkles for the sprinkles : )

You could also just use syrup for the syrup and whipped cream for the whipped cream, but this way, they won’t melt.


I used these clear silicone baking cups so they would kinda represent frosted glass and also allow you to see the cake color. I found them at Crate and Barrel a while ago. They were perfect for this project.


Place the cups on a baking sheet and fill the cups about halfway with cake batter. You don’t want them to bake too full because you want to have a little space left for the ganache.

I love ganache by the way… By the spoonful… By the bowlful. Who’s with me?


These cups are great, because they are sturdy and hold the weight of the ganache filled right up to the rim. This way, when you add the frosting, you can still see a layer of “chocolate syrup” underneath. Makes them look prettier.


See. Just let the ganache sit for a bit before you fill the cups and spoon a little right on the top of each cupcake. Let it set a few minutes more. It will harden a bit and make adding the frosting easier.

For the frosting, I used a Wilton 2D tip and towered it on top of the cupcake. Add sprinkles after piping each cupcake so they will stick right away.

Lastly cut a paper straw in half and insert it into the cupcake and top it all off with a big red gumball.



Speaking of sprinkles. I’d like to give a big hip hip hooray to Mr. Sprinkles. He’s back in full color… different label, but full of color. If you’ve followed the site for a while, you may remember when they switched to only making all natural colors. Mr. Sprinkles just didn’t look right in drab colors. But he’s back. Now if I can only get them to make the original colors. They were/are my favorite sprinkles to use for my cupcake pops. Pastel and perfectly delicate. Check out this old post if you want to see what I’m talking about.

In the meantime, I still heart you Mr. Sprinkles. You helped make these cupcakes super cute.


Kiss. Kiss. Cake for two.

Okay, so I didn’t just buy myself these pink straws.

I also bought a bunch of other colors, too. Yellow and green and black and red/blue striped straws.


Want to win some?

Ok. Let’s play a guessing game for fun.

Enter for a chance to win some happy striped paper straws.

1. Leave a comment below on this post. Just take a look at the photo below and try to guess which straw is the shortest. One of them is. I have a picture to prove it that I’ll show when I announce the winner.

2. I’ll pick one winner at random. The winner gets a bunch of straws in the color they guessed. And if the color they guessed also happens to be the shortest straw, then they’ll get a bunch of straws in all the colors. (Red/blue, green, pink, yellow, and black.) Fun. Fun.

3. Deadline to enter is Monday, January 10th at 7 pm ET. The winner will be announced sometime Monday evening on this post. SORRY, TIME’S UP. WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW.

Good Luck.

P.S. I bought the paper straws from Bake it Pretty if you need some of your very own. Plus, they also have polka dot straws. Too cute.


Okay, I picked a winner.

Let’s see who it is…


YAY, Merry!

You just won some paper straws. You’re guaranteed the pink ones. Merry, I promise they’ll make you happy.

Now, let’s see which color straw was the shortest.

Drumroll, please.


Green was the shortest.

I’m so sorry Merry, you didn’t pick the right color but, I’m also nice… I want you to have all the colors anyway.

Come on, you guys knew I was going to do that… right?

Congratulations Merry.

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3,951 comments on “Paper Straws”

  1. yellow!

  2. Hmmm going to go with.. black?

  3. Black is the shortest!

  4. Pink.

  5. Black!

  6. I would guess it’s the yellow one!
    BTW got the book for Christmas and have already made a few styles! looking forward to some special ideas I have for valentines! Will share some photos if they come out anything like what’s in my head.

  7. My guess is the pink one!

  8. I pick yellow!

  9. Definitely black!

  10. I guess pink

  11. I think the pink! by the way love you nail color ;)

  12. I think the black one!!!

    Thank you for solving my “what cupcakes do I bring to preschool” for my son! These are so sweet.

  13. I am hoping it’s yellow.

  14. I’m guessing yellow :)

  15. What a cute cupcake idea! So classy and cute at the same time. thanks for sharing the directions.
    I’m going with the black straw as being the shortest.

