Pop Star: Allison in Connecticut


“I am so proud to say that I actually made these cakes pops (with a lot of help and instructions from your book). My son Zachary absolutely loves them so much and I love making them! I am completely addicted and this will definitely be a tradition for every holiday in our house!” – Allison

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6 comments on “Pop Star: Allison in Connecticut”

  1. These are really cute! I will be making some this weekend for my Valentine’s day orders. @ Theresa-I’m not sure if this is how she is getting her chocolate so smooth but I put a little shortening with mine and this works like magic!

  2. Beautiful! How do you get the choc. so smooth?

  3. So cute and creative!

  4. ok, these look perfect. I love making cake pops, but wondering what chocolate everyone else uses because of how smooth they turn out…..anyone?

  5. Perfect for Valentines pressies!

  6. OMG they look so PERFECT

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