Pop Star – Abi in Georgia


“I channeled my inner bakerella and made some planet earth cake pops for earth day. I must admit it was a challenge because I tried to dye white candy coating instead of just buying the blue and green but I think I made it work.” – Abi

You sure did, Abi! They look fantastic even if you had trouble with tinting. Next time use candy color instead of the gel coloring and the texture won’t be affected. – B

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8 comments on “Pop Star – Abi in Georgia”

  1. I have a suggestion on making the land. I read Bakerella’s post on the Lorax, creating the mustache using a tooth pick. Dipping it in candy and she kept going over it. I think it would work similarly, in placing the candy and filling in where u want land. Hope it helps. I’ll be making these for this weekend. So we will see just how good that suggestion was!

  2. To make the earth day cake pops….how do you get the green to shape like that…to make it look like land? What baking tools and medium?

  3. how did you make the green part?? I love it!

  4. Wow!! I love these! I’m a big environmentalist nut and these would be perfect! How did you do the continents?

  5. This are great. You just gave me a great idea for a party we have every month in my environmental science class. I bet they will be a hit :)

  6. These are awesome! Great idea!

  7. congrats on your earth pops they look wonderful I think I found Pa on one of them !!! teehee

  8. You put Georgia on the map, Abi! Very nice job and I’m sure they were gobbled up faster than the ozone layer, LOL. Check out my pop star posting – I share your interest in pop customization and all the challenges that come with it!

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