  16. I think its the pink one.

  17. I think it’s the pretty PINK ones!

  18. Black & White!

  19. My guess is the yellow ones. I hope I’m right… they are super cute.. these straws keeped me awake at 4 am.. :)

  20. Loving the nail polish! I’m going with the blue/red striped ones…

  21. My guess is the yellow!

  22. Green is my guess! Krossing my fingers now, so hard it hurts!

  23. Oh, I am so making these for Valentines Day parties for my kids. I am guessing YELLOW!!!!

  24. PINK!!!

  25. my guess is the green one- my favourite color!

  26. I am probably wrong but I think it might be the pink and white striped one. Or maybe I am just hoping it is?

  27. The yellow one!!! And I love your nail polish!!!! Thanks for sharing all your goodies with us!!!

  28. Pink, it’s the pink! :)

  29. I guess the black straw!

  30. Black! and the cupcakes are adorable

  31. The yellow & white one!!!

  32. the cute pink straws :)

  33. i think its the yellow one…

  34. This straws sure make me smile!!!

  35. I’m guessing the PINK straw is the shortest !! :-D

  36. I’m gonna say Pink <3 I looove pink <3

  37. The green. The green. The green:)

  38. the pink one is shortest!!! These straws are sooooo cool!

  39. I think the red and blue one is the shortest! :D

  40. The cute pink ones.

  41. the pink is the shortest 8 )

  42. My guess is black :)

  43. The black one looks the shortest

  44. Black! :D

    So cute :3

  45. Just dicovered your blog…I find it fabulous!!!!

  46. I’m guessing the red and blue one!

  47. The blue,red and white ones look the shortest to me, but i’m horrible with perspective :-)
    Love the cupcake shakes!

  48. I think… the pink one!

  49. I’m guessing yellow is the shortest one.

  50. The green one.

  51. The cupcakes are absolutely adorable! You and you magnificent and creative ideas! Oh how I love them!!!

    I am totally guessing the pink ones are the shortest!

  52. Yellow is my guess!!

  53. The green ones!

  54. My guess is the black one.
    And, I LOVE your nail polish!

  55. I think it’s yellow!!!

  56. The black & white straw….for sure! Woohoo!

  57. Its the black and white one…….did I mention I got a perfect score in Math on my SATs? No? Wait, maybe this isnt a math equation and I just love that straw color?

  58. I think the pink one is the shortest!

  59. I’d say blue/red/white is the shortest one.

  60. Black is the shortest.

    You are THE architect of all things sweet and beautiful. Thanks for making life adorable bite by bite!

  61. I think it’s the yellow one.

    Those straws and cupcakes are just darling.

  62. My guess is black!

  63. My guess is black!! Even if I am wrong, I love the black ones!!

  64. My guess would be the black one :o)

  65. I say the BLACK one! :)

  66. Black one! It’s the black one right?!

    I sure hope so!

    Also…I <3 you Bakerella!

  67. Red white and blue! And

  68. i think the red, blue & white straws are

  69. I’m thinking the black one is the shortest!

  70. Pink is the shortest!!

  71. I think the black one looks like it’s seen taller days. :) I must go now and check out the polka dot straws!

  72. silly, the green one of course.

  73. This milkshake cupcakes are very pretty and they seem very delicious!! A great idea!!

    The YELLOW one is the shortest!

  74. The red and blue one… that’s my guess.

  75. I think it’s the red and blue one!

  76. I’ll be adventurous and say red/blue!

  77. I say pink is shortest!

  78. I guess the Black one

  79. my guess is pink :)

  80. I think the yellow straw is the shortest. These are so cute!

  81. I say pink is shortest!

  82. blue and red

  83. the black….i think…crossing my fingers!!

  84. i love the color of your nail polish as much as i like the colored paper straw! =) can i win you? =)

  85. I’m going to guess the Green one…because I love love love green.
    Also I found your website two weeks ago and fell in love!!! you gave me the best Idea for my birthday cake. and i’ve already tired making cupcake bites they were so much fun!

  86. I’m going with yellow! These are ADORABLE

  87. So tricky! I’m going to go with the pink and white straw.

  88. I am going to say the black one is the shortest.

  89. pink :)

  90. I think the pink one. Great nails by the way!

  91. the green one :)

  92. Black is the shortest :)

  93. yellow is the shortest!

  94. black is shortest

  95. I believe it is the black and white one as the shortest. This is my very first time entering, how awesome, either way I simply love your site and you have further inspired me to try new things, thanks!

  96. I think the black straw is the shortest!

  97. I think pink is the shortest!

  98. I’m guessing black, am I right, am I right??

  99. Just a guess but the black one is the shortest.

  100. OooooooooOOoOoOoOO!!! It’s the pink for sure!

  101. I think the black one is the shortest!

  102. Has to be the pink one!

  103. My guess is yellow!

  104. I guess the black and white!

    Loving your blog!

  105. My guess is yellow! :)

  106. yellow? you’re trying to make this difficult for us aren’t you… :D these are SOOOO cute! even if I’m wrong or I don’t get chosen I will definitely have to add some of these to my craft/ baking closet :)

  107. I think the shortest straw is the yellow.

  108. i think its the black one. love the milkcakes.. ;)

  109. I’m going with green!

  110. I think the pink is the shortest!

  111. The pink one. Those cupcakes are almost too adorable to eat!

  112. I say the GREEN………HOPE I WIN!!!!!! lol I LOVE ur blog!!!!

  113. I’m going to guess green :)

  114. Fun Fun is right! I’m gonna guess the black one.

  115. i guess pink!

    love your nail polish by the way! =)

  116. I think the pink one is the winner!!!!

  117. I think the Black one : ) I LOVE the milkshake cupcakes Soooo CUTE!!!!!

  118. The black is the shortest.

  119. the green one :)

  120. I guess green:)

  121. I’m going to go with Pink! So cute.

  122. The black one.

  123. I think green is the shortest and I LOVE your nail polish!

  124. Guessing Black

  125. The shortest one is Pink and Blue :D

  126. I think it’s the Black one :)

  127. I think maybe yellow is the shortest.. hmm no clue though!

  128. #4 is always a lucky number! :) YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW YELLOW!!!! YELLOW! The color of happines XOXOXOXOXOX!!!!

  129. I’m going with the black one =)

  130. Yellow!

    Those cupshakes/milkcakes are so cute!

  131. My guess is the green one!

  132. I think PINK is the shortest one =)

  133. I am going to guess the black striped one.

  134. red and blue stripe

  135. I think it’s the red, white, and blue one.

  136. I think… yellow! those are beautiful : )

  137. I guess Black.

  138. My Guess is the green one is the shortest! These look like fun! :)

  139. Black/ white

  140. The Green One!

  141. Pink, just because it is my favourite colour.

  142. Yellow btw love your nail polish color

  143. I’m going with yellow…

  144. I think black

  145. BLACK!

  146. I’m gonna guess BLACK!

  147. This is a tough one, but I’m going w/ green. This is fun! Thanks in advance!

  148. Definitely the pink straw!

  149. These are too cute! I think yellow is the shortest!

  150. I guess yellow!

  151. i’m gonna guess pink ;)

  152. cute! i’m going to guess it’s the black one.

  153. i say the GREEN one!

  154. The pink one!!!

  155. Pink One! <3

  156. My guess is pink. The cupshakes are clever & so cute!

  157. Pink ~ Pink is the Shortest….that’s my guess. Received the “Cake Pops” Book for Christmas. Love your stuff. Cupshakes for 2…love it.

  158. I think the pink one is the shortest!

  159. I think yellow…

  160. My guess is pink. So pretty!!

  161. pink!

  162. I think Pink! (mostly because I just love the pink ones!) Good luck, everyone!

  163. I think PINK is the shortest =)

  164. Red white and blue…totally…

  165. I think its the green one! The straws are so cute..I baught them to a couple of weeks ago here in sweden..The pink and the red one, and yes as you say they make me happy = )..Cute cupcakes!

  166. I’m thinking it’s pink. Strange that one color is shorted than the others.

  167. Black! These are so cute, I have so many ideas for what to do with those straws!!!

  168. Black & White!!

    Love your stuff Bakerella!!

    Happy Baking from Jackson, California!!

  169. I’m guessing the yellow one!

    Such an amazing brain you have! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us.

  170. I think the Black one is the shortest!

  171. I guess yellow!

    They’re all so cute!

  172. i think it’s the black one! =)

  173. I think its the red, white, and blue straw.

    P.S. love the nail polish

  174. green!!

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